The 30 Day Instagram Challenge Quarantine Playlist

14 June 2020

A few weeks ago a musical challenge was doing the rounds on instagram and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to everyone's different music taste and just getting to know people a little bit better through the songs they picked especially people that you don't actually know that well but still follow. There prompts for that challenge (see below) were all so amazing so I thought why not bring this challenge to my blog as well and also give you a brief description as to why I've chosen this song. Just a little disclaimer that obviously I did not create the challenge or the photo prompts below and have no idea who did it so I can't credit them but whoever you are you are amazing. Right now that that's out of the way enjoy getting to know me better through my dare I say it questionable at times music taste!

I thought I would place a photo of the challenge above so that if you wish to recreate this post or do the challenge on your instagram you can. I've also posted this photo on my twitter too should you wish to maybe find it easier to save from there.

Day 1 - Fields Of Gold - Just a classic song that I used to play a lot when I was younger. It always made me feel happy despite it probably being one of the saddest songs out there. Does that make sense?

Day 2 - 99 Times - I chose this song purely because I've been watching One Tree Hill recently and for those of you who have watched it, you will know that Mia is played by the incredible talented Kate Voegele so it was really a no brainer when it came to choose a song for Day 2.

Day 3 - She's So Lovely - This song will forever remind me of Summertime. Anybody else just picture a girl in an olive costume running down the street when they hear this song or just me?

Day 4 - Attention - I used to love this song and then I had a bit of let's just say boy drama and this song was constantly playing on repeat back then and the words were just so relevant to what was happening at that time. I still like the song but it will forever remind me of that little bit of drama I had going on back then unfortunately.

Day 5 - Mr Brightside - I don't really need to say much more about this song do I? I mean, who listens to it quietly anyway! You need to turn it up loud like Amanda in The Holiday and sing to it at the top of your lungs!

Day 6 - Crazy In Love - I mean, come on - who doesn't dance to this when they hear it? I even do a little car dance sometimes when it comes up on the radio! You can't stay still to this song.

Day 7 - A Thousand Miles - Driving on a summer's day with the window down, your hair blowing in the wind, this song playing and you singing along loudly. It's just the ultimate road trip song.

Day 8 - The A Team - At first I wasn't sure if this was a song about drugs but then I thought back to the video and listened to the words and it just seemed like a perfect fit! Plus, is it really a playlist if you don't have at least one Ed Sheeran song on there? I think not!

Day 9 - Love On Top - Two Beyoncé songs in one playlist - who am I? But seriously who doesn't smile when this song comes on? It's just incredible!

Day 10 - See You Again - This song always makes me super emotional and I can't explain why. Charlie Puth's part always makes me a little emotional.

Day 11 - I Wanna Dance With Somebody - There are numerous places I could have put this song throughout the playlist but I honestly never get tired of it! It's just the ultimate party song!

Day 12 - Torn - God I loved this song growing up. I used to sing it into a hairbrush (you know those tiny ones with the mirror at the back) around my house all day every day and it drove my parents made. Fast forward 12 or 13 years and I do the exact same now just with a bottle of gin...oops.

Day 13 - December 1963 (Oh What A Night) - I gotta be honest this day would have been so much easier if it was referring to 60s music instead because I am obsessed with all things 60s related. HOWEVER I absolutely love Frankie Valli and when I saw this song was from the 70s I just had to include it...I am obsessed.

Day 14 - From This Moment On - 1...who didn't love Shania Twain growing up and's one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and in my top 3 first dance songs. Now just to find a man....

Day 15 - Only Love Can Hurt Like This - Now I absolutely love the original but last year my favorite musical theatre band, Collabro, released this song on their new album and it was played on repeat for quite a long time - I think it's done so well and I am obsessed.

Day 16 - Stand By Me - This song is definitely one I'd consider a classic favourite - I don't know anybody who doesn't know the words. This song especially has a lot of meaning right now as well because of the Black Lives Matter movement. If you head on to twitter and type in #StandByMeChallenge, you will find hundreds of musical theatre singers doing this challenge basically telling the black community that they stand by them no matter what and it is honestly so beautiful. 

Day 17 - Don't Go Breaking My Heart - I mean...I don't really do karaoke because I sound like a dying cat but if I was to go it this would definitely be a song I would duet with my friends as I absolutely love it and it's just such a fun song to sing. 

Day 18 - (Everything I Do) I Do It For You - I can't believe this song is nearly 29 years old as it's one of those songs that I think is just so timeless and beautiful. I chose this song because not only was it released in 1991 (my birthyear) but it was also number 1 at the time I was born. I think it was at the top of the charts for months. It's definitely one of my all time favourites. 

Day 19 - Ironic - This song always reminds me of life. I can't explain why - it just does. I'm always going on about how things in life can be ironic and this song couldn't be more fitting. 

Day 20 - Here Comes The Sun - I've loved this song since I was born. Probably an exaggeration but it literally is one of my favourite songs of all times. I grew up listening to the Beatles, it was one of the first songs I learned how to play it on the keyboard and it was featured in one of my all time favourite films The Parent Trap. I just adore this song so much.  

Day 21 - Dear John - I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and it wasn't until this moment I realised I had no songs by her on this playlist so when I saw this prompt it was just a given to include this song. It's not my favourite ever song by Taylor but it is a lovely song. 

Day 22 - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself - This song is one of those songs that you'd hear when you're feeling down and it'll just motivate you to pick yourself up and move on with your life. Again I'm not the biggest fan of Jess Glynne but this is a song that definitely has a lot of meaning and is super motivating. 

Day 23 - Born To Run - Who doesn't love a bit of Bruce Springstein? This song is another one of my all time favourites and I know a lot of other people absolutely love it too. Such an amazing song that people will still be singing along for a good few years yet. 

Day 24 - Where Do Broken Hearts Go - This song is probably one of my absolute favourite songs by none other than One Direction. Even though they had an absolute mental fanbase I did actually enjoy their music & albums and have absolutely no regrets. If they ever reunite you can bet your money that I will be there! 

Day 25 - It Doesn't Matter Anymore - I grew up listening to Buddy Holly music as my Dad is a huge fan of his music. I also absolutely love his voice and even though there were a million other artists I could have chosen for this challenge I decided on Buddy Holly. Even though he had a tragically cut short career the songs he did leave behind are in my opinion the best songs ever created. 

Day 26 - Truly, Madly, Deeply - Anyone else just obsessed with this song when they were younger? I honestly thought and probably still do think it is one of the most romantic songs ever created and it was literally the first song that popped into my head when I saw this on the challenge. 

Day 27  - Always Remember Us This Way - Now even though I wasn't the biggest fan of the film (A Star is born for those who don't know - it just had way to much swearing for me) this song has slowly but surely become one of my favourite ever songs. It's just so beautiful and yes it does make me cry. 

Day 28 - Falling Like The Stars - James Arthur is one of my favourite male voices ever - I just think he is incredible and even though I have never seen him at one of his own gigs I did manage to see him in person when he supported Westlife in Croke Park last year on their tour and I'd be lying if I didn't say I was more excited to see him than Westlife at some stage throughout the night. 

Day 29 - Sometimes - Britney Spears was my favourite female singer a child. I just absolutely adored her. I thought she was so incredibly beautiful and her voice was just so unique. I say was but let's be honest she still is. Sometimes along with Hit Me Baby One More Time were two of my favourite songs so it would be so wrong of me to not include them here. 

Day 30 - Complicated - Let's be honest here, I don't actually know which song reminds me of myself but I do know that Complicated by Avril Lavigne is appropriate because well I am majorly complicated and I have absolutely no regrets because everyone is complicated in some way or another. 

So there we have the 30 day song challenge. I hoped you enjoyed this post and enjoyed having a giggle/eyeroll moments at some of the songs I've chosen here because let's be honest I'm sure you would have at least a couple. As you can see I have linked the playlist above so you are free to go ahead and listen to all the songs if you want. 

If you have done this challenge on your instagram or you have done it in a blog format like me then be sure to link it in the description box below as I would love to check it out. 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. These are some incredible songs lovely, I did this challenge some time last year and I really enjoyed doing it! x

    Lucy |

    1. Thank you lovely! Ahh did you?! I'll head on to your blog to check this out now! :) xx


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