FleurDanielle's Return To Blogging + 100 Little Things That Make Me Happy & Grateful

8 September 2019

Hey Everyone. I'm finally back! I had decided to take a little break from blogging after my last post as I just wasn't enjoying it anymore and I kept seeing really negative things from other bloggers on Twitter about how blogging is dying and how nobody reads blogs anymore. However it wasn't until I read THIS blog post by Victoria (InTheFrow) that I finally got a little bit of motivation back and realised that blogging is still something I absolutely love doing. In-between that blog post and now however I've been so busy with work. If you didn't know I work for British Airways and the past few months I've literally worked so much and when I haven't been working I've literally been away with family or catching up with friends and really having no time to myself to actually sit down and write about anything. However I am now back and thought as I have a bit of spare time why not write a blog post for you all. Today I thought I'd do a simple post listing all the things that make me happy. I have struggled the past few months and life has taken it's toll on me to the point I literally have been exhausted and emotionally drained. So as an attempt to cheer myself up I've decided to focus on all the good things in my life and things that just make me happy by thinking of them. I hope you enjoy this post. 

1. Travelling and exploring new places 

2. Hot Chocolate 

3. Listening to music (absolutely loving Taylor Swift's new album right now!) 

4. Sunsets and Sunrises 

5. Window seats on planes 

6. Cool showers in the summer 

7. Pizza always

8. My amazing job. If I wasn't working for BA I wouldn't be able to travel as much as I do.

9. Frosty mornings in the winter 

10. Netflix & Amazon Prime 

11. Every form of cheesecake ever 

12. Blogging 

13. Collecting magnets from every place I've travelled to 

14. Musical Theatre 

15. Fresh nails 

16. Reading a good book.

17. My bed 

18. Pamper evenings 

19. Living in London 

20. My friends 

21. Mauritius. Being able to go there so often and see my family is amazing. 

22. Little unexpected packages in the post 

23. Flowers 

24. Romance 

25. Disney films 

26. Fresh cold water 

27. Concerts 

28. Having a good day at work

29. Fresh strawberries and cream 

30. Spring and Autumn clothing 

31. Harry Potter 

32. My water bottle from Chilli's (an absolute lifesaver during the summer months)

33. Giving advice 

34. Lush lip scrubs - little tubs of sugary goodness that taste good as well as leaving lips feeling soft

35. Covent Garden - my favorite ever place in London 

36. Scented Candles 

37. Weddings - witnessing true love is always an amazing feeling

38. The colour turquoise - my favorite 

39. Spotify & Apple Music 

40. Walking along the beach 

41. Sydney - one of my favorite cities ever and a place I'm lucky enough to have family

42. Puppies 

43. Swimming 

44. Bread - can't live without this stuff 

45. Driving 

46. Taking photos 

47. Chocolate

48. Social media - I've met some of my best friends through it 

49. My health - definitely take this for granted but I'm extremely lucky to be in good health

50. Laughing

51. Keeping a diary

52. Printing photos and creating cute little photo albums.

53. Shopping

54. No make up days

55. Prosecco

56. Cinnamon scents

57. Matching underwear - I feel like I've really got my life together.

58. Tennis

59. Kind, supportive people

60. Bookstores - can honestly spend hours in them

61. The combination of newly shaved legs and fresh bedding

62. Having long hair

63. Fireworks

64. Dry shampoo

65. Dining out

66. Discovering new music

67. Seeing the leaves on trees change colour in Autumn

68. Fresh flowers

69. Pink gin and lemonade

70. The smell of anything apple related

71. A good skincare routine

72. Working with the most amazing group of people at BA

73. My scratch off travel map

74. Cosy dressing gowns

75. Lush bath bombs

76. The 'freshly shaved legs/new bed sheets' combination

77. Cosy jumpers

78. The smell of fresh cut grass

79. Nights out at the theatre

80. Birthday cake for breakfast

81. Good hair days

82. A good romantic comedy - forever reminding me of how single I am but I love it

83. Graze snacks - the best snacks that don't make me feel too guilty

84. Sydney - one of my favorite ever cities and a place I'm lucky enough to have family

85. Warm and soft blankets

86. Online shopping and the ability to shop from home.

87. The cold side of the pillow

88. Golden hour

89. Crisp, cool yet sunny days.

90. My memory box

91. Being able to play the violin

92. Long walks by yourself listening to music and exploring

93. Positivity and positive people

94. Making others smile

95. Being a woman

96. Being reminded of things I used to do when I was younger

97. Buying presents for other people

98. Christmas Time (My favorite time of the year)

99. Relaxing with a good box set

100. My ability to forgive others and move forward in life.

I'm not kidding when I say it has taken me at least three days to write this post. Thinking up 100 things seems easy at the time but it's actually quite difficult however I finally got there and I have actually enjoyed writing this post. I think in this time where it's quite difficult to think of the positives because of all the negative press and brexit it's nice to read a post that is quite positive and uplifting.  If you are struggling with life at the moment or are feeling down then I hope this post has inspired you and made you feel a little bit better or even reminded you of all the positives in your life. If you've written a similar post please let me know as I'd love to read it.

Hugs and Kisses
Fleur xo


  1. Hi Fleur, lovely to see you back. I've been away from the blogging scene for a long while myself but I really want to get back to, this post has definitely given me the motivation to do just that! I hope you're well and are now having a great time in life. Hugs Dani xx

  2. Thanks for coming back, I also return to your blog after a long time. When I am scrolling your blogging area, I suddenly saw this post return to blogging and then i clicked on it to instantly read it. So, that's the good news for all of us that you return here. please continue your writing, publishing and spread lots of knowledge around us.

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