Small Fitness & Lifestyle Changes

8 March 2016

Hey Everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about some small fitness and lifestyle changes that I am making throughout the course of this year. 2016 will be the year that I make more of an effort to tone up and become more confident and happy with my body. I am not the biggest girl in the world by any means and I don't care how big headed that sounds. However I'm also not the smallest girl in the world and I definitely want to tone up and lose weight as I am not happy with how I look in some of my favorite clothes and even in my work uniform. These are just a few simple changes I've made that maybe you can apply to your own lifestyle too.

Eating Breakfast 
Yes I am one of those people who doesn't eat breakfast in the mornings. This is purely because the thought of food so early in the morning really does make me feel sick. However I've realised that it's actually pretty unhealthy to not eat breakfast as it does give you the energy you need to get through the day until lunch time. Since I've started to eat breakfast I've become a lot less groggy, tired and grumpy. I have a lot more energy and genuinely feel so much better now which is definitely so important especially as I work in a job that deals with customers. I recently bought some cereals from Rude Health which is a brand I've always wanted to try and I am very impressed. I pour Coconut Almond Milk over them and it's just super delicious and pretty healthy too. I love it.

Taking The Stairs More 
Now I always did this anyway. Very rarely do I take the lifts or escalators. Where I work at Heathrow to we had to walk up so many stairs to get to the rest rooms and we would be so out of breath by the time we got to the top however I started to do it all the time to the point where it is actually helping and I can notice myself become a little bit fitter and less out of breath every time I do them which is really good! It's even got to the point where I run up them which isn't even as tiring as it sounds anymore. If you've ever been to Covent Garden tube station in London but haven't taken the stairs make sure you do! Oh my god you'll feel so tired but so good once you've reached the top. I love taking the stairs there.

Going Jogging
I'm extremely self conscious. It's the way I've always been and to be honest I don't actually see that every changing so when it came to going jogging I was always worried that people would just stare and laugh however I've noticed that isn't the case at all and it's something I've actually started to do a lot more recently and I've actually really been enjoying it. There's a massive park like near my house and I just love going through there and jogging around it, especially early in the morning when it is full of people doing the exact same thing so it's not too bad. There's also a basket ball court there as well which is always good fun!

Drink More Water 
Drinking more water is definitely something that I've been enjoying lately. There's nothing I love more then a fresh cold glass of water. It's just super refreshing and I feel so good after. I'm not going to lie here. I was a little bit obsessed with juices and fizzy drinks and now I realise just how much damage I was doing to my body. I still have a sprite or irn bru every now and again but I mainly stick to water now and I've noticed such a difference to my body, hair and skin. Everything just seems so much healthier.

Eating More Healthier 
I've never really had an unhealthy diet. However I do tend to eat a lot of chocolate and obviously that helps put weight on however recently I've been reducing the amount I eat. I haven't cut it out completely because it is something I enjoy and I'm trying to live by the 80/20 rule. I try to eat healthy during the week then on my days off or at weekends if I am out I will have a pizza or a cheat day or something. I don't believe in diets as the minute you come off the diet you'll start to eat more again therefore putting the weight you've lost back on...and a lot quicker as well. Doing this has really made a difference and I feel really good when I eat healthier and have felt less groggy and less tired. It really does work.

Take More Classes 

I don't do the gym. I find going in there and using different machines just isn't me. I need something to push and motivate me more and I find taking classes is doing just that. I absolutely love doing spinning classes and kick boxing classes. These I find are really enjoyable and I can feel them really working and have noticed a difference in my body as well. At the moment I've been really ill and worked so much so I haven't been to classes for a couple of weeks however once I am better I will be taking these back up as I really enjoy them and find them super motivating and you really do feel them working compared to going to the gym and playing to the beat of your own drum.

So there we have it, just a few small lifestyle and fitness changes I've made to my life recently. I find that these have really worked and I have felt a lot better because of it. I feel a lot less tired, groggy, unhappy, heavy and a lot more motivated, happier and energetic which I personally really love and I am definitely not looking back. If you can relate to any of these changes below then please let me know.

What fitness and lifestyle changes have you made recently? 
Hugs and Kisses

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