An Intro To Blogmas 2018

1 December 2018

Hey everyone! It's officially the first of December. Just how on earth did that happen. I won't bore you with how I can't believe how quickly the end of the year has come around because we will probably still be here this time next year and I don't think anyone wants that. To get back on track with what this post is all about Welcome To Blogmas 2018. 

Back at the beginning of November when it was a rainy day on my holiday to Sydney I started planning my Christmas posts. I know right? Eager beaver. I had made a few changes to my blog, whipped up a post and decided you know what? Better to be prepared now than wait until December comes around and struggle to get posts up throughout the month. We all know I've been the worst kind of blogger this month so each night of my holiday I decided to just plan some blog posts and start getting them set up. Christmas is my favorite time of the year and I remember two years ago when I did actually do Blogmas I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

I've manage to plan as many Christmas posts as humanely possible as that is the whole point of Blogmas however you might find I've thrown in a few random posts that aren't Christmas themed in for good measure so if you're fed up of seeing Christmas splashed all over your screen and want some different content, fear not as I have one or two posts thrown in there for good measure. As much as I love Christmas I understand that not everyone who reads my blog will celebrate it so there are some other posts there you might enjoy instead. I know that probably defeats the whole purpose of blogmas but I like to keep things interesting. 

I really have been on top of the ball with my blogmas posts and come up with a schedule and everything which is very unusual for me. Day 1 (today) will be a bit different as, as well as having an introduction to blogmas post I also have another proper blogmas post going up at around 1PM today. Tomorrow through to Christmas Day I will be publishing a post at 9AM every single day. Be sure to be following me here on Bloglovin' so that you never miss a post and here on Twitter where I will be posting the links to my posts multiple times throughout the day. 

I am really excited for Blogmas as it is something I've worked so hard on. My blog in general is something I've worked really hard on for the past couple of months now so I hope you enjoy reading my blog and my future posts just as much as I have enjoyed creating them. 

On that note let the festivities begin. If you're doing blogmas/vlogmas or have any Christmas themed posts going up throughout the month be sure to tweet them to me or leave them in the link below as I'd love to read them. I'm now off to write some more Christmassy posts. 

Are there any Christmassy themed posts you would like to see? 
Hugs and Kisses

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