Top Tips To Help You Through Cold & Flu Season

31 January 2018

Hey Everyone! Happy Monday! I hope that you have all had a wonderful day...and if not I hope it improves for you before the evening is up. Today I thought I'd take you through some of my top tips to help get you through the horrible winter season. The season where we are all struggling with colds and flus and are generally feeling cold, miserable and grumpy all the time. The weather this winter has been absolutely horrendous. It's so up and down to the point where you have no idea how to dress so end up either wearing too much or just not enough to keep you warm through the freezing cold days. I feel like this winter has definitely been the worst of them all and I know lots of people, including myself, have caught a cold more than once this season so I thought I'd put together a little list of things that can help you getting through the dreaded flu season. Enjoy!

Drink, Drink, Drink 
No I don't mean a G&T. Have plenty of water to help. I always find that when I feel ill I always get dehydrated and my lips are super dry. Recently I've got into the habit of taking a bottle of water everywhere with me. When I go out, when I go to work, even when I go to sleep I make sure to have a bottle of water. Even if you don't really like water like me you'll be surprised how much better it makes you feel.

Netflix Marathon 
Nothing says a sick day then spending the day in bed with your favorite TV shows or movies on Netflix. I've recently restarted to watch it on Netflix as one of my best friends has never seen it so we are watching it together and I'm really enjoying it because I never really watched the last few seasons properly and I've not actually watched the last episode yet...I mean...I know what happens thanks to good old twitter but anyway I'm going off topic here, netflix marathons are just amazing for when you are ill. There's nothing I love more than snuggling down in bed with the TV on when I'm ill. It's just so cosy.

Get Out Into The Fresh Air 
When I'm ill I absolutely hate going outside if I don't need to. I much prefer just staying in bed with netflix, lemsip and just relaxing however fresh air is so important if you want to recover. I always find going for a walk around the block or even grabbing a coffee or hot chocolate from costa just up the road does help me feel a little better because I'm up and walking around and taking in the fresh air instead of just sitting home feeling sorry for myself. 

Don't Overwork Yourself 
2017 was the year I fell so ill on numerous occasions. I ended up with horrendous headaches and I just felt awful. I did 25, 18 hour shifts throughout 2017 and a ton of overtime. I spent more time at the airport (I work for BA if you didn't know) than I did in my own house. It's not healthy and it's not good. I was always about the fact I needed extra money and overtime but money isn't everything and your health has got to come first. It's one thing I've promised myself this year that unless I am 100% desperate I am not going to be doing any overtime or crazy 18 hour shifts as it's just not healthy. I did no 18 hour shifts throughout January and I have already noticed such a difference in my health. I am eating better and I just feel healthier. I also haven't been ill once which is a bonus. 

Tea/Hot Lemon & Honey/Warm Milk & Honey Are Key 
I am extremely difficult when it comes to being ill because I very rarely drink hot drinks. I'm not a big tea/coffee fan so when I'm cold or ill I always struggle however my mum always makes me a really milky tea when I am ill and it's amazing - it is more milk than tea but there's just something so special when she makes it, I still don't know what the secret ingredient is. I also love drinking hot lemon and honey or warm milk with honey as I just find these drinks really warm you up and really help soothe the throat if it is sore. Definitely a few drinks I'd highly recommend for when you're ill. 

Switch Off Your Phone 
Now when you're ill I know probably the thing everyone tends to do is scroll through social media for all eternity however one thing I've realised is that it tends to make me feel a lot worse. I always find that I have really bad headaches when I use my phone too much (because of blogging I'm always on my phone) and it's something I've come to realise isn't good for you at all. Turning your phone off for a few hours is definitely something that can help de-stress you as well. 

So here are a few tips to help you if you're currently suffering with a cold or flu this season. This winter has been awful and according to my bed it is just going to keep on getting colder so make sure you get plenty of rest, drink and eat properly and just wrap up warm. Hopefully you'll feel better soon. I hope you have enjoyed this post and bring on Summer is all I say! 

Hugs and Kisses

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