My Hand Luggage Packing List - What I Always Take On Long Haul Flights

7 November 2018

Packing. One of my favorite things to do before going on holiday. I love getting everything ready and organised before a big trip away somewhere. However I do always panic that I am taking way too much or too little. For short haul flights I always find it easier. I know exactly what to take and normally only take one bag as it's just so much easier and how much do we actually dip in and out of our hand luggage anyway on short flights? However, when it comes to long flights it's different. You end up taking a lot more things with you and condensing things down to the bare essentials is something that I always struggle with. As you will know I am currently away in Sydney, Australia on a five week adventure. So far it has been amazing but very tiring. Today I thought why not just take it easy, relax and share with you what I always take with me on long haul flights and what I took with me on the plane over to Australia from London. I hope you enjoy this post.

                                                                        1 Small Handbag 
On most airlines, especially on long haul flights you are allowed to take with you one small handbag as long as it fits the airlines dimensions. Normally I take my longchamp handbag, however this time round I bought a small backpack from primark just to keep things I'll definitely be needing at the airport or during the flight close to hand. As you can see from the pocket above it's a small backpack with one large pocket and two smaller pockets on the side. Inside this bag I kept the following items: 

Passport & Boarding Pass: Passports and boarding cards are obviously needed pretty much anywhere you go in the airport. I don't think I need to say much more than this as if I divulge even further it's definitely what some people would call stating the flipping obvious. 

Portable Charger: I mean, I didn't really use this on the plane much as my phone was in airplane mode and I pretty much slept or watched movies on the flight over so wasn't on my phone. It was actually so liberating to not have to worry about work or replying to emails or checking social media every 5 seconds. I think I played one game on it and then ran out of lives so just went back to sleep but if you're on a plane that's lucky enough to have wifi and you need to do some work then a portable charger can definitely come in handy. In my case I wish I put this in my main hand luggage as my portable charger is quite bulky and definitely weighed down my bag. 

Purse - Obviously I keep this close by for all the duty free shopping and extra snacks for the flight. When I flew over from London I flew with Qantas and honestly found their service incredible. The food was amazing and they have a very pleasant habit of reappearing by your side with either another roll or fruit to tide you over until the next meal service and it's definitely something that's appreciated. 

Book - For times when I am bored and don't feel like having a sleep or watching a film. It can be quite difficult reading on long flights though because the people next to you may want to sleep and I always feel guilty disturbing them by putting on my light. I'm definitely going to infest in a little book light for my flights back home. 

Clear Bag Of Liquids - I managed to get some clear make up bags from Primark the day before I left London and it was definitely a great decision. I managed to fit all the liquids (besides make up because when you have a 20+ hour flight to get through I really don't care what I look like) that I'd use on the plane like handcream, eyecream, sanitiser etc. I just keep this in my handbag as it's so easy to just whip out at security as I know exactly where it is when I need it.

1 Cabin Suitcase 
In my main luggage I keep other bits and bobs I may need. I was really organised this year and made sure I knew exactly where it was when I needed them. I had pouches for everything and it just made it so much easier to pack things in and it was useful as I didn't over-pack. 

Pouch 1 - This pouch has all my chargers and cables inside for things like my laptops. cameras, iPads and my phone. I'm not one to use my laptop on the plane but I keep my chargers and everything in my hand luggage anyway just in case my main suitcase didn't make the flight. Luckily that wasn't the case thank god but it's still good to take precautions.

Pouch 2 - In this pouch I keep the majority of my hair stuff. Things like hair bobbles/ties/bands/grips, my hairbrush etc. I also kept some earplugs in for the flight. These were mainly used for when we started to land. My ears pop really badly and the pain is sometimes unbearable due to the air in the cabin but these really helped and my ears were absolutely fine. It's definitely something I may go into more detail in another post but for now if you have any trips coming up soon I highly recommend investing in some earplugs. I also kept a couple of sheet face masks in here in case I felt my skin going groggy but as it was a night flight I just slept/ate.

Pouch 3 - This was one the largest pouch and in here I kept sickness tablets as sometimes I can get motion sickness, tissues, cotton wool pads, face wipes just for a quick refresh during the flight, my jewellery (I'm never quite sure how to pack this so I kept a small jewellery box with me to store what I'll be wearing every day) ear buds and a small travel size hairbrush. I also keep other girl stuff here (I'm sure I don't need to say what it is - just in case).

Pouch 4 - The smallest pouch of the lot and this has all my make up brushes inside. I kept them in a separate pouch to all my other stuff as I didn't really get time to clean my brushes before I left as I was working pretty much up until the day I left for Sydney so I just put them in a pouch and washed them when I arrived in Sydney.

Other stuff I keep in my hand luggage are as follows:
- Extra books. I am in Oz for five weeks and since I am a fast reader extra books are a must.
- My laptop. I wouldn't be writing this blog post right now without it and it also has lots of movies and tv shows that I've downloaded to keep me entertained throughout this trip.
- Headphones - I have three headphones all together. 2 overear headphones (one of which is wireless) and the smaller earphones that come with the iPhone as I find the bigger headphones can sometimes hurt your ears and you can't really sleep with these things over your head. Small ones are always a must for me as I can't really sleep when travelling without music playing.
- Extra Underwear/Change Of Clothes - Just in-case I got to Oz and my suitcase didn't make it. This is so important I can't tell you. Always pack an extra change of clothes in your hand luggage people. You never know what could happen.
- Scarf - My scarf is massive and can double up as a blanket when the flight gets really cold. I don't always like using the blankets provided on plans as I find they smell funny and are often quite itchy. I obviously won't be using my scarf in Sydney as it's extremely warm but I know when I land back in London at the end of November it is going to be freezing.
- Journal/Travel Journal - I always keep a journal. It's something I've done since I was around ten years old and something that I always take away with me on trips. However this year I took an extra journal that one of my friends Beki got me for my birthday. I haven't got around to filling it in yet but I've already got loads of things saved to go into it and I can't wait to start filling it up. 

So there we have it, this is what I take in the cabin with me on long haul flights. Reading this post you're probably like woah that's too much stuff, surely you go out of your allowance but the truth is I actually don't. I was so organised this year and made sure that I didn't go above the weight allowance even though they didn't actually weigh my hand luggage. I find that it is definitely best to be safe than sorry. I even had a room to do a little duty free shopping as well which was a bonus. I am working on a PDF packing list which will be linked on my blog somewhere in the future so if you're a travel enthusiast like me and have a few trips coming up make sure to stay tuned to all social media where I am going to be linking this soon. 

How do you pack your hand luggage?
Hugs and Kisses

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