An Evening With Collabro At The Cliffs Pavillion

1 November 2017

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all well and have had an amazing halloween. It's not something I really get involved in however this year I've seen so many amazing costumes and facial make up and I just feel like this year the UK has upped it's game with regards to the Halloween celebrations. I've been very impressed! Anyway, today I wanted to do a different post for you all. If you follow me on instagram and twitter then you would have seen that on the 30th October I went to see the lovely and extremely talented Collabro boys on their 'Home' tour. I thought that I would share my thoughts on the tour and do my own little review as I haven't been able to get the night out of my head and it's something a little different on my blog. I've also reviewed their previous tours so I'm just continuing tradition. Anyway, enough rambling, come and join me on this incredible night.

If you don't know who these guys are, Collabro were the 2014  'Britain's Got Talent' winners. Since then they've gone on to have 3 top ten albums and have done three practically sold out tours (including this one). They've also gone on to perform in the USA, Canada and Japan as well as perform at various musical events around the UK. They are a musical theater boyband and as I love musical theatre and boybands it's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of these guys. They are currently on their third UK tour showcasing and performing songs from their third album 'Home' and I was lucky enough to get a VIP ticket thanks to my friend Beki. If you are going to see the boys on tour this year I highly recommend clicking off this post now to avoid any spoilers. If not, then I hope you enjoy this post.

I met up with Beki in her neck of the woods which is Chelmsford in Essex. The show we were seeing was in Southend and other than venues in London and G Live in Guildford I didn't really know how to get there and Beki's Dad was kind enough to give us a lift to the venue which I was very grateful  for. As you can see from the photos above we both got a little bit snap happy as the sunset was just absolutely stunning. Living in London we don't really get to see sunsets that much and it's very difficult to get a nice enough photo that doesn't have chimney tops or tall buildings in the way so it was really nice to get some natural shots. As you can see I couldn't resist taking a few candid shots with my back to the camera. I just couldn't take my eyes of the sunset it was stunning.

Once we were done went into the venue, had something to eat and before we knew it as we had VIP tickets it was time for meet and greet where we got given a goody bag with a signed photo of the boys, a lovely keychain and a VIP lanyard. VIP consisted of a chat and a photo with the boys which is always a pleasure. Me and Beki were the last two to have our meet and greet as we've both been lucky enough to have seen and met them on numerous occasions before so we were in no rush to be the first ones. The boys are always so lovely and love joking around and having a laugh with their fans which adds to their charm. After that we just went outside and had a couple of drinks before the doors were open for general admission.

Can we just talk about how incredible the staging looks? Towards the right of the photo there was orange lights as well and I don't know if it was intention or not but it definitely had a Halloween kind of vibe about it which I absolutely loved. It was just so unusual looking that I couldn't resist taking a couple of photos.

After about 15 minutes it was time for the support act, Philippa Hanna and she was absolutely incredible. Phillipa  supported the boys on their first tour and her music is just amazing and so inspiring. I just love the way she uses her talent of song writing to draw from personal experiences and inspire other people. The way she interacted with the audience was amazing and she ended up getting them to clap and sing along which was so lovely. Her guitar skills are also out of this world. She was joined on stage by her husband Joel who was just incredible and accompanied Philippa beautifully. I'd highly recommend listening to Philippa's three albums that are currently out. You can find them on spotify, itunes and other music stores as well. She also has a fourth album on the way called 'Come Back Fighting' so make sure you keep your eyes peeled for that.

After this it was time for the boys grand entrance. Before they came on stage they had a little video explaining just how much the fans mean to them, what this last year has meant to them as a band and how they appreciate everything the fans do for them. It was a lovely way to start the show and definitely made everyone a little emotional.  The boys started the show off with 'This Is The Moment'  off their 'Home' album which just blew me away. It was such a powerful start to the show. As it's obviously a tour to promote their newest album they continued performing other songs off the home album.

As well as performing individual songs from their album they didn't forget the songs from their last couple of albums and did different medleys combining the songs. The medleys consisted of the Disney songs they've covered as well as medleys from Les Miserables and Phantom Of The Opera both of which were absolutely incredible and the performances were just so powerful they literally blow you away. After the Disney medley the boys introduced their special guest performer, Carly Paoli.

Carly Paoli is just an absolutely incredible soprano who has been lucky enough to perform for the Pope as well as with Andrea Bocelli.  I was actually blown away by how incredible her voice is. She joined the boys on stage for a performance of 'Over The Rainbow' which was on the boys first album before singing a few songs off her own album 'Singing My Dreams'. An album I definitely recommend everyone listen to as it's absolutely stunning. Me & Beki went to see her during the interval where she was signing albums and she is so lovely and her talent is out of this world. She's definitely someone to watch out for as she's a star.

After the intermission the Southend Boys and Girls choir came out to perform Bui Doi from 'Miss Saigon' as well Circle of Life and He Lives In You from 'The Lion King' with the boys and they are were absolutely incredible. It's definitely a very moving part of the show as not only can you see the enjoyment on the boys faces as they perform but you also see how much it means to the choir to be able to perform on the stage in front of hundreds of people. They all sounded incredible and it's lovely to be able to hear and witness some of the local talent in the surrounding areas. These guys are definitely ones to keep an eye on in the future.

After this the boys performed their own original song 'Lighthouse' which is a very special song for the boys and their fans alike. Lighthouse is the boys first original song and it's absolutely amazing. Even though it's own their newest album the boys recently released the song on it's own as a single where 100% of the money raised will go to 'Save The Children' which is an organisation that helps bring aid to children that are affected by war and disasters around the world. This idea came about when Michael Auger was on holiday and was sadly caught in the center of Hurricane Irma. He witnessed all the destruction first hand and when he came back the band decided to do something to help the victims of this terrible natural disaster. If you haven't already you can purchase the song on itunes or other music stores where all proceeds go to Save The Children.

After this the boys continued to perform songs off their album such as 'That's Life' and 'Don't Rain On My Parade' which was such an enjoyable part of the show and I couldn't resist singing and dancing along. They then performed 'For Good' from Wicked which is very emotional as it's the boys dedicating this song to each other which is so lovely as not only are they band-mates but they are best friends too and it's just so lovely to witness how much love, admiration and pride they have for each other. After For Good the boys do an incredible performance of one of my all time favorite musical theater songs. I won't say what it is in this post as I don't want to spoil if for you but trust me when I said you'll be blown away.

After this it was sadly time for the end of the show. It literally flew by. The boys did their usual speech of thanking everyone who supports them on their tour including their band, Carly and Philippa and then their fans and then they performed another couple of songs, one of which was Somewhere from 'West Side Story' followed by the song that won Collabro Britain's Got Talent 'Stars From Les Miserables. They then returned to the stage to perform their encore which was absolutely incredible and so much fun. If you love the Jersey Boys you are in for an absolute treat.

Collabro are a band that mean a lot to me. Not only are they incredibly talented but they are also lovely, genuine guys. This combination is definitely what has made them the most successful musical theater band. Seeing the boys live is a little bit like an emotional roller-coaster as they can make you laugh and they can make you cry. It's difficult to find a band that not only are incredibly talented but are also extremely down to earth. Unfortunately this is the only date I managed to get tickets for as I'm either working or away on holiday but I definitely think this is their best tour to date and definitely get's a 5 star rating from me as it's one of the best shows I have ever been too. I really hope you have enjoyed this post. If you're reading this and are worried and are thinking 'oh that's not many songs' don't worry because I've left a few surprises out as not to spoil it as you'll be blown away.

If you are interested they have just released more tickets for the rest of their tour dates so just head on over to their website HERE to get your tickets or contact the venues directly for tickets. If you're unable to make it to their tour then you can check out their albums which are on iTunes, Spotify and other music stores. I hope you have enjoyed this post. If you've seen Collabro already on tour either on this one or their previous ones let me know your thoughts below and if you are yet to see them have an absolutely amazing time, especially if you are seeing them for the first time, you are in for an absolute treat. Here's a photo of where they are yet to perform as well as venues that have tickets left.

Hugs and Kisses

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