The 10 Places I Would Like To Visit Post Covid-19

19 June 2020

Working for an airline has meant that for the past five years I have been able to travel to some absolutely incredible places and it has been one of the most incredible things I have been able to do. However obviously with the C word it has meant travel has changed forever and for the next year at least there are going to be a lot of restrictions in place for different countries around the world and of course the UK too. However that doesn't mean we shouldn't have something to look forward to when we eventually hear travel will be allowed again so this is why I wanted to write a travel themed post and list all the places that I would like to travel once all this is over.

This is number one on my list right now for the sole reason it is where my Grandma lives and I am terrified that all this means I will probably never see her again so as soon as all this is over that is where I will be jetting off to.

New York 
I visited New York back in 2014 and I absolutely loved it however I was only there for four days and even though I did see a lot I can't really remember much of it and as I am turning 30 next year it is the place I really wanted to spend my 30th. Sadly with all the recent news from America away from Covid I have been put off but hopefully by next year things will have improved.

Los Angeles 
The City Of Angels is another place that I have wanted to visit for the longest time. I know it's extremely overrated and I know there isn't a lot there and it's difficult to get around but you know when it's just one of those places that you know you have to see at least once in your lifetime? That's LA for me. I also really want to go to Universal Studios. Along with New York this was also somewhere I wanted to go to celebrate my 30th but I guess we will just have to wait and see what happens.

I visited Sydney back in 2018 as it was my Dad's retirement year and he just needed a break so we went there to see my stepbrother and it was so lovely however there are so many other places like Queensland etc that I really want to see. I also want to visit some of the other cities like Melbourne as well so hopefully I get to do that sometime soon.

Rome & Sicily 
I could have just put this under Italy but as I've already been to Venice (this time last year) I thought I'd include two other places in Italy that I want to see. Rome has been on my list for the longest time. I know obviously with Coronavirus this beautiful country was one of the worst affected but when it is a lot better I'll definitely be heading back. During lockdown I also watched the Godfather films and part of it is filmed in Sicily. It just looked absolutely gorgeous and is a place I really want to go and explore. Also pizza? Pasta? Gelatos? Yes please and thank you! 

This was somewhere I wanted to visit this Summer. I've heard so much about this place from the food and culture, to the amazing sights and weather and I really hope I get to go there within the next couple of years. 

I'm going to be honest when I say this is a place I've never really been keen on visiting in the past. It just sounded incredibly overrated however a couple of years ago when I flew back from Sydney via Dubai is just looked absolutely stunning. One place I really want to go here is the Miracle Gardens as it from seeing photos it just looks so incredibly beautiful. 

Greece/Greek Islands 
Greece is somewhere I have felt like I needed to go ever since I watched The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants films all those years ago. It just looks absolutely stunning and two places in particular I have wanted to visit are Mykonos and Santorini. I think on every single travel post I've done on this blog since 2013 I have mentioned these two places and they are slowly but surely creeping up the list to the top. 

Growing up with in a Mauritian household it has meant that I have grown up with a hell of a lot of Bollywood in my time and India has always been a place I've wanted to go. I'm well aware that India is a place that can be beautiful but also absolutely horrendous in parts in terms of poverty and crime but it's still a place I want to see and experience for myself. One place in particular I want to go to is the beautiful Taj Mahal which is definitely on my bucket list and I place I want to go to before I turn 30 if I can. 

You know those photos that you see on pinterest and instagram with all the hot air balloons and the beautiful sunsets in the background? These aren't edited in the background to look pretty! That is the beautiful Cappadocia in Turkey. If you have been here since the beginning of my blog back in 2014 you will know that I worked in the country for six months with Thomas Cook. Unfortunately I never knew about this place if not I would have definitely gone before I came back home as it's so incredibly beautiful. It is definitely a place that I have added to my never ending travel list. 

So there we have it, just 10 'little' (note the sarcasm) places that I would like to visit post Covid-19. Obviously with the UK having the highest fatality rate within Europe I appreciate that it may be a while yet until we are fully allowed to travel and explore other countries. However I wrote this post because I feel like it is important to have something to look forward to when we all eventually come out of this lockdown/quarantine period. I hope you are all keeping safe and well during this time. 

What places are on your travel wish-list when this is all over? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I'd honestly never heard of Cappadocia until I read your blog post Fleur! It sounds like a lovely place! x

    Lucy |

    1. Doesn't it?! I remember the first time I saw the pictures and I was like the eye heart emoji! It looks absolutely amazing! xx

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