The 75 Black Owned Businesses To Support Right Now

17 June 2020

Today I thought I would share with you 75 different black owned business that I've spent the past week discovering. I think it's so important, especially at this time, that we support these businesses as well as add a lot more diversity into our everyday lives. One thing that I noticed whilst doing this research is that absolutely none of the main stream, popular brands that we use and see on other blogs and videos etc are actually black owned and that really did shock me. I can guarantee you that the vast majority of the brands I have listed below you would not have heard of before. I know I didn't and it really shocked me.  Just before I get into the post I thought I'd do a little disclaimer to say that I have googled and researched a lot of these brands and I am in no way associated with them at all. They are all brands I've come across through my own research and this post is in no way sponsored by any of them. I hope you enjoy discovering these different brands just as much as I did. Happy Browsing!

Home, Lifestyle & Design 
  • Bespoke Binny - Home Accessories Brand 
  • Prick LDN - Cactus & Plant Brand 
  • Chloe Ainsley Creative - Stationary & Wedding Invitations 
  • Dorcas Creates - Prints & Photography Brand 
  • Our Lovely Goods - Skincare, Candles & Homeware Brand 
  • Fade Candles - Candles & Wax Melt Brand 
  • Me By Amma Gyan - Men & Women's Handmade Bags, Purses & Leather Jewellery 
  • Freya Bumble Carter - Ceramics & Glassware Brand 
  • Dar Leone - London Based Online Homeware Boutique 
  • Kazvare Made It - Pop Culture Influenced Prints, Homeware & Books
  • New Maroons - Greeting Cards & Gifts Brand 
  • Creative Curls - Portraits & Prints Brand Focusing On Ugandan Heritage 
  • Copper Dust - Luxury African Home Décor 
  • Tribal Unicorn - Organic Soy Wax Candle Brand
Beauty, Skincare & Haircare 
  • Puriskin - Bespoke Cosmetics, Skincare & Body Care 
  • Moor Hair - Natural Hair & Skincare Products 
  • Brown Coconut Oil - Handmade Organic Coconut Oil 
  • 516 Polish - Vegan Nail Polish
  • Nice Nails Baby - Nail Salon Providing Nails, Waxing,  Tinting & Eye Beauty 
  • Sunu Ker - Natural, Plant-based Beauty Products & Handmade Accessories 
  • Bekura Beauty - Haircare & Body Brand 
  • Beneath Your Mask - Luxury Skincare 
  • The Afro Hair & Skin Co - Award Winning Natural Hair & Skin Beauty Brand 
  • Over The Top - Afro Hairpieces 
  • Soapsmith - Bath & Body Company 
  • The Lip Bar - Cruelty Free Vegan Make Up 
  • MourMourCreme - Homemade Hair, Beard & Body Products 
  • Eyoko - Healthy Hair Growth Brand 
  • Beauty Bakerie - Desert Inspired Beauty Brand 
  • Afrocks - Number 1 Online Service For Natural Hair & Afro
Food & Drink 
  • Chilli Shop Co - African Inspired Sauce Range 
  • Dark Sugars - Chocolate Treats 
  • The Wild Peanut - Flavoured Gourmet Peanut Butter
  • Deserted Cactus - Vegan Homestyle Café 
  • Thés Lac Rose - Couture Tea Brand 
  • Bokit'la - London Based Caribbean Street Food 
  • Las Olas - Premium Spiced Rum Company
  • Tasty African Food - Authentic African Food 
  • Renee's Kitchen - London Based Vegan Restaurant 
  • Chopstreets - Location Based App Specialising in African & Caribbean Food 
  • Zoe's Ghana Kitchen - Ghanian Dish Specialist 
  • Chopclub - London Based Market Place Specialising In African & Caribbean Food
  • Jamaican Valley - Jamaican Herbs & Spices 
  • Elizabeth's Cake Emporium - Creative Cake Brand 
  • Chosan By Nature - African Expired Organic Exotic Drinks 
Fashion, Jewellery & Accessories 
  • Lynch & Mason - A Luxury Menswear Brand 
  • Ashanti Swimwear - Swimwear Inspired By Ghanaian Heritage 
  • The Maroon Boutique - Clothing, Accessories & Art Brand
  • Heza - Sustainable Clothing & Lifestyle Brand 
  • Knots - African Sourced Head-Wrap Brand 
  • Tihara Smith - Handbag & Accessories Brand 
  • By Zeena - Jewellery & Accessories Brand 
  • INOIR - Lounge Athletic Brand
  • Saint Kojo - Beautiful Pearl Jewellery Brand 
  • Grassfields - Cameroon, Nigerian and UK Fashion Brand 
  • Indego Africa - Accessories & Homeware Brand 
  • JADE Swim - Comfortable, Chic Swimwear
  • Vintage Royalty - Unique Vintage Jewellery & Accessories (Etsy) 
  • SAMSGift - Family Run Online Jewellery, Gift & Accessories Brand 
Books, Magazines & Blogs 
  • New Beacon Books - African, Asian, Caribbean & Black British Specialist Bookshop
  • GUAP - Youth Culture & Empowerment Video Magazine 
  • Womanly Mag - Art & Health Magazine 
  • Reni Eddo-Lodge - Author of 'Why I'm No Longer Talking To White People About Race
  • Gal-Dem - Championing Creative Work Of Women & Non-Binary People Of Colour 
  • Melan Mag - Fashion, Health, Beauty, Travel & Lifestyle Women's Online Magazine 
  • The Jeli - A Literary Publisher For Black Millenials 
  • Black British Bloggers - An Online Network Connecting Black Creatives 
Children Brands 
  • Amédéé - Children's Clothing & Accessories 
  • Nia Ballerina - Children's Musical Jewellery Boxes 
  • Colour Celebrations - Card Company That Celebrates Kids Milestones Of All Colours 
  • Coco-Pie Clothing - Children's T-Shirt Brand
  • Philly & Friends - Children's Book & Motivational Wall Art Brand 
  • Muffin Sisters - African Inspired Baby Accessories 
  • Grow With Me - A Baby Subscription Box 
  • Sheni and Teni - Traditional African Educational Puzzles 

Whatever your tastes there should be something in this list for everyone and I think it's super important to support them in whatever way we can. If you can make a small purchase then obviously that will be amazing but obviously just giving them a follow on any of their social media platforms will also go a long way as well. Don't forget that with Covid 19 a few of these shops might be taking longer to deliver or be closed all together until further advice from the government is provided so if you do get into contact please be kind and patient. Maybe you could also make a list of the places you're interested in and in the future when things are improved look into them again. I know this is something I'll definitely be doing. 

If you can think of any other brands owned by the black community please leave their links below. 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Thank you for making such a great list of black owned businesses, I'll be having a look at these this evening! x

    Lucy |

    1. Ahhh thank you so much Lucy! I hope you managed to find some amazing brands! xx

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  3. I found is that women owned businesses seem to be getting quite a bit of help from black inventors organizations. Have you ever considered why this might be? Let's talk about this for second if we might.

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