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13 January 2018

2017 was the year I came across some absolutely incredible people on the internet. It was the year that I definitely read more blogs, followed more instagram accounts and watched more youtube content compared to actually doing these things myself. Blogging wasn't something I took much pride in in 2017. It was something I found more of a chore than something I actually enjoyed. I felt uninspired and because I spent most of my time at work I was always tired and run down so I used to just ignore it and every-time I tried I felt like I was forcing it. 2018 will be the year I blog only when I am inspired and when I want to and I've gotta say that 2018 has definitely started with a bang over on my blog. I definitely have a bunch of lovely ladies to thank and so I thought why not share who my favorite bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers are at the moment. If you want some amazing new people to inspire you throughout 2018 then keep on reading!


Sophie Rosie 
Sophie is a blogger that I've followed for ages but in 2017 followed her blog and instagram properly and I absolutely adore her, not only does she make even the dullest places look absolutely beautiful with her photography, but she is also one of the loveliest girls I've ever come across. Her content is always so honest and well thought out. She's one of those bloggers who writes like she's having a conversation with you. Nothing is forced it's all 100% honest and genuine and I just love that about her. She's also one of the prettiest girls ever. If you haven't checked her blog out yet then I highly recommend doing so by clicking the link HERE.

Elle Next Door 
Another blogger I've followed for ages. Elle is just a dream. She has such a fun, outgoing, bubbly personality. Her blog and instagram are just so full of color and life. She has one of the most amazing fashion senses I have ever come across online and her blog is always full of amazing outfit posts and she just has this really honest, lovely way of writing that attracts me to her blog every single day. Definitely one I recommend checking out HERE

Beth Sandland 
Beth is a blogger I've always followed on instagram but who's blog I never really checked out until December time when the lovely Lydia Elise Millen mentioned Beth in her instagram stories. Since then I have followed all her content and her blog posts and I just absolutely adore her. She's one of the loveliest people ever and her blog is definitely one of my favorites to read as it's just so incredibly varied. Click HERE to head on over. 

I've followed Em's blog since I started blogging over 5 years ago now. It's one of those blogs that has inspired me daily. Em is one of the loveliest girls ever and her blog is so full of different content. If you want fitness, fashion or even a healthy food recipe you can find everything over on Emtalks. Towards the end of last year I was struggling with a few things at home and Em very kindly DM'd me and gave me advice and just made sure I was okay which meant the absolute world to me. She also very kindly sent me a little Christmas present as a thank you for supporting her so much over 2017...I mean I just couldn't have chosen a more incredible person to support. Head on over HERE to read her amazing blog. 

Jess is another blogger I've followed right from the start of my own blogging journey and I absolutely love her. Despite not being a fashion blogger myself I've always absolutely loved Jess' style tips and outfit posts. She's also a lovely person and throughout 2017 I've loved watching her travel adventures and have loved seeing her blog/instagam and youtube make over and I look forward to seeing what fabulous content she releases in 2018.


I came across the lovely Jess' instagram account in the Summer last year and absolutely fell in love with her account. Not only do we work for the same airline (BA - she's crew though and I work on the ground) but she's inspired me to go to so many amazing places. Jess is also a blogger and vlogger and writes about her adventures and layovers she has when she flies. She's definitely inspired me to become crew one day. We all know the job isn't easy and Jess doesn't shy away from that but she's always so happy and positive and is just a ray of sunshine on my instagram feed. I highly recommend checking out her instagram account HERE and like I said above she also has a blog where she talks about all the amazing places she has been on her adventures. You can check out her blog HERE

I absolutely adore Issy. I find her absolutely hilarious and she's definitely one of my favorite people on instagram. Her stories always make me giggle as she's just such a sarcastic person which I absolutely love as I'm really sarcastic too so I always end up crying with laughter at her stories. However Issy is also pretty fab at taking photos. Her feed is full of pretty little product shots or fabulous photos of her cats and I just absolutely adore her account. Issy is also pregnant at the moment and I'm absolutely loving seeing her bump updates. I'd highly recommend following Issy's instagram account HERE and also her blog HERE

Lauren is literally the queen of cosy nights in. She's an absolutely incredible baker and her feed is full of pretty little cupcakes that she's baked, hot chocolates that she's made and just generally all the food you could possibly need for a cosy night in. It's also such an incredibly colorful feed. Lauren is also an extremely lovely girl with a heart of gold. I highly recommend following her HERE but I take no responsibility for all your cravings afterwards! Lauren is also a blogger so make sure you follow her blog HERE

If I could describe Jordan in two words 'disney princess' is what comes to my mind. She is just so incredible beautiful and stunning and I absolutely love her instagram feed. It's full of all the travel inspiration, pretty locations, stunning outfits and absolute hair goals. Jordan's feed is definitely one of my absolute favorites. I've also been lucky enough to have spoken to her a few times and she's just so lovely. I highly recommend following her feed HERE and also her amazing blog HERE.

Chloe's blog is a blog I've followed for a long time, and then I came across her instagram feed and it is just one of the prettiest instagram feeds I have ever seen. Her product shots are just amazing and her feed really is flatlay goals. I also love seeing posts about Chloe and her family as well as just product shots as she has the most beautiful little family. Definitely an account I recommend following so click the link HERE and also make sure to check out her amazing blog HERE as well. 


Scarlett is a blogger I've followed for a long time now and I've loved seeing how her blog and instagram have both evolved. It wasn't until the summer of 2017 that I realised she actually had her own youtube channel and I absolutely fell in love with her videos and ways of editing. She's such a lovely person and I look forward to following her youtube journey throughout 2018 as I know she has lots planned for her channel and blog this year. Make sure you're subscribed to her youtube channel HERE and that you're following her blog HERE and her instagram HERE.

Freddy is one of the sweetest girls on youtube I've ever come across. Her content is always so amazing and I absolutely love her fashion sense. Despite following her for a long time I think 2017 was definitely the year her channel popped to me. Her content was always so incredible and she introduced us to her little sister Coco who is just the most adorable little girl ever and it's just so lovely to see that they have such a lovely relationship. Freddy has a lot of amazing content planned for 2018 and I personally cannot wait to see everything as her videos are always so lovely. Make sure you're subscribed to her channel HERE and her instagram HERE.

Emma Miller 
Emma is a person I knew of because of made in chelsea. However what I didn't know was that she had her own blog which is amazing. I followed her blog for a good number of months and then Emma started up her own youtube channel which I absolutely love. Emma is very much an advocate of health and fitness and this really shows through her many videos of body confidence and healthy eating. Emma is a lovely person as well and her videos just radiate so much positivity that you can't help but smile when you watch them. I highly recommend subscribing to her channel HERE, following her blog HERE and following her instagram HERE.

Lydia Elise Millen 
A new youtube favorite of mine this past year has been the gorgeous Lydia. I came across Lydia back towards the end of 2016 when she had just got engaged and was planning her wedding videos. Despite being very much single and not close to getting married at all I've loved watching her prepare for her wedding, especially when it comes to her skincare routine and going to try on wedding dresses, it was just so special to watch. Lydia has the most amazing fashion sense as well and is just a lovely gorgeous person. I look forward to following her journey throughout the rest of 2018. Be sure to check out her youtube channel HERE, her blog HERE, and of course her instagram HERE.

So there we have it, my favorite online creators all in one neat package for you. If you're looking for any new bloggers, vloggers or influencers to follow throughout 2018 I highly recommend all these gorgeous ladies. They are all so lovely and will inspire you to no end. Be sure to let me know you thoughts if you already follow them below and if you don't make sure to click all the links to their various social media platforms.

Who are you favorite online creators? 
Hugs and Kisses

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