5 Places To Visit In London This Christmas

1 December 2018

One of my favorite things to do around London during the Christmas time is walk around London  with my headphones in and a cup of hot chocolate (preferably from Costa) in my hand and just go on a long walk around the city having a look at all the Christmas decorations and lights. There's always something so magical about the city this time of year and London is a city that definitely knows how to Christmas. Today I thought I'd write up a short but sweet list of the top places to go to if you're in or around London this festive season. I'll also write how to get to each place by Tube as I feel like this is the quicker way to visit popular sites London however if you prefer walking I definitely recommend doing it this way as you'll see so many interesting things along the way and it's the perfect way to get to know the city as well as being a lot more cost effective.

Oxford/Regent Street 
I was last in Oxford Street end of September, beginning of October and they had already started to put the Christmas lights on. I remember putting it on my instagram stories and getting a few messages from people asking when they switch them on. I believe they switched on the lights on the 8th November. I haven't been down to see them yet as I've been in Australia but on my next proper block of days off from work I'll definitely be heading down to see them and I can't wait. It is going to be so exciting.

How To Get Here By Tube: Central Line To Oxford Circus. Easy access to both Oxford Street and Regents Street. 

Covent Garden 
If you know me, or follow me on instagram or twitter or have even read my blog in the past then you will know how obsessed I am with Covent Garden. It's one of my absolute favorite places in the city. I love how it always dresses up for each season and has street performers and Christmas is definitely no different. They always put a massive tree up each year which is always a popular attraction around Christmas and the market place is always dressed up. They always have street performers and interesting things going on within Covent Garden as well. It's a very lively place normally which livens up just that little bit more around Christmas.

How To Get Here By Tube: Piccadilly Line Straight To Covent Garden OR Leicester Square. Covent Garden is only a 10 minute walk from Leicester Square and I definitely recommend getting off there for a bite to eat before walking to Covent Garden. Leicester square is also a fab place for visiting at Christmas as they tend to have a mini German market in the square as well. 

Somerset House Ice Rink 
Each year Somerset House puts up a huge ice rink until after the new year and it is definitely one of the most stunning spots in London over the festive season. I definitely recommend this place for Christmas days/nights out. If you're worried about not being able to ice skate I believe that they do have a bar there so you can head on in there for a drink as well as be a spectator on your friends and family. Whatever you choose to do I definitely recommend heading round to this location even if it is just to take a few snaps. It really is a beautiful location.

How To Get Here: There are loads of ways to get to Somerset House. The quickest is to take the Circle or District line to Temple and it's about a 5 minute walk from there. However if you are going to Covent Garden then it is just an 8 minute walk to Somerset House from there so you can head to both locations in one day. 

Winter Wonderland 
Winter Wonderland is a huge Christmas Market with rides for all ages and a huge ice-rink located at Hyde Park. It's something that I go to every year without fail and a few years ago I even worked there for a season which as very enjoyable if not freezing. Even though it is free entry (winning) if you want food, drinks or even a go on some of the rides or ice skating it can be a bit pricey but I definitely think it's something worth going to. They have loads of Christmas market stalls there so perfect to pick up some unusual bits and bobs as Christmas presents. Winter Wonderland is the perfect location for those Winter date nights too.

How To Get Here: Take The Piccadilly Line straight to Hyde Park Corner Station. However be warned this station does get extremely busy in the evenings and weekends. You can also take the Piccadilly Line OR the Jubilee Line to Green Park station where it is only a 10-15 minute walk to Hyde Park from there. I recommend this route as it's less crowded when people are going to Winter Wonderland. However they do tend to close Hyde Park station in the evenings so if you're planning an after work trip be warned that Green Park does get very busy as well. 

New Bond Street 
New Bond Street is a place I always visit at Christmas. They have some of the higher rated shops like Tiffany's, Victoria's Secret and Cartier. If you know London already then you will know all about how they dress this shop up at Christmas. It's the same in New York as well and is definitely a must visit for all those insta snaps. It's a beautiful location and one I head to each year to see how they have decorated the shops. It's also a perfect place if you fancy being a bit spendy and treating yourself or your loved one to a snazzy Christmas present.

How To Get Here: Whilst checking out the lights on Oxford Street it's only a short work to New Bond Street from Oxford Circus (Central Line). You can also get the central line to Bond Street where it is only a short walk to the shops from there. 

If you're looking for some festive, instagram worthy, date night locations for over the festive season then I would definitely recommend these places. Now that I am back from Australia I am definitely going to be visiting these places and the excitement is definitely real. Be sure you're following me on instagram to see when I do visit these places. I hope you enjoyed this post and if you have been to any of the above places before be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Where are your favorite festive locations in London or around the UK? 
Hugs and Kisses

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