A Mini Beauty Offering by Nivea

8 May 2019

Hey everyone, hope you are all well. So a few of weeks ago an exciting email landed in my inbox from Nivea asking if I'd like to be a part of their family and of course I said yes. I was so thrilled and honored to be asked. Nivea is one of their first ever skincare brands I ever used. My mum always had pots and pots of their creams lying around and I would always slather some on before bed and first thing in the morning. It is definitely the brand that made me obsessed with skincare as opposed to make up. The reason for their email was because obviously it was Mother's Day on the 31st March and they very kindly asked me to choose some products to include in a post about how I plan on celebrating Mother's Day. Unfortunately as both me and my Mum were working we didn't actually get up to a lot. As I couldn't decide which products to choose from (I mean Nivea has some fantastic products don't they?) I asked them to choose the products themselves and they ended up sending me four absolutely gorgeous products that were fairly new to their brand and that I hadn't ever used myself before. I was able to surprise my Mum with the products on Mother's Day and she absolutely loved them as she's into her skincare as much as I am. Just a little disclaimer that I was very kindly gifted every single item listed here but I've since repurchased all of them so I thought why not do a little review of all the products and what I think of them myself. Keep reading to find out my thoughts about these products.

Nivea Luxurious Shower Mousse 
I'm more of a shower creme or gel kinda girl than a mousse if I am going to be completely honest. The mousses that I have tried in the past I've always found to be extremely drying on the skin so although I was excited to receive this products in the post I was also a little bit skeptical about it. I couldn't have been more wrong. This mousse is definitely one of the most hydrating products I have used in a long time. On application it develops into quite a thick foam that you can rub across your body and it really does leave your skin feeling extremely soft and smooth. Another aspect of this product that I love is that it is not scented. Even though I do tend to prefer scented products sometimes they can be a little bit too overpowering but this isn't at all. If you're looking for a new and different shower product I definitely recommend this.

Nivea Soft 'Mix Me' Moisturising Cream 
If you have been following my blog for a long time then I am sure it'll come as no big shock that I am way more into my skincare than my make up so you can only imagine my excitement when I saw a brand new moisturiser included in this package. Since I received this I have purchased two more pots as I love it. This moisturiser is basically summer in a 100ml pot and I absolutely love it. Not only is the packaging super cute and colourful as opposed to the regular navy blue/white pots of cream Nivea offers but it also smells super fruity as well. I find this moisturiser to be super light weight as well which I absolutely love for during the day as I find light moisturisers perfect for those no make up days and also perfect to go underneath make up. This 'Mix Me' moisturiser absorbs into the skin super quick which I love as I find with thicker moisturisers you need to wait a while before applying make up but this is perfect for those mornings where I am running late for work and have to quickly apply make up on. I highly recommend this moisturiser for the forthcoming summer months as I think it'll be perfect and the fact it's only 100mls means that it will be perfect for popping into your make up bag for the plane. Planes are probably amongst the worst places for drying out your skin so to have this on the plane will definitely come in handy.

Nivea Rose & Argan Oil Fast Absorbing Body Lotion 
I am obsessed with body lotions. My entire bathroom cabinet is full of different body lotions but I have literally been using this one religiously for the past month. As you can probably tell I am quite into fast absorbing products and this definitely does the trick. I also love the smell of these product as well. Normally rose scented products tend to put me off as I find them really overpowering but this just has that slight hint of a rose scent which is definitely bearable. I love this body lotion as it really does leave my skin feeling silky smooth. The fact that it has argan oil in the product makes me love it even more as this is one of my favorite skincare ingredients and is one of the main reasons why this products is fast absorbing. This product is specially formulated for normal to dry skin which I have so if you're a dried up prune like I tend to be then this is definitely the right product for you.

Nivea Mango Shine Long Lasting Moisture Caring Lip Balm 
The name of this products certainly is a bit of a mouthful isn't it? However this is probably my favorite product from everything that I have shown you. I love a good lip-balm as I absolutely detest having dry chapped lips. I work in an airport and have to wear lipstick for work and because of the airport air my lips and skin in general tends to get very dry. Not only does this lip-balm smell absolutely incredible (I love anything mango scented) but it really does lock in the moisture to your lips and leaves them feeling and looking super smooth and soft. This is due to the natural oils that are found within the lip-balm. I find this lip balm to be quite long lasting as well. Nivea also very kindly sent me one of their strawberry lip balms which is the exact same except it is slightly more tinted which is perfect for those no make up days where you still want to look a little bit cute. I highly recommend it.

The biggest thank you to Nivea for gifting me these gorgeous products. They are absolutely amazing and if you're into your skincare like me then I'd definitely recommend these products especially if you have a normal to dry skin combination as they will do absolute wonders for your skin type. If you've tried any of these products before be sure to let me know what you thought below. Which of these products appeals to you the most?

Have you used Nivea in the past? 
Hugs and Kisses
Fleur x 
***All Items in this post were kindly gifted by Nivea however all opinions are as always my own***

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