My 2019 Travel Wishlist

21 January 2019

If you read my 2018 review post then you will know I absolutely love travelling. Last year I visited Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris & Sydney - although not a lot of places I was in Sydney for five weeks and it was incredible. 2019 is the year I want to travel to a lot more places even if that means on my own. I do work for an airline after all. What is the point if I don't reap all the benefits of that. There are a lot of places I want to try and tick off this year so keep reading to find out where I'm looking to hopefully visit this year.

This is already happening but not until June. I booked Venice as a present for my Mum's birthday and I am super excited to go. Give me all the pizza, pasta and gelatos please and thank you. Italy has always been a country that has fascinated me. I just love everything I've read about the culture and the food of course is the main reason as to why I want to go to Italy. What better way to start things off than visiting Venice? If you have been and have any recommendations be sure to let me know below as I'm very intrigued.

Los Angeles 
Ah yes, the city of angels. I have heard that LA is quite overrated and even been told by a few people to not waste my time going. HOWEVER, I do believe that it is one of those places you do need to see for yourself regardless of what people tell you about it. Working for an airline I see so many of my crew friends and even other airline's cabin crew post photos on instagram and they all seem to absolutely love it. Definitely one I'll try and visit this year if I can.

I really want to go to Greece this year. I always have done but recently watching Mamma Mia has just made me want to go even more. It just looks like such a stunning place. I love Greek food and music as well and I know so many people who have said nothing but good things about Greece so it's definitely pushed me to go even more.

This is another place that I have wanted to visit for absolutely years and years. I've just heard so much about the food, culture and atmosphere there and how it's completely different to your usual European countries. I remember sitting down one afternoon a couple of years ago and just watching a programme about Marrakech and I was just so surprised but how diverse the place seemed to be. Definitely one I hope to tick off by the end of the year.

When I flew back from Sydney last year we went via Dubai and it's definitely a place I wish I could have seen more of. It looked stunning as we were landing in and the miracle gardens is a place I really want to go to as I've heard it's just stunning. I've also seen pictures from other bloggers who have been there and it honestly looks amazing. Hopefully it's a place I can see more of this year.

I am also going to Mauritius in August to see my family and also to attend a wedding which I am definitely looking forward to. The last time I went was I believe 2016 so it will be good to go back again and spend some time with my family who I don't really tend to see a lot.

So there we have it. Just a few places on the list this time. I didn't plan on making this post super long as I thought that it's not really realistic to have a million places on your list. If you've been to any of these places be sure to let me know your recommendations for places to stay or eat below as I'd love to check them out. 

Where are you hoping to visit in 2019? 
Hugs and Kisses

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