100 Things That Make Me Happy In Life...

30 August 2017

Hey Everyone! Welcome back to FleurDanielle. As you can see my blog has had a little bit of a makeover since my last post. I have been desperate for a new theme for ages and was looking at on different places until I came across the lovely 'Holly and Weave' design from the lovely guys over at Pipdig. I was drawn to it straight away and knew I had to have it. It only took 24 hours for the guys over at pip-dig to install it and I'm absolutely in love with how it's turned out. My header has been designed by the lovely Katie and I am absolutely in love with it. Make sure to check her out by clicking her name. Make sure you let me know if you like it down in the comments below. Anyway, back to the point of today's post.

Today I have been feeling a bit rubbish. It's one of the those days where my anxiety has been through the roof. I haven't felt good enough and I've been just really down about everything. I did have a different blogpost scheduled but I'm sitting in my room where I'm staying on holiday thinking about things and I thought you know what? I'm going to write a really positive post about all the things in life that make me happy. I've chosen to do 100 as why not go big and list everything that just makes me smile? I hope you enjoy this post. 
  1. Hot chocolate
  2. Old people in love 
  3. Musical theatre 
  4. Long walks on the beach 
  5. Sunsets 
  6. Shopping 
  7. Anything duck egg colored
  8. Chocolate 
  9. Binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix 
  10. Making home made cocktails 
  11. Ice skating 
  12. Music 
  13. Long, hot baths 
  14. New York 
  15. Travelling 
  16. Frosty mornings
  17. Chinese food
  18. Lazy bed days 
  19. My Memory Box 
  20. Compliments 
  21. Red Velvet Cake 
  22. Pret's Chocolate Orange Cookies 
  23. Waking Up With No Alarm 
  24. Sales 
  25. Freshly Shaved Legs 
  26. The Internet and Memes 
  27. Breakfast in bed 
  28. Long Walks In The Park 
  29. Face Masks 
  30. Good hair and make up days 
  31. Having a good day at work 
  32. Laughing till you cry 
  33. Scented Candles 
  34. Meeting new, interesting people 
  35. Taking photos 
  36. Harry Potter 
  37. Fresh, new/washed bedding 
  38. Reading a good book 
  39. Playing my violin 
  40. The fact Autumn (my favorite season) is just around the corner 
  41. Having fresh nails 
  42. Bread 
  43. Disney Films 
  44. Listening to my favorite songs on repeat at full volume 
  45. Singing out loud to said favorite songs at the top of my lungs 
  46. My memory foam pillow 
  47. The feeling you get when someone laughs at your jokes 
  48. My friends 
  49. Feeling confident - It rarely happens but when it does it's amazing.
  50. Exploring London - I might live there but I always come across something new. 
  51. Raindrops on the window 
  52. Handwritten letters 
  53. Chicken Biriyani - Favorite food...EVER. 
  54. Receiving random texts 
  55. Puppies 
  56. Gilmore Girls 
  57. Unexpected packages
  58. Romance
  59. The smell of freshly cut grass 
  60. Finding that perfect fitting pair of jean 
  61. Apple juice 
  62. Fresh new lipstick 
  63. Warm cosy jumpers 
  64. Pornstar Martinis (if you're reading this fast I bet you paused at this!) 
  65. Guys that can sing or play musical instruments 
  66. Stargazing 
  67. A good selfie 
  68. Hearing 'I Love You' 
  69. Good skin days 
  70. A good LBD 
  71. Bookstores 
  72. Fireworks 
  73. Candy Apples - Because I'm still a big child 
  74. Writing in my journal I've had since I was 12 years old 
  75. Family movie nights 
  76. A freezing glass of Sprite (super refreshing!) 
  77. Adult coloring books 
  78. Snapchat filters 
  79. Creating photo albums 
  80. Always being referenced to Harry Potter (Fleur Griffin is my full name...I'll let you think about that) 
  81. Good underwear 
  82. Museums 
  83. Harrods - I just love Harrods 
  84. Prossecco 
  85. Swimming 
  86. Strangers smiling at each other 
  87. Donating to Charity 
  88. Sleeping 
  89. Blue skies and sunny days 
  90. Christmas Films 
  91. The scent of cinnamon 
  92. Leaving work earlier than your official finishing time 
  93. The 'UNSUBSCRIBE' button on emails 
  94. Sandwiches 
  95. Kind, supportive people 
  96. Tennis 
  97. Football 
  98. Succeeding in ways you never thought possible. 
  99. Anything apple flavoured
  100. BLOGGING! I couldn't not end on this one now could I? 
So there we have it. 100 things that make me happy. After writing that post I really do feel a lot better and a lot more positive. Everyone goes through rubbish days. It's a fact of life. However today is the worst I've felt for a very long time but this has helped me feel a little bit better even though I really struggled at the beginning. 2 hours later and I've finally done my list. I hope you enjoyed this post. I am now off to have a warm shower, eat some food and just have a really chilled relaxing evening. If you're feeling a little down be sure to let me know in the comments something that make you happy. Take care and I'll speak to you in my next post. 

Hugs and Kisses

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  1. This new template is amazing! I love how your blog looks now. :) I have my design since more or less 2 yesrs and as well from pipdig and I'm still obsessed with it. You would definitely not regret it! :3

    Everybody has those days. I can relate to most of the things you counted on this post. But always try to keep a positive mind and smile everyday and you will feel a lot better. :3

    xx Monia ♡


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