Things Every Single Airport/Airline Worker Can Relate To

17 February 2019

Hey Everyone. Hope you are all well. So today is day two of three days off. Yes. You read that correctly. I actually have an entire weekend off and I am beyond ecstatic because it's very rare for me to have a weekend off and this weekend I plan on doing nothing but relaxing and blogging. If you have been following me for a while then you will know I work for British Airways. I have had this post idea drafted up for a long time now, probably about a year so I thought today why not share it all with you. Working in an airport means that we come across so many different situations on a daily basis. No two days are ever the same and it amazes me just how silly and ignorant people can be. This post is a bit of a light hearted one so I hope you enjoy reading about all the things that us as airport workers deal with on a daily basis. Grab a cuppa and enjoy.

Being Asked About Free Upgrades. 
From being told sob stories to have people being fake nice to getting hit on by older men us airport workers get everything when it comes to people asking for free upgrades. The check in agent has absolutely no power in getting you that free upgrade. Nobody does. Free upgrades are pretty much a thing of the past. The only way of getting upgrades nowadays is paying the promotional airport upgrade price. So please don't think we are being awkward when you ask us to be upgraded for free, there is just nothing we can do. You wouldn't go into a coffee shop and ask for that to be free so why are airports any different?

'I cannot sit in the middle seat - you must move me to a window or aisle seat' 
Unless the flight is empty then I'm sorry but I cannot do that. Someone has to sit in the middle and unfortunately this time it is you. If you desperately need a certain seat then PLEASE pay for it online or check in as soon as check in opens online to see the seat selection and select one for free. I have had people threaten to not travel if they don't have a certain seat and I'm sorry but if the seat that you want isn't available I cannot magic one out of thin air. We haven't been trained in that yet.

Seeing Airport Codes and Flight Numbers Absolutely Everywhere 
A big part of working for an airline is having to know the different airport codes and flight numbers and after working for an airline for nearly four years it's safe to say that some of these are burned into my brain. It gets to that stage now where I even see them in number plates. Flight numbers are exactly the same. If I see three numbers together I can't help but think of a flight. Oops.

Have To Take Hand Baggage At The Gate 
Aircrafts have very limited overhead locker space and if the flights happen to be extremely full then we have to take your bag at the gate. We don't want to take your bag but in order to speed up boarding and not delay the flight we have no choice. Please don't abuse me for doing my job.

Being Told It's Your Fault For Everything 
From customers booking the wrong type or ticket to finding out they booked a ticket on the same date they've approached you but for a different month it always ends up being our fault. Thankfully we are able to resolve the situation even if it does mean a difficult conversation beforehand.

'The Plane Can't Leave Without Me'
I've been told this so many times in the past few years by customers and the answer is always yes. Yes it can. If you're late to the airport, or you're late to the gate and haven't been paying attention to the time then yes the plane can leave without you. Please keep an eye on the time, check the screens regularly or even set an alarm one hour before your flight so you know it's almost time to be at the gate.

'Lovely Day Outside Today Isn't It' 
Probably one of my least favorite lines ever especially in the spring/summer. I have no idea about the weather Susan. I am inside an airport with hardly any windows nearby serving you. But yes I'm sure it's a bright, bright, bright sunshiney day outside. (Quote that song).

Delayed Flights That Are Out Of Your Control 
Yes Brenda, I know you have an urgent meeting but if there is something wrong with the aircraft or checks are still happening on board purely for your safety then there is nothing we can do and you just have to be patient. Delays are frustrating, we all know that. However very often delays happen to ensure passenger safety. Please don't scream and shout at me for something way beyond my control.

Hating Anything Snow/Wind/Fog Related 
This very often means disruption and disruption means delays which is never ever good. Normally when there's weather issues precautions are taken but still you know it's going to be a busy and challenging day on days when the weather decides to take a turn for the worst.

Customers Coming To The Airport Without A Visa For Their Destination 
Believe it or not this happens on a daily basis and it's always somehow the airline that gets the blame. You book a ticket through an airline to fly you to your destination. We are not immigration. Please look on the relevant country's government's website or contact the embassy to see what you need visa wise as soon as you book the ticket or before arriving at the airport.

Perfecting The Art Of Challenging Conversations
From telling customers they have missed their flight to flights being cancelled to customers getting downgraded to customers not being allowed to use our lounge delivering bad news and having challenging conversations is something I have become a professional in. Please don't think I'm getting any enjoyment from it though. It is very important for us to be as firm as possible in delivering this information so we can quickly find some way to resolve the situation. Stay calm and we will help you.

Ah. The joys of working in an airport. Seriously though I absolutely love my job and I wouldn't change it for the world. Like I said at the beginning no two days are ever the same and even if we do have challenging situations that can upset us a few days or weeks down the line we are always laughing about it as very often they are very silly situations. If you are an airport or airline worker yourself then I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you have ever had any challenging situations, whether you are a passenger or staff then be sure to leave a comment below as I'd love to know.

What challenging situations do you face in your job role? 
Hugs and Kisses

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