10 Reasons As To Why Autumn Is My Favorite Season

19 September 2017

Hey Everyone! Happy Tuesday. I hope you are all well and are having a pretty great week. I am spending most of this week working but it's fine. A lot of my shifts this month are quite short which is nice because I start my permanent full time contract next month so it is quite nice this month to have a few short shifts. I have actually just got back from work. I started at 12 and finished at 5 and as I'm writing this it is currently 6:30PM so it's quite nice to get home at a reasonable time, beat all the rush hour traffic and know that I am home at at a decent enough time to have a proper dinner. It also means I have time to blog and I couldn't resist writing this post for you all today.  I wanted to talk to you about reasons that I am excited for the Autumn season that's just around the corner. In case you weren't already aware, Autumn is my favorite season. I absolutely love it. I'm not really a summer girl as I'm someone that doesn't like the heat. I prefer the cooler weather which some people find weird but I just couldn't resist. The photo above was actually taken before I started my shift today. There are a lot of trees outside Heathrow's Terminal 3 and the leaves looked way to pretty and Autumnal to not take a photo which is why I was inspired to write this post so I hope you enjoy it.

Candles: Candles are definitely one of the best things about autumn. Even though I used them all year round they're definitely something I associated more with autumn and winter as I just think they make everything appear so much more warmer and cosier as well. When it comes to autumn scents I literally buy anything that has pumpkin, cinnamon and apple on the packaging. I think these scents are such autumnal scents.

Frosty Mornings: Frosty mornings haven't started to arrive yet which I consider to be a good thing at the moment as I am already struggling to get out of bed due to the change of temperature but when I am up they are something I actually enjoy, especially on my days off. I find there's nothing better than waking up, putting your dressing gown on, walking downstairs to the kitchen, making a warm drink and looking out of the window to see a thin layer of ice whilst you drink it. It's just something I love. There are a lot of robins where I live and I love seeing them hopping about on the white frost early in the mornings.

Trees and Leaves Changing Colors: I love the trees changing color. Seeing them go from green to a beautiful burgundy red or fiery orange color is something I just find so beautiful and special. One of the things I want to do this year is go to some Japanese maple gardens just so that I can see these trees.

X Factor Returning: I know, I know, X Factor has definitely run it's course but there's still something so excited about it coming back. It's definitely something me and a lot of other people use as the countdown to Christmas and come on the bad auditions are always a little bit funny. It's the show we all love to hate.

Hot Drinks: I'm not really a hot drink kind of person, I much prefer colder drinks. I know that makes me sound slightly weird but when I have to drink a hot drink I absolutely love it. The different flavored hot chocolates that appear in the shops are always something I have to try and there's just something so lovely about having a long day of shopping on a cold day and stopping by in Costa or Starbucks to grab some of their autumn/winter drinks whether that it is a pumpkin spice latte or just a hot chocolate.

Baths & Pamper Evenings: I never have baths....hold your disgust! I simply mean I'm more of a shower person. I just think they are quick and easier and you waste less time. I only really have baths in Autumn/Winter as I think they are so much more relaxing and warm you up and I just prefer my pamper evenings in the Autumn/Winter with a bath included. This is normally the time of year where Lush get their best selection of bath products too so it's just the perfect time of year I think to pamper yourself.

Fires: Whether this is lighting a fire in your living room or just going camping around a bonfire with your friends and family there really is nothing more relaxing and cosy! Especially if you have a good book at hand and a mug of your favorite hot drink! Yes please!

Autumn/Winter Clothing: This is going to sound really silly so please forgive me but one of the main things I hate about summer is the clothing. I'm extremely self conscious and body conscious so the fact the majority of things this year were off the shoulder or shorter and cropped was literally my idea of hell. I don't think I bought one single outfit all summer. Actually that's a lie I bought a dress from Miss Guided but nonetheless I absolutely hate summer clothing.  Some of my favorite outfits include anything with roll-neck jumpers, ankle/knee high boots, scarves and just jumpers in general. I also love the colors. Give me all the burgundy and mustard yellow and I'll be happy.

Chilly Walks Through The Park: I love Autumn purely for all the beautiful colors that appear on the trees so walking through a part where you can just kick through the leaves (I told you...big kid right here) just excites me so much. Whether it's by yourself or with your family and friends it's just the perfect way to wind down in the afternoons I reckon.

Winter Wonderland: I know I'm kinda cheating here considering this is meant to be an Autumn post but I couldn't not throw in Winter Wonderland. One of London's biggest events from Late November to the beginning of January. It's basically a huge Christmas Market complete with a mini theme park and a huge ice skating rink...erm yes please?! What a perfect way to have a day out with a boyfriend/girlfriend/best friends. I know I'll be heading here more than once this year.

So there we have it, just a few reasons as to why I absolutely love the Autumn season. I just love everything about the season and I'm so excited to see what happens as it's one of the most magical seasons in my opinion. If you're a fan of Autumn, make sure to let me know why in the comments below and if you're not be sure to still let me know why as I'd be very interested to know why. I hope you enjoyed this post and I'll speak to you again soon.

Hugs and Kisses

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