A Single Girl's Guide To Valentines Day & Why It Doesn't Have To Be A Day Just For Couples

7 February 2017

Hi Everyone! Hope you are all having a fabulous February so far. I can't believe it's already the second month of the year. 2017 please slow down. So it's that time of the year where Easter Eggs are hitting the shops, and the dreaded time of the year to all us singletons is just around the corner (a week to be exact) and that is Valentines Day. Now to be honest with you I've never had a problem with Valentine's Day. I've never been in a relationship on that day but I hold no hostility to the day itself. It got me thinking about this post as I've already started to see a lot of people complain and be really negative about it but as the title of this post suggests it doesn't have to be the most depressing day of the day so I thought I'd compile this little post of how you can celebrate the day even if you are single. I know the photo above doesn't really relate but it's got a pink sunset over the city of love so I thought I'd use it anyway.  Hopefully you'll enjoy this day and it helps you try and enjoy Valentine's day a little bit more.

Pamper Yourself 
Valentine's Day is a day that's meant to be all about the love right? So why not start off by showing some love to yourself? Grab a selection of all your favorite products, grab a glass of wine or favorite beverage (mine will no doubt be prosecco), chocolate or other favorite sweet food and just spend the day or night or both pampering yourself. You 100% deserve it and if you've had a particularly stressful time lately this will no doubt be the one night you can just thing you know what, I deserve some me time. What better day than Valentine's Day to do this?

Bake Some Valentines Day Treats 
Baking is one of my favorite ever things to do and if you're also a baking fan what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than to bake some sweet treats for yourself, friends or family. There are so many places that you can go to get some inspiration my personal favorite being pinterest. There are just so many amazing ideas on there for things you can make. One of my personal favorite recipes that I have come across is red velvet chocolate chip cookies. These just sound absolutely delicious. It's one of many recipes that I have got currently saved on my laptop and will definitely be making as red velvet anything is just super delicious.

Find A New Love 
Find a new hobby or try something new that you could end up loving. This year I've decided to get back into the violin which is a hobby I had until I was around 17-18 years old and now it's something I've decided to take up again and I'm absolutely loving it. Music was a big part of my 2016 and helped me in so many ways so I wanted to get involve with it in someway myself and learning the violin again just seemed like the perfect choice. Just find something you've been passionate about for a while and go for it. Just remember that people aren't the only things we fall in love with.

'Secret Valentine' 
I guess this could be like a secret Santa kind of an idea. With only a week to go there's plenty of time to get all your friends together and do a little secret Santa but based around the theme of Valentines day. It should really be called Secret Valentine shouldn't it?  It doesn't have to be cutesy or romantic. If you and your friends aren't into that stuff you can throw in a few jokey items around there if you'd like but I think this is a lovely idea and it's a way of showing your friends how much they mean to you. Grab your closest friends, pick names out of a hat, head your separate ways with a budget in mind and arrange a meet up point with the gifts. I think this would be so much fun and a great way to celebrate valentine's day if you are all single.

Movie Night 
What's Valentine's Day without a movie night in and throwing in a good measure of rom-coms in there too? If you're not into cutesy romantic films and don't really like the idea of a night in then just head out to the cinema where there is so many good films out at the moment such as La La Land and pretty soon the infamous Fifty Shades Darker hits the big screens as well.

Write Hand Written Notes 
Now I know Valentine's Day is considered a day to celebrate it with your other half but to me I think you should show love to everyone around you on this year. Yeah, I guess it is more special if you have someone special in our life but if you have friends or family then spread a little bit of love around. I am someone who is extremely shy. A lot of people who know me will disagree but I literally never show my family or friends how I feel. I know that may be considered bad but it is just the way I am and I just find it difficult to form the words to tell people I love them. If you're like me then something that can help is writing little notes of letters. I think they are perfect and so much more romantic anyway, especially if you find it difficult to put certain things across verbally.

Treat Yourself 
Grab your purse, and head to the local shopping center and treat yourself. Whether it's too a new bag, make up item, book or even a treatment at a spa just find someway of showing love to yourself as well. Remember that the person that should love you the most is yourself so make sure you take time to treat yourself as well.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Just remember you don't have to be in a relationship to celebrate Valentine's Day as there's a million other fun things you can do to have the best day possible. If you combine all these things together you'll forget about being single trust me. I hope whatever you are doing you have the best day possible and if you're lucky enough to have someone special to share the day or evening with that you have the most special day ever.

How will you be spending Valentine's Day? 
Hugs and Kisses

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