My Top Tips To Getting A Decent Night's Sleep - Let's Wake Up Refreshed!

26 January 2017

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well and are having a good start to the week. At long last pay day is finally in sight and I could not be more happy and relieved about it. I am so poor that even my mum told me to go out in the middle of London with my violin and play it to earn money. She was joking but like, the temptation was real! Anyway, enough of that random rubbish I keep boring you all to death with. Today I thought I would share my top tips with you on how you can get a decent night's sleep. I used to really suffer with getting to bed at a decent time and suffered from insomnia. It is something I sometimes still struggle with but thankfully not as much anymore. This is why today I thought I would write a post all about some tips I have found to help me out when it comes to having a decent night's sleep. I know these probably won't work for everyone but hopefully it'll help at least a few of you who struggle with getting a good night's sleep. Enjoy.

Stick To A Routine 
One of the main things I find works when it comes to getting a decent night's sleep is to stick to a routine. I know sometimes on days off this can be quite difficult because you want to relax as much as possible but on day when you are working try going to bed and waking up at the same time. In my job it's quite difficult to do that sometimes as I work shift work so I try and get the same shifts every day so it's easier for me to do this. Sometimes it's impossible but other times it's perfect and I really do end up feeling less groggy, grumpy and tired. If you're getting enough sleep then you should just wake up the next morning feeling incredibly refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Make Your Bed & Tidy Your Room As Soon As You Wake Up 
We've all done it. We've overslept, got ready in a rush and left the bed unmade and the room completely untidy and then come up at the end of the day in a huff because as tired as we are now we have to clean everything and make the bed before getting in. I find making your bed as soon as you wake up not only looks nice but also makes you feel better. It's a lot nicer getting into a ready made bed than an unmade one. Also keep the room tidy. Hang any clothes up and put everything in it's proper place and it'll just be a lot nicer to sleep in at the end of the day.

Switch Off All Forms Of Technology 
This is probably the main reason why none of us get as much sleep as we probably should now let's be honest. We will be on our computers or laptops and then decide to go to sleep but hang on a minute, let's just have a quick browse on instagram or let's check out that new video from your favorite band or forward two hours and we are still not asleep. I'm so guilty of this but I think it's super important to just put your phone down and forget about the online world for a little bit. I find putting the do not disturb button on my phone just so super handy for evenings where I just don't want to hear anything from the outside/online world. It really does help and don't forget you can always catch up on what happened whilst you were asleep the next day when you wake up.

Make A Warm Drink 
Nothing relaxes me more than a nice hot chocolate or warm milk in the evenings before I go to asleep, especially at the moment due it to it being absolutely freezing. I am not really a warm drink fan. I prefer cold water or other drinks than hot drinks but in the evening when you can't sleep or it's freezing night or even if you've just had a particularly stressful day, then they are just the best things to have as they just really relax you and make you feel sleepy. One of the best ingredients for relaxation is chamomile so if you don't like warm milk definitely have a mug of the tea as it really will make you feel better.

Eat Less Before Bed 
Again because of shift work and my working hours in general it can be quite hard to eat at reasonable times however I have found that eating a lot less before you are due to go to bed can help with digestion and help you sleep a lot better. There have been occasions where I have eaten really late at night due to finishing work late and I end up feeling extremely full, bloated and sometimes really sick as well. It's just not a good idea.

Read A Book 
If you didn't already know I absolutely love reading. It just relaxes me, helps me escape for a little bit and really does open my eyes to things I didn't know. I am currently reading a book called 'The Versions Of Us' by Laura Barnett. As much as I love and would highly recommend this book it's definitely not one I would read too late at night as it does get extremely confusing at times so I'd definitely recommend reading something a little lighter but you'll definitely get to sleep a lot faster I reckon.

Move More During The Day 
Whether it's exercising, having a productive day at work, walking the dog or even just spending the day shopping with friends moving more and having a busier day is definitely something that can help you get tired quicker and will definitely help you fall asleep easier. It's been proven that the more exercise you do during the day the better you'll sleep at night. I'm not really a person to take naps unless I have done an early shift or I am ill which is very rare so I always do a lot during the day which definitely helps a lot when it comes to going to sleep.

Those are just my tips to get a better night's sleep. Sleep is definitely one of the best things about life and is definitely one of my favorite things to do especially after a stressful day when all you can think about is getting into bed! I hope these tips have helped you if you also struggle with getting a decent night's sleep. Let me know of any other useful tips you find help get a better night's sleep.

How is your sleeping pattern? 
Hugs and Kisses

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