My Current Top 5 Favorite Ever Lip Products

17 October 2017

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all well. So today I have had an extremely busy day. I won't get into too much detail because I don't want to bore you but as you are reading this I am currently on my way back home from London after heading to the Chinese Visa Application Centre. My Mum, Aunt and I have all decided to go on a 10 day trip to Shanghai and even though the initial process of visa applications has been extremely stressful I am just so super excited to finally go there next month. Yes I know I am leaving the visa application a little late but I'm still giving myself enough time at the same time if that makes any sense. Anyway, enough rambling let's get straight into the point of today's post.

Today I thought that I would tell you of my favorite absolutely favorite lip products to use. In this post you'll see balms, lipsticks, lip butters and lip oils and they are all things I use pretty much every day to keep my lips in tip top condition. So without further ado, let's get straight into it.

So as you can see from the photo above some of my favorite lip products are from Rimmel, Clarins, Nuxe and Revlon. I always love mixing a bit of high end with low end products and vice versa as to be completely honest what you can find in the high street very often trumps the products that you can get for double the price from a high end brand. This is from my personal experience anyway however the two high end products that are mentioned here are definitely two of my all time favorite beauty products ever.

I'm going to kick things off by talking about three of my favorite lipsticks at the moment. As you can see they are all red. Going to be completely honest I'm not really a lipstick kinda person. I prefer lip butters or glosses however since working for British Airways part of the uniform code is to have a red lip. I've trialed and tested about 30 different lipsticks since I joined the company and I have tosay that these are definitely my top three favorite lipsticks to wear on a daily basis at work.

Rimmel 'Retro Red' Lasting Finish Lipstick: This is one lipstick that I actually put of trying for ages. There was just something about it that just made it seem to daring for me. I had to go for it though because, well one, the packaging is just absolutely amazing, and two, the color of this lipstick is incredible. The packaging I believe was special edition to mark 15 years. I'm saying all this as it's what I can remember from their release but please don't quote me on that. The color 'Retro Red' is beautiful plum shade that will definitely suit all skin tones. I absolutely love how lovely the finish is. It's not matte but it's not a glossy finish either, it's more of a satin finish that doesn't dry out the lips which is a bonus for me as my lips get dry very quickly. If you're interested in this lipstick then head on over HERE to purchase it.

Revlon 'Berry Smoothie' Lip Butter: If you have been reading my blog for a while then you will know that I always speak about this lip butter. It's one of my absolute favorite beauty products and I think I've mentioned it in every single favorites post I've done. Berry Smoothie is a beautiful burgundy red shade, that not only is perfect for this time of the year but it's also a shade that will suit everyone no matter your skintone. It's definitely one I could rave about forever but I will restrain from doing so. Hey, what can I say...I really bloody love this lipstick. If you're interested here's the LINK to purchase it.

Rimmel's 'The Only One Matte' Lipstick In 810 - So this was a lipstick I definitely had a love hate relationship when I first bought it. As you can probably guess by my selection of lip products featured in this post I tend to go for something that has a glossy, satiny finish and this lipstick is the complete opposite of that. However, I saw so many other bloggers rave about it and I know a few people at work absolutely swear by this product so I bought it. Although it took me a couple of weeks to get used to it I now absolutely love it. I do find that this lipstick lasts longer on my lips than the others I have in my collection. I also find that even though it's a matte lipstick it doesn't actually dry my lips out which was is my biggest concern about matte lipsticks and why I don't purchase them often. This lipstick however I find is very creamy and smooth upon application and very comfortable to wear on your lips. You can check out this lipstick as well as view the other shades they have by clicking the link HERE.

My next two favorite lip products are two products I use daily, morning and night, as part of my skincare routine. On no make up days these are the only two products I turn to as they are just amazing and do wonders for my lips.

Clarins 'Instant Light Lip Comfort' Oil - This product is something I tend to use before bed as it's a product that is so deeply nourishing and non greasy. The difference in my lips is amazing. They are more nourished, healthy looking, they don't look chapped and as we all know this is the season of chapped lips. The scent of the product is also so lovely. It's a light honey scent which isn't too overpowering and just adds to the attractiveness of the product. I absolutely love it. I know that over the summer Clarins actually expanded on their range of lip oils. This one I've got is just a clear coverage on the lips whereas now you can get a few that add a little bit of color to the lips which I personally love the look of. I haven't had the chance to invest in them yet but I definitely will be saving up for a couple in the near future. If you're interested in any of the Clarins Lip Oils then I would recommend just heading over HERE to check out the other oils they have in the range.

Nuxe Rev De Miel Lip Balm - One of my all time favorite lip balms and something that no matter how poor I am I always end up repurchasing as it always works absolute wonders on my lips. Most lip balms can be quite thin and glossy on the lips however this one is incredibly thick and matte on the lips. When I first bought it I was slightly concerned about how thick it was but then I realised this is obviously for a reason and that's to make your lips super moisturised and hydrated for the whole entire day or night. I never really use this lip balm in the day as I find it's too thick and I'd have to wait ages for it to sink in to the lips before applying a lipstick over the top so I tend to use this at night before bedtime an in the morning I always wake up with super moisturized lips. I think this lip balm is amazing and absolutely perfect for the winter months especially if you are like me and suffer with chapped lips I just think this will work wonders on you. If you're interested in this lip balm then head on over HERE to have a look.

So there we have it, just a few of my favorite lip products at the moment and ones that I highly recommend everyone definitely purchases at least once as I can imagine all these products suiting everyone no matter your skin tone or type. If you have used any of these products below then be sure to let me know in the comments below your thoughts. If not, will you be trying these products in the future? Thank you for reading and I'll see you in my next post. 

Hugs and Kisses

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