New From The Body Shop | The 'Vanilla Pumpkin' Collection & First Impressions

30 September 2017

Hi Everyone! Hope you have all had an amazing week. I for one certainly am glad that it is Saturday. This week I've been training for a new role within the job I already do at British Airways and I am happy to report that I passed the training so I am super pleased. I start next week and I'm so excited. As much as I love customer service it'll be nice to do a little behind the scenes work too. With all the stress and weather change though I unfortunately accumulated a cold as well which isn't good so I'm treating today like a Sunday whereby I've not got out of my PJs, I've got a mug of lemsip beside me and Heart FM is on in the background. Pure heaven. Today I thought I'd tell you about the new collection from the Body Shop which is their Vanilla Pumpkin range. I spotted the Body Shop tweet about this on I think Tuesday night and I ordered it straight away. It arrived the very next day and I couldn't resist photographing it for my blog.

The Vanilla Pumpkin range is amazing. All their products smell the exact same some a little bit stronger than the others for example the mist and the shower gel but I love them all the same anyway. The products all contain and I quote from the body shop 'quintessential pumpkin fragrance, vanilla from Madagascar, and hints of tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup'. There are currently only 4 amazing products in the range so keep reading to find out my thoughts on each product.

The 'Vanilla Pumpkin' Shower Gel 

When it comes to shower gels I always love going for something with a sweeter scent which this product definitely has. I know some people don't like sweeter scents because they tend to be very overpowering or a bit sickly but I think this product is just right and isn't too over the top. Even though it is your standard every day shower gel my favorite thing about this product is that it's very creamy. Having only used it a couple of times since I got it I love the way it lathers up on the skin and just leaves the skin super soft. As someone who has mega dry skin it is very important to find products that improve my skin's hydration and get rid of all the dry patches and I find this shower gel definitely does the trick. The scent definitely lingers on the skin for a good few hours after you've had the shower which is amazing. 

The 'Vanilla Pumpkin' Body Shimmer Mist 

Shimmer mists are something I've never really used before but something I slowly want to start using more and this product is just absolutely gorgeous. Not only does it smell absolutely incredible but it also gives your skin that little bit of extra glow which is something that I absolutely love. Who doesn't love gorgeous glowy skin all year round after all whilst smelling amazing at the same time?! Definitely something I'd recommend especially if you want to keep your summer glow going for a little bit longer too. 

The 'Vanilla Pumpkin' Body Butter 

The body shop has always been my go to place when it comes to their body butters and other skin care items. I just think they are absolutely incredible when it comes to catering for those like me, who have dry skin. The body butters are always so incredibly hydrating and this one is definitely no different. Now that the summer is over these body butters are starting to make an appearance again. They are thicker and take longer to sink into the skin which is why I don't use them in the summer but I don't think this is a fault. This is something I definitely use a lot in the evenings after my baths and showers. My skin is always left feeling super smooth and soft and the scent always lingers which is a plus in my books. I will be using this one in particular over the next couple of months as I think it's the perfect scent for this time of the year. 

The 'Vanilla Pumpkin' Hand Cream 

I have dry hands at all times of the year however they definitely need a bit more TLC in the autumn and winter months due to the colder weather having a little bit more of a negative effect on them. Like with all the hand-creams I've used from the body shop this one works absolutely wonders on my hands. It's just incredibly moisturizing and the moisture lasts for a good proportion of the day. It also sinks into the skin super quickly too which I think is amazing.

Overall, I think this entire range is absolutely incredible and definitely one of my favorite ever scents that The Body Shop has brought out. The quality of the products are just absolutely incredible and if you just want good skincare that is cruelty free then this is a brand I'd definitely recommend. If you are interested in these products then you can buy them all for a cost of £37 with free delivery or you can head on over HERE to purchase the products individually as well as checking out more of the amazing products within The Body Shop's Range. I hope you have enjoyed this post. Have you tried this collection yet? What are your favorite scents from the body shop?

Hugs and Kisses

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