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13 September 2019

If you read my last post about Nivea then you will know that I am part of the Nivea Family along with some other incredible bloggers. Nivea is a brand I have used for years and years. I'm pretty sure it was one of the first ever skincare brands I used as my mum had all their moisturisers lying around the house which I used to dip into a lot when I was younger and growing up so I was extremely excited when they asked me to be apart of their family early on this year. A few weeks ago a package arrived for me containing these incredible products you see photographed above. I was actually away when these arrived so only got to open them a couple of weeks ago but I have been using these products every day since and I absolutely love them. Contained in the package are some of Nivea's newest launches. Keep reading more to find out my thoughts on these four products.

Nivea's Deep Cleansing 'Clay Fresh' Shower Gel 

As you probably know if you have been reading my blog for a while I absolutely love clay when using skincare products. Some of my absolutely staple products include the L'Oreal Clay Masks which I just think are incredible for the skin and have done wonders in terms of clearing it up so when I saw this shower gel in the package I was extremely excited. One of the main ingredients in this product is kaolin clay. This is a mineral product that has some incredible and important detoxifying and stimulating effects for the skin. It's one of the few products that is suitable for all skin types as it extracts any impurities within the skin. It also absorbs any excess oils without causing any irritation or redness to the skin. It also does this without leaving the skin dry which I love. Even though you may be reading this thinking 'Fleur, it's just a shower gel' it has actually made such a difference to my skin. It's one of those shower gels that really does leave your skin feeling super smooth and soft. This product also smells incredible as it contains notes of ginger and basil. This is definitely one of my new favorite shower gels as it leaves my skin smelling amazing and feeling incredible soft. 

Nivea's Body Moisturising Mousse

Moisturising my body is something I have a love hate relationship with and I'm sure those of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about. In the Summer months it's not to bad but if it's a rotten day outside then if you're anything like me your priority is getting out of the shower and straight into some comfy clothes/pjs. However spray on moisturisers and mousses like this are an absolutely life saver as you can pretty much moisturize your whole body within 10 minutes or less. What I love as well with this product is the scent. This particular mousse has a fresh cucumber and matcha tea fragrance which isn't normally my kind of scent as I prefer the sweeter scents but this smells absolutely divine and fresh. I absolutely love this mousse as it takes literally seconds to absorb into the skin and really does leave it feeling fresh. If you buy any product from this post make it this one as it is honestly incredible and will fix that dread of having to moisturize your body. 

Nivea's Dry Fresh Deodorant 

There's nothing much to say about this product really as I'm sure you can see for yourself it's just your standard spray deodorant. I normally don't really get along with spray deodorants as I've always found they irritate my skin quite a bit however this is one of the few that doesn't actually irritate it at all. It also smells really fresh and clean and doesn't take forever to dry so you are okay when it comes to wanting to put on clothes straight away. The one downfall however is that I do find it a little bit too powdery when you first apply it which isn't something I like however apart from that it is a good deodorant and does the job. 

Nivea's Mango Shine Long Lasting Caring Lip Balm 

If you read my last Nivea beauty post then you will recognize this product from there but they very kindly sent me another lip balm along with the rest of the products you see in this post. Lip Balm is definitely one of those products that is needed no matter what time of the day or what season it is. My lips get very dry and chapped easily and as we are now moving into the colder months I will definitely be stocking up. I absolutely love this particular lip balm as not only does it work absolute wonders on the lips by leaving them looking and feeling incredible soft but it also smells amazing. If you know me then you know I am an absolute sucker for anything mango related so this is an absolute winner and one I'd highly recommend to everyone. 

A huge, huge, huge thank you to Nivea for once again gifting me with these incredible products. They are all absolutely incredible. If you wish to try any of these products then be sure to head down to your local boots or superdrug and pick these products up. If you have already tried any of these products then be sure to let me know what you thought in the comments below. 

Hugs and Kisses
Fleur xo

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