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14 March 2017

Hey Everyone! So as you would have noticed it has been very quite on FleurDanielle lately. I have just been so so busy working and spending time with family and friends. I've also had a few little personal issues going on as well that has really demotivated me from blogging. However, I think my motivation is back so I am back today with a brand new post for you all. I've seen a lot of bloggers commenting lately about how they don't know how people with a full time job can blog all the time. I'm one of those people and even though I haven't blogged all the time recently if you organise yourself it can be extremely manageable. I thought I would also share a few tips for those of you who, like me, work full time but also want to dedicate time to your blog as well. I hope you enjoy this post.

Make A List Of Topics You Want To Write About 
Whether this is on your breaks at work, on the tube or bus home I find carrying a little notebook with me and making notes of any potential blog posts very useful. If you have any days off during the week then setting an hour aside just to have a little think or to find inspiration. My blog is mainly lifestyle and beauty based so I tend to have a read through previous posts on my blog as very often that gives me inspiration for a new post. Obviously reading other people's blogs is a great way to get inspiration for new posts and finding new ideas that you perhaps never thought of writing before. 

Take Photos For Your Blog In One Go 
On days like today where the weather is just absolutely incredible and the lighting is just perfect I find taking photos in bulk the best way to go. Not only can you get all the products or things together that you want to shoot but once you've done all of that in a couple of hours you'll be able to have enough content for the next week or so. It's something I did throughout January and February and is something that always really worked. 

Use The 'Notes' App On Your Phone - Very Handy! 
I know some people swear by this but for me it's only something I've started to use this year. I find it really handy for jotting down blog post ideas if something springs to mind suddenly and I even find drafting up blog posts on the go works as well. I take public transport or walk pretty much everywhere so I'm always on my phone. I find drafting up blog posts so handy as when I'm home I can just copy everything on here and it's just a lot less time consuming. Blog post get drafted up a lot quicker this way as well. 

Buy A Blogging Box/Use An Empty Drawer For Blogging Stuff 
When I first started to blog all my beauty products that I used to use were already half used before I took photos for them. Not a very good look on the blog, although it was good that people could see I had actually used a product. I decided to purchase a little basket from Homebase where I put all my unused and new products in so I knew exactly what I needed to take photos of before using my blog. I don't have to do this but I find it looks better than a grubby used product on my blog. It's currently got quite a few products in but today I've been taking photos of them all ready to upload on my blog over the next few weeks so make sure you stay tuned for that. I find that if you have a bunch of products, clothes or any items that need reviewing but you have no space for them, then a separate box to put them in is definitely very handy. Not only will you then know what to photograph but you can decide what and when you want to speak about it on your blog. It can also put off that temptation of actually using them until photos are taken!

Draft Up Posts 
Today has been one of those days where I have had a day off work, had nothing planned so I've just been working on blog stuff pretty much the whole day. If you have a spare couple of days or even a spare couple of hours there's no reason why you can start drafting up posts. After I've written this post I will have at least 3 in my drafts ready to be published and there is such satisfaction from that. I know that I'll be able to go the next couple of weeks doing other things but also know that my blog isn't being neglected because the posts are already in there ready to click publish. I just get such satisfaction from that and it means I am able to just enjoy doing the things I want to do without having to worry about my blog being neglected all the time.

Money Isn't Everything 
I've been running my blog for over 4 years now which can I just say is absolutely ridiculous as I still remember the night I started this blog. One of the first things I learnt is that money isn't everything. I see a lot of people complaining about how expensive blogging is. People think you need an expensive camera, an expensive ring light and a ton of money in order to be able to blog and that just isn't the case. When I first started I used my iPhone to take my blogging photos and I used my bed-sheets as the background. Fast forward 4 years I now have a decent camera (but it's not a DSLR by any means) and I still use my bed sheets as the background. It just doesn't matter. Blog about what you want to blog about and how you want to blog about it. If all you have is an iPhone to take your photos on then by all means use that. The camera on those little phones are pretty incredible and with plenty of free photo editing apps and websites you can turn them into whatever you want. There are also so many options for blog post ideas that don't require money at all, for example, outfit posts, wishlists, everyday make up, favorite books etc.

Avoid Putting Pressure On Yourself 
I don't know if this is the same with other bloggers but the longer I have blogged and keep blogging the more I want to post. I kept seeing other bloggers post every day and some post at least four to five times a week and I remember thinking that if I didn't do that nobody would read my blog. It really was a lot of pressure on myself and I didn't really enjoy it as much and because I blogged so much throughout January and February March has definitely suffered a little bit. Blog when and as your please. There are no set rules for blogging. It's your own content, your own photos, your own space. You don't blog because you have to, you blog because you want to. If people unfollow you then that is their own issue, it has nothing to do with you. Blogging is a hobby. It's not a job. If you want to take it to that level then that's amazing but if you start it off as a hobby make sure you do it because you love it, not for the views, followers or freebies.

Do Not Compare Yourself To Others 
I think this is the most important one of them all. I'd be lying if I said I didn't compare myself to other bloggers especially at the moment where the experiences some are getting are just out of this world. When it comes to blogging I'm sure every single blogger out there including the relatively big ones are comparing themselves to other blogs photos, content, and especially amount of followers and views. This in return can make us feel extremely rubbish about our blogs but what makes blogging so amazing and why it's getting more popular is that it allows everyone to be themselves. Every blogger has their own story to tell and own interests, likes and dislikes to bring across and I think that's incredibly interesting. Everyone's skill set is different too. Some are incredible at photography, some are incredible at writing, some have incredible content whilst others are just amazing at all three. The thing to remember is that all this comes in time. Don't compare yourself to what others post. As long as you're happy with your content and photos that's all that matters. Make sure you're blogging for the right reason...because you love it.

So there we have it, just a few tips for you all if you are struggling with your blog at the moment. If you are in a little bit of a rut don't worry about it. Every blogger goes through it. It's totally normal. Just take a step back and look for inspiration elsewhere. As hard as it is to believe sometimes it will come and you will feel more confident about your blog and start to love it a little bit more. 

What are your top tips for organizing blogging around your work/educational/social life?
Hugs and Kisses

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