Girls Day Out & Brunch At Elan Cafe

19 January 2019

Hey guys. So if you follow me on twitter or instagram then you would have probably already seen that last weekend I took a trip to Elan Cafe. This is a place that I've wanted to go to for the past nine months I think so when one of my uni besties messaged me the other day and asked me if I'd like to go for a coffee and catch up of course I said yes. Thankfully we BOTH suggested Elan Cafe - great minds and all that. We chose to go to the Park Lane one. I think they have one in Mayfair and another in Selfridges. I think there is about 3 or 4 altogether. Keep reading to find out my thoughts below.

We chose to go to Elan Cafe at around 11AM because we thought it may be pretty quiet then it being a Saturday and all but we were definitely wrong. We had to queue up for I believe it was a little over an hour before we were allowed in but it was definitely worth the wait. I thought it really lovely how because there was a little bit of a queue the staff at the cafe came around with little cups of tea for everyone which I thought was such a nice touch. How often do you get that when you're waiting? I thought it was a lovely start for our experience at the cafe.

We were then finally shown inside out of the cold and into our seats and given menus. We were initially seated at a table for four and I remembered that there was a group of four behind us. Thankfully a couple on a table for two were just leaving so I quickly grabbed the waiter and explained our reason for wanting to move to the table for two instead. Even though we had a lot of bags and stuff with us it didn't make sense of us to hog all that space when they could get more people inside the cafe. They were grateful of the help as it meant we were helping them out as well as getting people out of the cold. I felt like I had done my good dead of the day. The Park Lane Elan Cafe is absolutely tiny so if you're considering this one be prepared to wait a little bit especially if you go at the weekends.

When it came to finally ordering food and drink off the menu we were spoilt for choice. They have so much good food and it's so tasty as well. I ordered the avocado on sourdough with smoked salmon and had a hot chocolate on the side which was delicious. I was craving something cold as well so I then decided to order an apple juice which was honestly one of the freshest apple juices I have ever had. The hot chocolate was absolutely delicious however it was extremely sweet I think due to all of the marshmallows but it was still absolutely amazing.

For desert we ordered a slice of the strawberry cake to share and I'm so glad we decided to share as the slice of cake is honestly bigger than my head as you can tell from the photo below. I honestly wasn't expecting it to be as big as it was and even between the two of us we were unable to eat all of it but it is definitely one of the best slices of cakes I have ever had and I highly recommend getting the strawberry one when you're at the cafe, unless of course you are allergic to strawberries in which case stay far far away as not only does the cake have strawberries as decoration outside it has  fresh strawberries throughout the entire cake.

We then obviously spent the time taking photos in and around the cafe as it is just too pretty not to. I mean, just look at this incredible flower wall above. I don't actually drink coffee but still thought it was super cute regardless. I definitely recommend Elan Cafe, HOWEVER I wouldn't come back to the Park Lane one as I think it's a bit too small for my liking. Apparently the others around are a little big bigger and have more space so maybe check them out instead if you're thinking of heading here for brunch. Elan Cafe is open from 7:30AM to Midnight so plenty of time throughout the day to head there for something to eat.

After we had been to Elan Cafe we too some photos outside as one of the most stunning hotels in London is located just outside Elan Cafe, The Dorchester. It is just so pretty. I love the flowers on the balcony as I think it adds a really luxury touch. This is one hotel I would absolutely love to stay in one day even though I do live in London.

I also love the cars they have outside of the hotel as well. I couldn't resist getting a couple of photos there. The whole area is surrounded by plants and flowers as well which just makes it a lovely location, especially as Hyde Park is just across the road as well.

We then decided to take a trip to South Kensington as I really wanted to see the ice rink at the Natural History Museum before it gets taken down in a few days. I couldn't resist snapping a photo of these gorgeous houses in London. Just look how pretty?! I can see why this is such a popular location for photos, it is just beyond beautiful.

The Natural History Museum is a place I've spent a lot of time in growing up, I even ended up doing part of my university dissertation on it but I had never been to the ice rink before. I absolutely love ice skating and really wanted to go but my friend who I was with didn't want to spend the next hour falling down. However, being the amazing friend she is agreed to let me go on whilst she waited and watched at the side.

She took photos and videos of me as I was skating as well which I love as you all know what a hoarder I am for photos and memories. I didn't do the full hour though as I felt bad leaving my friend alone so I only did 30 minutes and then left. I think this is the best time to leave as well as it tends to get really busy in the evening so the earlier I planned on leaving the quicker I was able to get my shoes. It was so busy as well as it was a Saturday.

My friend then wanted to go on the carousel and of course I couldn't say no. There's just something so magical about carousels no matter how old you are. I of course took a selfie on it. See the photos below that were taken of me & my friend Mia on this lovely day. It was so nice to not be working and actually have time to meet up, chill and just not have to worry about rushing about.

After this it was time to head back home as my room basically looked like a bombsite and I had to tidy it up. I had such amazing day brunching, skating and just catching up with one of my best friends from uni. One thing we both realised is that we've been friends for nearly 10 years now. Next year will be 10 years since I started university. How crazy? But anyway, before I ramble on too much I hope you enjoyed this post and again if you're looking for brunch recommendations I'd definitely recommend heading to Elan Cafe. They have more than one branch so definitely do some research before you head off and if you are going at the weekend definitely expect some queuing. Thank you for reading & I'll speak to you soon.

Have you been to Elan Cafe before? 
Hugs and Kisses

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