A Few Things That Make Me Feel Confident

24 September 2017

Hey Guys! So a bit of a personal post today. I thought that I would talk about confidence. If you know me well or you follow me on social media or you've even read this blog for the past few years then I am sure you will know I suffer from extreme low confidence especially confidence. I remember the first date I ever went on when I was around 15 years old. We went to Nandos in the town close by to where I live and I remember not feeling comfortable enough to eat around him. Now I can eat in front of anyone but my body confidence is still at an all time low to the point where when I walk past someone I can't help but feel like I am being judged. I know that's an awful way to think of feel but it's how I am and it's something I'm working very hard to change. Instead of making you all sit there and feel sorry for me I thought that today I would tell you of all the ways I do feel confident and little things that help boost my confidence a lot. I hope you enjoy this post.

Beautiful Underwear - Recently I've been buying lots of new underwear sets and I've thoroughly been enjoying wearing them. They are such beautiful, delicate pieces that just make me feel a. confident and b. sexy and as a woman there's no better feeling than those two combined. I have no shame in admitting that. At the end of the day they are under my normal clothes, they make me feel beautiful and confident and it's something that only I know about and I love that.

Smiling - I once read that smiling releases endorphins which in return helps to reduce stress levels. There's nothing I love more than smiling and feeling happy and confident whilst I do it. Recently I've been using an amazing teeth whitening tooth paste from the brand Arm and Hammer called 'Advance White Extreme'. This toothpaste is designed to make your teeth up to three shades whiter and even though I haven't tested the '3 shades' theory it has definitely made my teeth look a lot whiter and nothing makes me feel more confident than knowing I have bright white teeth. Also just an FYI this post isn't sponsored, I just bloomin love that toothpaste!

Freshly washed and blow-dried hair - My hair is probably my most favorite part of myself. It's something I always get compliments about due to it's length and it's something that I'm proud of as I have always kept it in really good condition. I just love the feeling of it when it's washed and dried and I love how healthy looking it is. It always makes me feel confident as the first thing anyone always notices about me is the length of my hair so the condition I keep it in is definitely something I take a lot of pride in.

Healthy Eating - Even though I do still have my naughty days here and there I've become a little bit obsessed with healthy eating nowadays. I make sure that I have enough fruit and vegetables in my diet as well as drinking plenty of water. I still eat all the things I love just in moderation as that is the key to a healthy diet. I think as important as it is to look healthy on the outside in terms of good skin, hair, nails, it's also important to feel healthy on the inside and this is something that is definitely making me feel a lot confident, which brings me on to the next point.

Exercising - Not going to lie here until a few months ago I rarely exercised. I mean I don't drive so I tend to walk everywhere anyway but in terms of making time for exercising and going to the gym I just didn't do it. I found it more of a chore rather than something to make time for and that is something I have definitely changed recently. I used to feel so shy walking into the gym as I just felt like everyone was watching me which isn't true at all. They are all there focusing on themselves so I've been to quite a few gym sessions recently and I've thoroughly enjoyed it and always felt super confident walking out of the gym. I'm also thinking of taking up ice skating too as this is something I've always wanted to do and it's amazing exercise so stay tuned for more of that.

Good Skin Days - I've always been the kind of girl that's more into skincare than make up. I've never really been big on make up at all. Recently I've been wearing very minimal to no make up at all unless I am at work and I've felt super okay with that. I'm not going to blow my own trumpet here but I've always had fairly good skin and it's one thing I have always felt super confident about. My attitude to my skin is this is what I was born with. Why not learn to appreciate it and show it off instead of spending hours covering it up.

Wearing Perfume - Perfume has always played a big part in my confidence. It's something I don't really spent time obsessing over when it comes to price. Smelling nice is a big part of looking and feeling good and knowing that I'm wearing something that makes me feel incredibly womanly, beautiful and sensual is something I absolutely love. This is often something I shy away from but I am slowly learning to embrace it and it's definitely making me a lot more confident in my own skin.

So there we have it, just a few things that are making me feel confident at the moment. I really hope you enjoyed this post. Feeling confident is something that I am learning to do for myself. I think it's so important to feel confident within yourself and who you are as a person. If you feel confident on the inside it is definitely something that will start to show on the outside and this is something I hope comes across when it comes to me soon. What makes you feel confident? How do you work your confidence?

Hugs and Kisses

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