Postcards From Venice | A Venician Photo Diary

17 September 2019

It's Tuesday afternoon and it's such a gorgeous day outside that I'm seriously wishing that I was abroad sightseeing, eating amazing food and just soaking in all the culture that a new place has to offer so I thought instead why not write an extremely overdue travel post. If you follow me on twitter or instagram then you will know that I visited the wonderful Italian city of Venice a couple of months ago. It slowly became one of my favorite destinations ever and today I thought why not blog about my amazing trip. Italy has been on my list for as long as I can remember. I've always been a huge fan of Italian food and knew that it was one place I had to go to as I had always been fascinated by the culture and language. So back in January I went onto my roster and decided to book 10 days off which you may think is a bit excessive for a place that is fairly small however as I come from a family who sleep really late and therefore wake up really late it was just right for us. Especially as me and my Mum both like to shop. Myself, my mum and my brother all went in June from the 15th to the 25th and the weather was just perfect. It wasn't too hot and we did have occasions where there was rain but 95% of the time we were there the weather was lovely.

We flew to Venice with British Airways. Thankfully they do afternoon flights which was perfect because I absolutely hate morning flights and even though you may be thinking that's a waste of a day for us it was perfect because we knew we would still have a lot of time to visit the places we want to. As you can see the view from the plane was absolutely amazing as we were flying into Venice. Once we reached Venice we picked up our bags, bought tickets for a water taxi and made our way into the city of Venice because like with most places the airport was a fair few minutes away from where we were staying.

Once we reached our stop we made our way to the hotel which was called Hotel Ateneo which was literally a 5-10 minute walk from both St Marco's Piazza and the Rialto Bridge so pretty much the perfect location. I'd highly recommend this hotel because even though it is on the slightly pricier side it won't break the bank and the customer service was amazing. The rooms although quite small had everything you could possibly need including a mini bar which was perfect especially as it was really warm. It meant we could have our own cold drinks in the room if we wanted.

Day 1 
Our first full day in Venice was spent having a look at some of the shops by the hotel, exploring the beautiful canals of Venice and eating yummy gelatos. As we were by St Mark's Square we decided to take a trip there and it's just so stunning. One thing you do need to be careful of though is the pigeons as there are so many of them. Along St Mark's Square on either side you have a band playing well known music outside the cafes. As the weather was so nice we decided to sit and soak up some of the atmosphere however it was pricey. For 3 bottles of apple juice it cost us 45 euros which is pricey however it did come with some snacks and nibbles which was nice and it was pretty refreshing as well. As we were there late afternoon the cathedral was unfortunately closed however we were able to go there a few days later and it's absolutely stunning inside. What I like is that they don't allow you to take photos and any big bags need to be put in a storage facility outside the cathedral which is nice. It's also free which is an added bonus. After this we walked by the Bridge Of Sighs and along the river before heading back to the hotel.

Day 2 
On this day we finally headed to the Rialto Bridge and the Grand Canal which is a place I have wanted to visit for so long. I just find the bridge so beyond beautiful and it was definitely one of the most liveliest places we visited. Not only is the bridge obviously a huge tourist attraction but also there are so many restaurants, cafes and bars long this strip as well as tourist shops. From here you can also catch a boat trip to some of the other places around Venice as well as the train station to get to other places within Italy as well which is ideal.

Day 3
Day 3 we chose to head back to St Mark's Square to have a look inside St Mark's Basilica. Being a Catholic I am always hugely interested in churches and cathedrals. I just always find that they have their own stories to tell which is why I love them so much. We did have to join a queue in order to get inside though as we didn't pre-book tickets before hand. Luckily it was only a 5 minute wait before heading in. You do have to make sure you are suitably dressed to enter the basilica. They do provide shoals to cover your shoulders but I still recommend dressing appropriately. Once we had a look inside the basilica we decided to head to St Mark's Campanile which is the bell tower just next to the basilica. The views are just absolutely breathtaking. When you have reached the top of the 99 meter high tower you do get panoramic views of the entire city as well as the lagoons.  After this we then went for food where I had the most incredible aperol spritz and spaghetti bolagnaise I have ever tasted.

Day 4
On the fourth day we didn't really have a plan in mind. We just strolled around the many canals of Venice and did some souvenir shopping. However we did accidentally come across one of the most stunning little piazzas I have ever come across called the Palazzo Contarini Del Bovolo. This is home to one of the most stunning towers I have ever seen called the Scala Contarini Del Bovolo. This is a multi arch spiralling staircase tower that you do get to climb for a small fee of around 5 euros however it is completely worth it for the view you get from the top of the tower. I had never heard of this tower before. I do remember seeing it in a couple of instagram photos but I never managed to get the name so to stumble it by accident was complete luck. I highly recommend adding this to your list of tourist attractions in Venice as it really is stunning.

Day 5 
On this day we took a trip to one of the most popular art galleries in Venice called Gallerie Dell'Accademia which is around 15 minute walk from St Mark's Square. Some of the counties most stunning paintings are stored in this Gallery. On this day it was extremely hot and the gallery was so lovely and cool so we enjoyed walking around a cool space looking at all the stunning paintings. After the Gallery we decided to do what you have to do in Venice and that is go on a gondola trip which was such an amazing experience. It was so nice to spend half an hour sitting in a boat going around the canals in Venice and listening to a bit of history from the guy taking us round. I do think it's quite pricey for how long it is but again it's a once in a lifetime thing really so definitely make the most of it.

Day 6 
One thing I told my Mum and brother we have to do when visiting Venice is head around the Venician Islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello. These three places are recommended in all the guide books as must see places and I completely understand why. Murano is a few islands that are all connected together by bridges so there is a lot of walking up and down. This particular island is famous for its glass blowing. Here you can take a tour round the glass blowing museum or just take a walk around the shops and pick up lots of souvenirs that are made entirely from murano glass. The second island is called Burano. This was the island I was most excited to visit as it's houses are all painted a different colour and is one of the most colourful places I think I have ever visited. It's also famous for lace. The whole island is nicknamed 'The Colourful Island Of Lace' and here you can pick up a lot of items and souvenirs that are crafted entirely from lace. This was definitely the island we spent the longest at and the one that definitely had the best atmosphere as well. Torcello was the quietest of all three islands. It's a very quiet island with only a couple of houses and restaurants there. It also houses the first cathedral in Venice as well. Unfortunately this was close when we got there but it did look really stunning. I highly recommend covering up when you go on this island purely for the reason that I was bitten 20 times (yes I counted) by mosquitoes. Apart from that it's a very stunning picturesque island.

Day 7 
By day six we had pretty much seen everything we had wanted to see. Instead we just decided on this particular day to just chill out considering visiting those three islands were saw exhausting. We went out to do some more shopping instead. We bought a lot of souvenirs for our family and friends as well as treating ourselves to a few bits and pieces. I bought a gondola Pandora charm for my bracelet which is something We also ate a lot of pasta and gelato as well which is in my opinion never a bad thing. I pretty much spent this whole trip eating pasta. We didn't have any pizza which you may find surprising but before I went to Venice I found out that the stone ovens that they use all over Italy are actually banned in Venice therefore even though the pizza is nice it's not the quality you would expect when you are in Venice. Something to consider if you are thinking of going. We also decided to sit outside the cafe in St Mark's Piazza again and get some drinks and snacks despite complaining about the price a few days before. Oops .

Day 8 
Probably my favorite day of the whole entire trip because we decided to escape from Venice and go and explore the beautiful city of Verona. It was a bit of a nightmare getting the correct train to get us there mind you but once we were there it was totally worth it. Ever since watching the film 'Letters To Juliet' one place I've wanted to go to was Juliet's House. Being a hopeless romantic at heart this was a no brainer. When we were walking through Verona we went to the Verona Arena which is so incredibly stunning before walking on to Juliet's House. It was absolutely packed and pretty difficult to move but it was all so stunning and exactly how I imagined it. I love how the house was full of old costumes and how each room told a story of their romance. I also loved that you could actually go out onto Juliet's balcony and have your photo taken. There was a queue so be prepared to wait a while if you go as everyone wanted to get that perfect shot from every angle for the 'gram.

Day 9 & 10. 
These were long days of shopping, buying another suitcase, packing, repacking and getting ready to go home. I still can't get over the fact that between the three suitcases we already had we had to buy another one because we still had so much stuff left over. Once everything was packed it was time to catch the boat to the airport to come back home. I didn't really take a lot of photos on this day so enjoy my collages above and below of some of my other favorite photos that I took on this trip.

You have no idea how relieved I am to have finally got this post up. I have been trying to get it up for the past three months but well, I guess you could say life got in the way. I'm super excited to have got it up now as I loved this trip, I love the photos and I love this place and I really hope you enjoyed coming on a mini adventure with me. If you have been to Venice before then please let me know your thoughts below and if you haven't been before I hope this post has inspired you to take a trip as I believe it is one place everybody needs to see.

Hugs and Kisses
Fleur xo

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