10 Of The Best Tools, Apps & Websites You'll Find Useful If You're A Blogger

9 October 2017

Hey everyone! Happy Monday! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and an amazing start to the week. I was working on Saturday but spent my Sunday in London with a few friends at a show one of the lovely boys from Collabro puts on once a month. It was amazing and after a long couple of weeks working away it was so lovely to just chill out, catch up with my friends and just spend the afternoon listening to amazing music and escape from the outside world for a little bit. It's something that always makes me so happy and today I've literally been so happy and smiling all day as it was such a buzzing atmosphere. It really was amazing. Anyway, enough rambling. Today I thought that I'd talk to you all about my current favorite tools to use as a blogger and I thought I'd share them here on my blog. I think this will be an interesting post for those of you who are quite new to blogging or who want to shake things up a little bit to make the whole blogging experience more interesting. I hope you enjoy this post.

If you are a student then you probably already use this but if not even if you're just a blogger I think this little tool is just incredible. If you're a blogger who writes a post but then is worried about the grammar in it and get too scared to publish it (I used to be one) then this website is absolutely perfect for you. I was introduced to this by a friend when I was at university and I found it so incredibly useful that I haven't stopped using it since.  If there's any spelling mistakes or anything like that within a text then this will highlight it which means you won't need to worry about the grammar nazis as you'll be able to correct it straight away! Win-Win!

This is a bit of a sore subject with bloggers at the moment as picmonkey have recently changed their terms and conditions and it's gone from being an amazing free app to something that you now have to pay for. It's £9 a month which is pricey but I've actually cancelled a couple of subscriptions in order to pay for this app as I just think it's absolutely incredible when it comes to editing photos for a blog post or even for instagram. There are so many things you can do on there such as adding texts to images, brightening your photos, making them whiter, crisper and clearer etc. It's just got everything on there and I definitely think it's something worth investing in, for me personally anyway.

Pinterest has always been something I have absolutely loved using. I think it's the absolute perfect tool for finding inspiration for absolutely everything whether it is inspiration for blog posts, outfit post, recipes, home inspiration, travel inspiration etc, it is all on there. It's definitely something I'd also recommend for driving traffic to your blog. It's something that I started to do at the beginning of this year and haven't really done much off recently but you really do notice a difference. Definitely one to check out.

A new addition to my phone over the last couple of months is UNUM. Don't ask me to pronounce it because I have no idea however it is such an amazing little app for planning your instagram grid. I've stopped obsessing over having a theme on my instagram now as that took the fun out for me but I still love using this app to see if the photos will go well next to each other and whether or not they'll look good on my grid. It's definitely an amazing planning tool for instagram.

Instagram in general is amazing. I know recently there's been more downs than ups when it comes to the apps but I personally find it amazing for finding out where things are from. I love that you can link and hashtag brands now in the story section and if you're following a bigger influencer many of them would have linked the product they are showing in their story with the swipe up feature.

This is perfect for scheduling tweets on the go if you're like me and don't really get time when you're at work or out with your friends to check twitter or your blog and remind them of previous posts or to remind them of your bloglovin' link or any other tweets you can think of that you might want to schedule. It's not an app I use for everything, just to remind people of old posts but it's so useful if you want to keep your presence up on twitter. It's so easy and simple to use and definitely one of my most used apps.

Okay so currently in my inbox I have 1100 unread emails. It is mental and you may be thinking okay shouldn't you be reading them? I mean the thought of doing that right now is definitely making me nauseous. However this app has been a lifesaver recently. What it does is basically unsubscribe to emails you might have previous subscribed too. Sometimes when you want to access a website or even when you tick that dreaded 'send me more information' box when placing an order you'll suddenly get twice as many emails appear in your inbox than you ever cared to have. This helps and you can definitely de-clutter your inbox. I've used it before and it is a lifesaver. It's definitely a place I'll be heading once this post is published to get rid of all those unwanted spam emails.

An app for those of you who love creating and making lists like me. I absolutely love this app. I know there is already a notes section on most phones but I just find that for bloggers this works the best. There are so many things you can do. You can set reminders, draft up blog posts, take photos, create to-do lists and even chat on there as well if you have contacts on gmail. I absolutely love it and I think it's a godsend for bloggers. I never really use the notes on my phone as I just prefer to use this so much more as there's just a lot more you can do. Definitely something that's worth downloading.

This is one of the most popular photo apps out there for bloggers and if you're a blogger reading this you probably already use this but if you don't it's basically a photo editing app. It has so many good features on it and it is an app that I use to edit all my instagram photos and even my blog photos some times mainly for when I don't really have the time to just sit in front of my laptop and edit photos. I tend to use this when I'm on the train home from work I just sit on there and edit them so they are ready to be uploaded on blogger. It's such an amazing app!

I've seen a lot of tweets recently from bloggers asking if anyone actually still uses bloglovin' and I'm here to say Yes!!! I don't get why people are stopping using it? It's the perfect place to find your blog posts in one place and you can also read you favorite bloggers posts as they are all in that one neat place. I think it's the perfect app if you haven't read a bloggers posts in a while and just want to catch up on them all. Bloglovin' is definitely the place to go. It also has different categories so if you want a travel post just click on travel, beauty post just click on beauty. I personally think it's an amazing website and something I hope I never stop using.

So there we have it, just a few of my favorite tools to use as a blogger. If you're after new apps or you're perhaps thinking of starting your own blog then I hope this has helped. If you use any of these apps then be sure to let me know in the comments below your thoughts. Also let me know of any other apps, tools and websites that you perhaps use as I'd love to know more about them. Have a good day and I'll speak to you more in my next post! 

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