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23 January 2018

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well. So today has been a day where I have pretty much spent the whole day cleaning and tidying up my room. I'm not the messiest person in the world but I'm certainly not the tidiest by any means. This blog post idea sort of came to me as I was sorting out and reorganizing my bedside table and I thought why not tell you some of the things that I keep on there. Bedside tables are not something I've considered very interesting before but in the past year or so I love seeing the different things that people keep there as I find out you can find a lot out about a person just by the things they keep on their bedside table. I keep a mixture of things on my bedside table so I thought why not share it with you.   Enjoy.

As you can see from the photo above my bedside table and in fact everything in my room (apart from my desk and couch) is built in. I have one bedside table on each side of my bed however I tend to use the one pictured (right side of my bed) more often than I do the other one. The other one is mainly full of books and magazines and I feel like the right hand side was more interesting so that's what I thought I'd share instead.

The first shelf contains a couple of glasses that I received for my 21st birthday 7 years ago now. Since I got them I have kept them carefully on this shelf and in all honesty I am completely shocked they haven't yet broken. However they are both so special to me. Both my Aunt's from Mauritius were here for my 21st birthday and it was the first time they had visited the UK and it was just so special having them here and they both bought me these glasses for my birthday so I keep them here as they are very special. I also have a little bunny candle holder that I bought but I keep it up on the shelf because I think it looks super cute. Inside it you will see a little teddy bear ornament inside it and this is a bear with the number 18 on which is something I received for my 18th birthday by one of my best friends at the time. Even though we've drifted apart over the years it's still something that's so special to me. In front of the bunny is a pink christmas decoration with the letter 'F' for my name that I keep there as I just think it's pretty.

The next shelf is a shelf that tends to vary all the time. I keep different things here all the time. Sometimes I keep fake flowers in a vase on there or I keep a frame with the meaning of my name on here and I also have different word blocks that I keep on here that are all so special to me, however at the moment, as you can see, I have a photo with all my best friends from university on there. In the summer last year one of my best friends decided to make the decision to move back to Gibraltar which is where she is from. It was a big decision and one that wasn't taken lightly so we all arranged a special night out for her with food, drinks and it was one of the most amazing if not extremely emotional night. I decided to frame this photo as it was such a special night and makes me realise that I'm extremely lucky to have the friends I do!

The main table is also something that tends to vary and not going to lie it isn't always as tidy and organised as it looks right now. At the moment on there I have a pair of headphones that I use to listen to music whilst I am blogging or watching netflix. I then have two books that I keep beside my bed. I keep '365 Blog Topic Ideas' by Dana Fox which is amazing if you're struggling for inspiration for blog posts, there's an idea on every page and it's just so amazing to flick through and then I keep the book that I am currently reading at the moment which is 'Two By Two' by Nicholas Sparks which is definitely a tear jerker. Would you expect anything less though? I also keep a packet of tissues here as I tend to have a very runny nose during the winter months.

I then keep my journal beside my bed as well. I have kept a journal since I was around 9 or 10 years old. Even though it's not something I tend to do on a daily basis anymore I still write in there occasionally. There's just something so satisfying about putting pen to paper that I just absolutely love. I've got about 9 journals in my room and I love reading through them and looking back on the past years of my life. I think writing memories down good or bad is so important when it comes to the future and looking back on them.

I also keep a few beauty bits beside my bedside table. I keep the products here that are quite an important part of my routine before I go to bed. I have a ted baker body spray that I keep here that I mainly once I have finished getting dressed. I keep it here because my wardrobe door contains a full length mirror inside it and it's where I do my final checks and final touches before I close it. I also keep a ted baker hand cream here which is amazing and something that I use every day when before I leave the house and every evening before I go to bed. Hand cream is definitely something that I need all year round but especially in winter as my hands just get ridiculously dry. The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is also something that I keep on my bedside table and it's something that I use to moisturize my lips or sort out my cuticles in my nails and I just use it on any dry patches. This product is incredible and definitely something that has become a staple in my routine. It's definitely a product that every beauty lover needs in their collection.

I also keep my Nuxe Rev De Miel lip-balm here for extra protection for my lips before bed. This isn't a product I use during the day but I use it before I go to bed as it has a really thick consistency that is a bonus for night time use as it sinks into the lips and moisturizes them extremely well while you're sleeping so in the morning I always wake up with super soft lips which is a bonus especially in Winter. I'm definitely not about that chapped lip life. Sometimes I'll also keep the Clarins Lip Oil here as well as that is amazing for dry lips but that is currently in my make up bag. I also keep a hand sanitizer here as well as I don't know why but it's something I have to use as soon as I wake up. I know that's a tad weird but I've always been like that.

So there we have it. Probably the most random post you've read this year but I've actually really enjoying writing this for you. I loved taking the photos and editing them for this post and even though yes they are not the best photos you have ever seen in your life I like the way they look in this post. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing it. Let me know if you keep any of these things on your bedside table.

What are your favorite items to keep on your bedside table? 
Hugs and Kisses

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