A Look Back On 2018

15 January 2019

Hey Everyone. A very belated Happy New Year. I literally cannot believe it is 2019. I know we are now 15 days in and the novelty of a new year has kind of worn off but still...2018 seemed to have just flown by. Wasn't it only yesterday we were celebrating England getting to the semi finals of the World Cup and swooning over Gareth Southgate? Anyway, this is a post that I've wanted to hit publish on for quite a long time now but I've started the year off with a horrendous cold. I'm sure those of you reading this know exactly what I am talking about as it has been going around. I just haven't had the motivation to do anything but go to work, come back home to eat (even then it's been a struggle) and sleep. However, I am now back with my first post of 2019 and as you can guess by the title it's a look back at last year. I hope you enjoy reading this post.

To be honest, not an awful lot happened at the beginning of the year. I guess you could call that one of the low points. It was just a pretty slow start to the year and I just remember working an awful lot to rake in the pennies again after all the Christmas spending. February was interesting as I went to a cocktail making class with one of my work besties. It was definitely one of the best nights I had last year. It was at the Goat Bar located in London's Chelsea and it was amazing. It's definitely something I would recommend as I believe they do cocktail making classes every week so if you're after a night out with a difference this is something I'd recommend looking into.

At the start of February I went to Carnaby Street and went to a bar called Cahoots which is a converted underground station and it's honestly one of my favorite places ever as it's just so unique and not a place you'd normally think of going to for your standard night out. I went here with one of my best friends at the start of the month and it was honestly amazing. End of February/March saw the good old beast of the east hit us as well. Snow absolutely everywhere and again I fell quite ill and had to take time off work. It was the first time I called in sick to work in roughly 3 years I felt that bad. Obviously tends to be this time of the year I get really ill. In March I started to get a little bit better so headed to Club Tropicana in London for my uni besties birthday. It was a fabulous night and again a place I'd recommend for a bit of a different night out but it is quite pricey so not one to go to in January if you're looking to save money.

April was when the excitement of the year started to pick up. At the start of the month I went to a place called Duck & Waffle with two of my uni besties in London and it's definitely one of my favorite restaurants ever. Who knew fried duck and waffles go so well together?! A few days later I then went to Berlin, Utrecht and Amsterdam with one of my best friends, Beki to see a couple of shows. Berlin & Amsterdam are two places I've always wanted to go to and we managed to spend just a little over 48 hours in both places but we did manage to see and do a lot during that time. I definitely want to head back to Amsterdam some point this year as there is just so much to see and do there. Whilst we were in Berlin & Utrecht we went to see the musical theatre band Collabro perform as they were doing a couple of gigs out there. Quite far to go and see a band perform I know but web basically saw it as an excuse to travel more. Both of us have seen them enough times in the past but as we were going we thought why not go and support them at their international gigs as well. Do not judge! When we came back the guys did another gig at Pizza Express in Holborn in London and it was honestly amazing. That gig was one of my favorite shows of 2019 because it's where I met some people I can now call my best friends. Literally we speak everyday and even though we're from different parts of the UK we never really go a day without speaking.

This month was honestly one of the worst months of 2018. Nothing bad happened, it was just so busy. I worked myself to death. I honestly think I had like 4 days off throughout the whole month. I worked nearly every day and I did so many 18 hour shifts. Not healthy at all but I needed the money/time off later on in the year so really I didn't have much of a choice. Some good things did happen though. My brother turned 25 years old and we just celebrated with family at home and it was just so nice to have some family time at least during this very hectic month. I've honestly been through my phone photo library and the only photos I can find from May are literally from my brother's birthday, that's how busy it was but it's fine because one horrendously busy month out of 12 really isn't bad is it?

June was a quiet month but I did take a trip to the West End with one of my best friends to see one of my favorite musicals 'Les Miserables' at the Queens Theatre. I have seen this musical on more than one occasion now and the talent just blows me away every single time. I saw got to see my brother graduate from his 'Skills For Work' programme at the Hilton Hotel and I was so unbelievably proud of him. I don't really speak about my brother a lot but he has got learning difficulties so at the moment is doing different schemes in order for him to get a job. To see him graduate from one was beyond amazing and I am definitely a super proud sister. I really hope 2019 is the year my brother is finally able to get a job and that there are companies out there that are willing to give people like my brother who work super hard a chance.

The month that London hit a heatwave. I didn't get to spend a lot of time enjoying it as I was working a lot due to having a holiday booked in August but I definitely made the most of my days off. I went to see Wicked in London with one of my best friends and strolled around London in the sun enjoying the sites and taking in the sun. I tan very easily and when I got home my legs (not my arms cos they were covered) were two different colors. On my next day off in July I took a trip to the Henley Royal Regatta. If you've never heard of this, think Ascot but with rowing instead. Same concept with the whole dressing up and drinking as much prosecco as you like. This was the day I believe England got to the semi finals of the world cup as well so the atmosphere was incredible. At the end of the month I received an opportunity from work to go an represent BA (British Airways if you've been living under a rock and don't know I work for them) to go and work at the Farnborough Airshow. It was only a couple of days but hotel and meals were included which was amazing and it was such a good experience getting so see all the different planes and models and see the planes do tricks in the air. It was a million degrees though but it was so good to actually get out of the terminal and do something a little bit different.

I finally ticked off a destination from my bucket list this month and finally got to go to Paris for the first time and it was everything I dreamed of and more. I have been to France in general about 18 times. It's where we always used to go for family holidays and it's a country that's become my second home in a way, however Paris is never somewhere we had gone. I absolutely love it. It's just such a beautiful place and it's definitely somewhere that I want to go back too as I still haven't been to Disneyland and that's something that I definitely want to do before I turn at least 30. This Paris trip was extra special as my Mum's sister from Mauritius was here staying with us for the summer so we took her to Paris as well which was lovely. I also took a trip up to Telford with my best friends to see Collabro at one of their summer shows but sadly this was cancelled on the night very last minute due to complications. Whilst it was sad to not see them at this gig it was nice catch up with my best friends, listen to music and have a natter over pizza and prosecco especially as we don't tend to see each other that much. I also turned 27 years old on the 24th August and like with my brother's birthday I just had a quiet day at home with lots of food, drink and family time.

September honestly feels like a blur. I actually cannot remember a lot of what I did that month. I saw friends, went to a few gigs and pretty much worked to get time off for my holiday to Australia end of the month. I did get to see a new musical (yes I'm obsessed with the theatre) which was Eugenius The Musical at the Palace Theatre. It was honestly one of the best shows I've ever seen. I hope it comes to the West End eventually. Other than this the rest of September and beginning of October was spent planning my trip to Sydney for the end of the month.

On the 23rd October I finally got to go to a destination that has been at the top of my bucket list since I was about 7 years old. Australia. For years as a kid I watched shows based in Australia (Neighbours, Home & Away etc) and I was always so fascinated by the country. Fast forward a few years and I found out I have a half brother who actually lives there. Fast forward another 5 years or so and my Dad & I finally decided to take the plunge and book the holiday of a lifetime. We only visited Sydney in Australia as that is where my brother is based but it has quickly become one of my favorite ever places with so many memories attached to it. We did stay in Australia so much but not only did I get to meet my brother, sister in law, niece and nephew, I got to explore so much of Sydney and even climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge (Separate post about that coming soon). After this trip I absolutely adore Sydney and it is definitely a place that I hope to return to in the future as well as explore more parts of Australia when I am out there.

Finally at the end of the year. The start of December basically consisted of me recovering from the horrendous jet-lag that hit after landing back from Sydney. Before this trip the longest time distance I had was 4 hours and that is Mauritius. 10 hours is a completely different ball game and took me ages to recover from. I only had about 4 days to recover before I was back at work but I have to admit that getting back into a routine definitely helped. My Mum and brother were away during December in Mauritius so it was a super busy month in terms of keeping the house in tip top condition, working, putting the Christmas decorations up etc. On the 23rd December my cousin who is from Mauritius but is currently studying and living in France came over with her boyfriend to spend Christmas with us. My Mum then arrived back from Mauritius on Christmas Eve (Thankfully - because of the whole drone situation at Gatwick we were worried she wasn't going to make it but she did). We had a lovely Christmas Day with the whole family eating and drinking until we couldn't move anymore. Then it was time for New Year. Again I'm really not the sort of person that's into clubbing or going out and getting wasted on New Year so we went to Winter Wonderland on New Years Eve during the day and had a lovely time before coming back home and seeing in 2019. 

Wow, what a long post. If you got to this stage then seriously thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed having a look back through my 2018. After writing this post and looking back through the photos it was a really good year and I definitely made so many memories for life. I've gone into 2019 with some of the best friends I could ever wish for. Charlotte, Katie, Beki, Nicola, Sophie, Elly, Lisa & Emily - if you're reading this thank you so much for a wonderful year. Here's to more fabulous memories in 2019. I've also got a stable job that I absolutely love, however difficult it may get and my family around me even though we do want to kill each other at times. What more could I ask for? I hope the start of 2019 has treated you kindly and if it hasn't, it will get better I promise.

2018, you have been fabulous. Here's to another year of friendship, travelling and making memories to last a lifetime. 

Hugs and Kisses

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