5 Reasons As To Why You Should Never Doubt What An Amazing Blogger You Are

6 September 2017

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well and are having a lovely week. I've been back at work for the first time in two weeks for the past two days and it's definitely being a bit odd being back but I am enjoying being back in that airport environment even if it does make me a little jealous seeing everyone going away. Today I thought I would do a bit of a motivational blog post. Lately I have seen a lot of tweets and posts from other bloggers stating why they think they are a bad blogger and for some reason they feel the need to apologize for it and that really does frustrate me. I mean, yeah I am pretty guilty for doing that myself but now I'm wondering why. We are all amazing bloggers and there are times when we just lose inspiration or motivation and there's nothing wrong with taken a pause to rethink things and look for inspiration during this time. I thought that today I'd do a post reminding all of you however big or small you are what an amazing blogger you are. I hope you enjoy this post.

1. You have a hobby which is something quite a lot of people don't have as we come from a generation that tends to be too busy doing other things to take something new up and stick to it so give yourself a pat on the back! Many people out there are still stuck trying to look for that one thing that makes them happy. One thing that they can do on a regular basis and something that makes them extremely happy. You already have that with your and forgive me for the cringiness, little piece of the internet. Whether or not you have a full/part time job, go to school, college or even university instead of going home and taking a nap you get working on your blog or instagram and I think that's amazing personally. All of us blog with any spare time we have and that time is precious that could be spent doing other things like socializing with family or friends. Dedicating your own time to blogging is pretty incredible and shows commitment which is definitely something that can help you in the future!

2. You are an incredibly supportive person and don't just focus or worry about your own blog. You worry about other blogs too. You give other girls and guys helpful tips through your posts or tweets. You help them out and encourage them, you follow them and share their posts if it is something you like. You are incredibly supportive and that definitely makes you a fantastic blogger and shows how caring, supportive and encouraging you are too which are all fantastic traits to have. The blogging community would not be as friendly or amazing without you so well done!

3. Your blog is your own creation. It is your writing, your photos, your ideas, your opinions. Everything on that blog screams you. Nothing is fake or unrealistic. All these things can help inspire and encourage other people and that's a pretty powerful and amazing thing to do. We live in a generation where everything tends to be spoon fed to us through the world wide web. If we want to find something we tend to google it and it pops up on screen in a number of seconds. However instead of relying on other people's opinions we throw our own two cents in and share what we think with others. Your opinion matters to probably hundreds of people without you knowing and that's absolutely fantastic.

4. Whether you think it or not there are people out there who read your blog and support you. Whether you have 10 followers, 100 followers or even 1000 followers, you've gained a small following of people who want to come and read your blog and are interested in whatever you have to say. That's pretty incredible. Some people work so hard for months to get noticed by even one person so no matter how small your milestone you should be incredibly proud of yourself. Don't worry about not being that pretty, fashionable blogger with 100,000 followers. Be proud of what you've accomplished so far. Every step no matter how small counts and is something to be congratulated so here's me saying congratulations to you. 

5. Finally and something I think people who read blogs but don't have a blog need to realise that is is incredibly hard work and at times can be super stressful. Especially  if you are relatively new and even if you have been blogging for a few years now. It's not easy but you have  bitten the bullet and gotten through all the stress. It's not an easy task coming into a community that is becoming increasingly more prominent and joining in especially with the amount of pressure there is nowadays but you are getting through it and loving it and that's something you should be so incredibly proud of so keep on going. You've got this! Never give up on something you enjoy as you'll only regret it and be wondering what if further on down the line.

I enjoyed writing this post and I hope you enjoyed reading this. If you're currently a blogger or you're reading this and are thinking of starting a blog, honestly it's something I would highly recommend. It's one of the best things I ever did. I've met so many amazing people through it and I just find it so worthwhile and very rewarding as well. If you're a blogger who has perhaps stopped blogging or taken a bit of a hiatus like I did for a couple of months I hope this blog has given you the motivation you need to start it back up again. You've got this! Take care and I'll speak to you in my next post. 

Hugs and Kisses

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