The Books You Need To Add To Your Summer Reading List

22 June 2020

Summer in my opinion is the perfect time to grab a bikini or swimsuit, head out into the garden or on the patio or even by the pool on holiday (although we all know we won't be doing that in Summer 2020) with a lovely light-hearted book. Even if you are not a huge reader sometimes a light hearted romance/chick-lit novel is the best way to go as they are always just so easy to read and follow so I have listed 9 of my favourite light hearted books below if you are looking to get into reading or just want a good light hearted book recommendation for your Summer 2020 reading list. I hope you enjoy this post.

Where Rainbows End (Love Rosie) - Cecelia Ahern 
This book was originally called 'Where Rainbows End' but was then changed to 'Love, Rosie' a couple of years ago and I must admit that I actually prefer the original title as I think it's more unique. However the whole book in itself is definitely a unique writing style. The book centres around two childhood friends Rosie & Alex and follows their lives and story right from childhood. The story is told in the style of letters, emails, instant messages and other forms of communication and I absolutely love that as I think it is such a unique writing style. You may have already seen the film but I highly recommend the book as I think it's just so much better.

PS I Love You - Cecelia Ahern 
I've just realised I've picked two Cecelia Ahern books but she is honestly such an incredible author. I absolutely adore this book. The story follows the lives, past and present of Holly and Gerry especially after (spoiler alert) Gerry sadly passes away. Gerry however didn't part in silence. He left Holly a bunch of letters that slowly guide her into her new life all whilst helping her to grieve. This book is just absolutely incredible. You may have already seen the film and if you have I recommend you read the book because then you'll see just how incredible the story and Gerry both are. The film is definitely good but it is definitely not as good as the book. A must read for everyone who has seen the film.

The Flatshare - Beth O'Leary 
One of my fairly recent reads but definitely up there with one of my favourite chick lit/rom coms of all time. It is just a lovely book. The story follows Tiffy as she looks for a room in London after splitting up with her boyfriend. She finds an advert for a 'flatshare' and following some debate between her and her friends she decides to take the room - but there's one catch - she'll be sharing a bed with Leon. Not a big deal though because they will never be home at the same time and therefore won't ever bump into each other...or will they? I just loved this book I thought the concept was so unique...obviously I knew flatsharing was a think but I never really thought of two people living together who would ultimately never really see each other and it just added to the overall charm of the book. I definitely recommend giving this a read. It's a fabulous debut from Beth O'Leary and definitely a book I would love to see be made into a film one day.

Our Stop - Laura Jane Williams 
I won't lie when I say what drew me to this book was the cover. That combination of pink and yellow is just so gorgeous and even if I saw it in a bookshop it would definitely one I wouldn't leave behind. It's stunning. The story follows the lives of Nadia and Daniel. Nadia gets on the same train every day without fail. does Daniel. Then one day she spots an advert in the 'Missed Connections' section of the paper describing Nadia and asking her out for a drink. Thus the love story begins. It follows a series of messages between the two as well as VERY near misses but it is just such a lovely story and again just another unique concept.

The 'I Heart' Series - Lindsey Kelk 
I read most of these books years ago when I was younger but I only recently found out that there was three I hadn't actually picked up or even knew about before so of course I placed an amazon order and have decided to re-read the series again which is just brilliant. The story follows Angela and her life after she finds her boyfriend cheating on her in their car at her best friend's wedding. Of course she then decides to pick up her stuff and head straight to New York that very night. Thus begins an adventure of Angela making new friends, meeting Mr Right and trying to stay on her own two feet. It's one of the most brilliant series of books and I highly recommend if you're in the mood for something light and fluffy. This will definitely do the trick.

Me Before You - JoJo Moyes 
Now I won't lie here so I'll just tell you now that this is probably the saddest book of the bunch. Lou Clarke is a 26 year old who has started to work for a quadriplegic, Will Traynor, after losing her own job in a café. Will sadly became a quadriplegic after a motorcycle accident. This in turn through away all the desire he had to carry on in his life. He already has plans however is unaware of how Louise Clarke will burst into his world in a riot of colour. Neither of them are aware that they will change each other's lives for the better. I just cannot put into words just how incredibly beautiful this book is. You may have already seen the film starring Emilia Clarke as Louisa & Sam Claflin as Will and honestly they could not have been more perfectly cast. If you haven't seen the film then please read the book first THEN watch the film. Thank me later.

Dream A Little Dream - Giovanna Fletcher 
The story follows the life of Sarah who has been single for the last two years, spends the majority of time with her ex-boyfriend and new girlfriend as they have a bunch of mutual friends and she is also a PA to a man who isn't the most pleasant of human beings and it's that career that is the biggest disappointment to her Mum. However every night Sarah falls asleep and dreams about a very handsome stranger and it's one of the highlights of her day. Then one day this handsome stranger makes a real life appearance. How could this be? This book is honestly so lovely, warm and romantic and Giovanna Fletcher is just such an incredible and in my opinion very underrated author so this is a book I definitely recommend you pick up this Summer.

How To Keep A Secret - Sarah Morgan 
This is another book I have recently read and I absolutely adored it. This book follows the lives of four generations of women, all from the same family but at very different stages within their lives. They all have one thing in common and this is that they have kept secrets from each other for their whole lives. Then one day an unexpected event brings them altogether forcing this secrets to come to the surface. Could this change the course of their relationship forever? This book is so beautifully told and is told from the angles of all the women in the story so you know how each of them think and what they are feeling. It's a story about trust, honesty and family and I just adored it so much.

Lucy In The Sky - Paige Toon 
I didn't photograph this book as at the time I took photos for this post I was still reading it at the time but I couldn't not include it in this post as it's officially one of my favourite books. The story follows Lucy as she's about to leave London and head off to Sydney, Australia for her best friend's wedding. However before she set's off she receives an unexpected message that could be proof her boyfriend has cheated on her but the plane she is on and she doesn't know what to do so just heads off to Australia thinking the worst. In Australia she meets bride and groom whom she has known since childhood as she used to live in Australia when she was younger. She then meets Nathan, the grooms brother and he is not quite how she remembered when they were kids. The two rekindle their friendship but could Lucy be feeling more? And what about her boyfriend back in London? Honestly this book is just incredible and I highly recommend it. It's the first in a whole series of books by Paige Toon and I'm definitely going to be reading them all.

As you can tell from this list of books I am a bit of a hopeless romantic but I just love a good love story and this is definitely the best in my collection at the moment. I have been dabbling into a lot of thrillers and crime lately so if you have any recommendations please let me know below. Also let me know if you have read and loved/hated any of the books I've included in this post as I'd be very interested to know your thoughts. 

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  1. I absolutely adored reading The Flat Share, probably the best book I've read this year! I will be looking at your other recommendations also! x

    Lucy |

    1. Wasn't it just so good?! I was obsessed! Ahh do it and let me know what you think! :) xx


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