Why I Just Love The Blogging Community

15 January 2017

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you are all having a fabulous relaxing day. Today I've actually been super productive. I went to church this morning (yes I am a catholic for those of you who don't know), I then posted some neighborhood watch newsletters which were meant to be posted in December but I just didn't get around to doing it oops, bought some stamps and posted a couple of letters for my Dad, cooked the dinner for my parents tonight as they are both working on night shift so they need proper food to get them through the night, practiced a few songs on my violin and now I am sat on my bed listening to the 'La La Land' soundtrack and blogging. I'd say it's been a pretty good Sunday so far. Today I felt like giving the blogging community a little bit of love. If you've been reading my posts this year then you will know at the beginning of the year I spoke about how blogging wasn't really something I put that much time and effort to in 2016. However, I always followed other bloggers and followed chats (even though I was invisible for most of them) and just realised how much love I have for this community and how happy I am to be a part of it. Yes there are a few dramas here and there but hey, in the words of the epic girlband Bewitched, C'EST LA VIE! Here's why I have so much love for this community. Enjoy!

It's So Inspiring 
The past few months I have realised just how amazing and inspirational some of my fellow bloggers are. There's not one blogger I follow on social media that hasn't inspired me in some shape or form and for that I am super grateful. I feel like by being a part of this community I have really grown as a person. That might sound silly to a lot of you but a lot of the bloggers I follow have been through extremely tough circumstances, from suffering from mental health issues to fighting their own battles like a loss of someone close to them or even a relationship or friendship that has sadly ended and seeing how strong they've all been through these circumstances has taught me a lot and realised that with just a little bit of strength you are able to get through whatever life throws your way. As well as personally, professionally bloggers are in general incredibly inspiring. I'm sure most of us have been inspired by the beautiful Zoe Sugg, Zoella to a lot of you. This girl started off making videos in her bedroom, around 8 years ago. Now she has her own beauty and homeware range, she's a best selling author and has over 11 million subscribers on youtube. The best thing abou this is other bloggers are now following in her footsteps and bringing out their own merchandise, books, etc. It's honestly incredible to see how much influence bloggers have worldwide.

The Community Is So Supportive 
My favorite thing about the blogging community is how incredibly supportive everyone is. Whether it's something incredibly exciting like becoming a brand ambassador to getting some sad news the support the blogging community gives each other is incredible. One thing I want to happen in 2017 is to show more love to each other blogging or not. I mentioned above that sadly the community does get stuck in drama that involves tearing others down at times and I just think this year it's so important to empower, lift and encourage other people and their achievements. There's nothing wrong with a little jealousy, hey it happens, it's normal but instead of tearing someone down build them up. Be proud. Other's achievements are no indication to your own success so also show support and encouragement to yourself as well. We can do this guys! 2017 will be the year we empower other women and other bloggers instead of tearing them down.

You Find and Make The Most Amazing Friends 
Blogging has made me meet some absolutely incredible people. I'm lucky enough to have met a few of my closest friends through this platform and I think that's amazing. It's incredible how something like this can bring so many like -minded people together and form friendships. It's honestly amazing. Sadly due to my working hours I find it very difficult to attend events but I've still managed to make and meet some absolutely incredible people, whether that's online or in person and I am so incredibly grateful and I hope I am introduced and meet more amazing people throughout the course of this year as well. To all my blogging friends, new and old who are reading this, you are all amazing and I have a lot of love and respect for you.

It's A Confidence Building Community 
I guess this sort of links in with being supportive but I found that since blogging I have a lot more confidence. People who meet me and know me at work and even who perhaps follow me on social media and then meet me expect me to be a really confident outgoing person and I'm actually mega shy. Self esteem is something I never had and still don't think I have much of but it is definitely improving and that's all thanks to the blogging community. I've headed into 2017 full of confidence and positivity already and I just hope that this continues and improves all year.

You Are Constantly Being Motivated 
I see posts and comments everyday from bloggers who are constantly scared to put themselves out there a bit, whether this is stepping out of their skin and doing a different type of blog post or a post that is maybe slightly personal and they are just unsure about whether to post it. The best thing about this comments? The response. I always look at replies to these comments and the encouragement is always there. It's amazing. I tweeted a few months ago that I was a bit shy and scared to start fashion posts on my blog and immediately I had people tweeting me back telling me to do it and not to worry and that they'd love to see something different on my blog. It's amazing.

Everyone Is Extremely Creative In Their Own Way 
Whether it's writing, amazing photography, making incredibly fashion choices or posting about other creative things their enjoy doing outside blogging it's amazing to see just how many creative juices flow in this community. Everyone is crazy talented and amazing in their own way and it's getting to their stage now where nobody is afraid to show it and I think that's absolutely amazing.

You're Encouraged To Just Be Yourself
Acceptance is the best thing about the blogging community. People are always encouraging other people to not change, and just be themselves online. Sadly when writing a post or thinking up ideas it is extremely easy to pretend to be someone you're not which can backfire when you meet new people because they will then expect a whole different version of you. I think it's amazing that bloggers and even people who aren't bloggers but read and communicate with bloggers just encourage people to be themselves. It just makes everything a lot more easier and it's so lovely to know that people appreciate you for who you are and are willing to accept you no matter what.

So that is it for this post. I just love the blogging community. I created my blog in 2012 and didn't officially started blogging until the beginning of 2013 but there's nothing I'd change. I feel so proud to be part of something so big but also so special, so encouraging, so motivating and so accepting. Yes we do have our dramas here and there and sometimes competitiveness can definitely get in the way and destroy but all in all it's an incredible warm, generous, loyal and respectful community that I'm so proud to be apart of. It's something that's become such a huge part of my life and what I wouldn't change for the world. Here's too the blogging community getting bigger, better and stronger in 2017.

What is your favorite thing about this community? 
Hugs and Kisses

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