70 Inexpensive Post Ideas For The Uninspired Blogger

5 February 2017

Hey Everyone! So today I thought I'd do a different post for you all. We have recently entered the second month of 2017 and something I noticed last month and recently is that there have been a lot of new bloggers appear on the scene which is amazing. I don't agree with this whole there are enough bloggers out there rubbish. There's a place for everyone. However there has been something else that I've noticed as well. There has also been a lot of bloggers on my twitter and instagram who say that they have been very uninspired lately when it comes to blogging. That is something I totally understand. Sometimes it's just so hard to find what to blog but if you are just starting out the one thing you have to remember is that blogging doesn't have to be expensive. Just because you see your favorite blogger modelling some new clothes that they have recently bought or trying out some new make up or skincare they have bought doesn't mean you are automatically obliged to spend your hard earned money on that in order to have a successful blog. When I first started out I was one of those people. I used to think having a successful blog meant you have to keep up to date with the latest beauty buys and fashion buys and it took me a good year and a half to realise that isn't the case at all. So for today's post I thought I'd write a list of posts that won't cost you a penny but will hopefully inspire you to blog more. Enjoy!

1. Room Tour
2. Travel Wishlist
3. What's In My Make Up Bag
4. Write A Letter To Your Childhood Self
5. Favorite Bloggers At The Moment
6. Favorite TV Shows
7. What Made You Start Blogging?
8. Favorite Books At The Moment
9. What's On My iPhone?
10. 10/20/50 Facts About You
11. Lessons You've Learnt In Life?
12. Color Themed Post 
13. Share A Collection Of Yours
14. Favorite Quotes
15. Travel Bucket List.
16. Face Of The Day
17. Your Pamper Routine
18. Your Favorite Make Up Products At The Moment
19. How You Clean Your Make Up Brushes
20. Your Favorite Songs
21. Top TV Shows To Watch On Netflix
22. Favorite Places In London/Leeds/Manchester (Wherever it is you live)
23. What You Eat In A Day
24. Favorite Work Out Routine
25. Favorite Healthy Snacks
26. Quick and Easy Hairstyles
27. Photo Diary
28. Favorite Songs At The Moment
29. Things To Do This Weekend
30. What's In Your Bathroom?
31. Favorite Apps/Websites For Blogging
32. Favorite Restaurants Where You Live
33. Your Everyday Jewelry
34. Tips On Becoming More Healthy
35. Daily/Weekly/Monthly Goals
36. Your Recent Holiday - What You Did, Where You Went
37. The First Ever Beauty Products You Bought
38. Your Style Inspirations
39. Most Disappointing Products
40. Your Skincare Routine
41. Make Up Tips and Advice For Beginners
42. Favorite Bits and Bobs In Your Room
43. Haul of any recent things you've bought i.e home, clothes, beauty etc.
44. Seasonal Make Up Look (Summer/Winter/Autumn/Spring)
45. DIY Projects
46. Share Your Favorite Recipes 
47. How You Store Your Make Up
48. Beauty/Fashion Brands Worth The Hype
49. Favorite Memories From Your Childhood
50. Favorite Nail Polishes
51. Share Any Blog Props
52. Favorite Perfumes
53. Any Beauty Hacks You Know
54. Your Shoe Collection
55. Top products under £5/10/15/20
56. Your hair care routine
57, Wardrobe Essentials
58. Your Sick Day Routine
59, What's In Your Bag?
60. Top Travel Tips
61. Favorite Places To Shop Online
62. Favorite Instagram Accounts
63. Weekly Outfit Guide
64, Q&A Post
65, What Have You Learnt From Blogging
66. Food Items You Can't Live Without
67. Favorite Films Growing Up 
68. Things You've Learnt From A Film/TV Show/Musical 
69. Your Top Tips In Starting A Blog 
70. Blogging Inspirations 

Phew, if you got to the end of that list then I salute you! Well done! If you are struggling with blogging inspiration at the moment then I definitely hope this post helps. Remember what I said at the beginning of this post. Blogging doesn't have to cost money. If you have only just started to blog don't worry about fitting in with a certain theme at the moment. Blog about whatever you want to blog about and eventually the rest will come into place. Let me know what your favorite ideas were from this post in the comments section below and what your favorite kind of posts to read are on my blog. I'd love to know. 

What are your favorite posts to read in general? 
Hugs and Kisses

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