Current/February Beauty Favorites

2 March 2016

So if you're a regular visitor to my blog you will have noticed that beauty monthly favorites have sort of taken a back seat on my blog lately. This is for no reason other than the fact I just haven't really been using or loving anything new. However in the past couple of months I've used lots of new products that I've been loving so I thought why not share everything I'm currently loving on my blog. As you can probably guess from the photo above this will be quite a long post as there a lot of products to get through so grab a cuppa and enjoy.

I find I always stick to the same foundations. I love my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum and I love my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation however this month I decided that I would branch out and try something new. It was the same with concealers as I always stick to the rimmel wake me up concealer or the collection one. Here are my thoughts on each of these foundations.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Foundation: When it comes to drug store foundations I normally tend to stick to more light to medium coverage or BB/CC Cream type ones however I saw this and was instantly intrigued. I've been using it this month and I'm very impressed. I have a full review coming up on my blog soon but this foundation gives the perfect amount of coverage and doesn't leave the skin feeling and looking cakey either. I find the texture of this foundation quite smooth and satin like which I love and it's super easy to apply and blend. It also has SPF 20 in it which is absolutely ideal as it means it will help protect your skin as well.

Bourjois City Radiance Foundation: Again, this is something I'll be reviewing in the future but as it's in my favorites you can be certain that I absolutely love it. It's such a lovely foundation. I'm always on the look out for something to brighten my skin and add radiance to it and this just ticks all the boxes. I wear the shade number 4 which is Beige and it's a tiny bit lighter than I would like but with a little bit of blending it matches my skin perfectly. It leaves my skin feeling really fresh and really evens out my complexion. This foundation also has SPF 30 in and as it's coming up to spring now which means sunnier days (hopefully) this is just ideal.

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Concealer: I spotted this on the Bourjois counter in Superdrug and I just couldn't resist as I found the packaging super cute. I love the size as I think it's super practical for travelling. The concealer itself I bought for brightening up my under eye area. It's a little lighter than my skin tone which I don't mind for concealers as when I use them for my undereye area I like it to appear nice and bright and I believe this does the job brilliantly. I find when I apply this it really soothes the area and also provides a lot of hydration which I think is quite important. I'll be reviewing this in the future so keep an eye out.

A couple of drug store brands I hadn't tried yet but have wanted to for ages are Seventeen and Make Up Revolution. I had heard so many good things about both these brands and mid January decided to take a trip to buy a few new bits and pieces for before I went on holiday and I fell in love with both of these palettes. 

Seventeen Easy On The Eye Palette: This palette is just absolutely gorgeous and is probably my most used eye palette after the Naked 3 one. I love all the colors in it as they are all so wearable, easy to work with and super pigmented. You can create so many looks from this eye palette and I absolutely love the fact that the palette also includes an eye primer (white pan) which is super ideal and is perfect for travelling if you don't want to carry around too many eye products with you. I'll be reviewing this with swatches as well.

Make Up Revolution Blush Palette - I've heard so many mixed things about Make Up Revolution so I wanted to get something for me to make my own mind up and I spotted this blush palette on the stand in Superdrug and I just had to buy it. Much like the eye palette all the colors are colors that compliment my skin tone really well. Someone on twitter pointed out to me that they look like mini planets and I totally agree. I love the fact that some of these blushes can be doubled up as a bronzer or highlighter and I absolutely love how pigmented they are. It's definitely my favorite blush palette at the moment.

Real Techniques Powder Brush: I absolutely love this brush. I love how you can load the powder on to the brush, shake of any access and then just go over your face in one swoop. I think it really helps making sure your powder is applied evenly across your face. I absolutely love it and the fact it's super soft is an added bonus too. I love it! 

La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water: This was a god send when I was in Mauritius. It was so hot there so I would carry this in my bag and when it got too hot I would always just spritz this on my face to cool myself down and it really works. I love how cooling it is and I used it so much I've actually run out of this little can so I will have to repurchase it for my next trip in June! 

Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Sanitiser: Since I got this job working in the airport one of the most important things for me to use is a hand sanitiser and when I spotted this in Boots I had to pick it up. It's my favorite soap and glory scent ever and it just smells absolutely incredible. A little also goes a long way with this santiser, you just need the smallest pea size amount and it will cover your hands. I would definitely recommend this. 

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipbalm: When I spotted this in superdrug I actually thought it was a nude lipstick and then saw it was a lip balm which made me very happy and excited that I just had to pick it up and I absolutely love it. I've been using it non stop on my lips before applying my lipstick. It really protects and hydrates them which is super important especially at this time of year. I love the packaging as well as I think that it is super cute and definitely something that stands out in my make up bag/dressing table. 

Black Opium Perfume: My main perfume of choice at the moment. It just smells absolutely incredible and I love how cute and chic the bottle is. I just love how feminine this is and think it's one of those scents that is perfect if you're going on a date night as it is very sultry and sexy. 

Benefit's Roller Lash Mascara: Yes I finally decided to upgrade to a full size mascara after using all my mini versions. I absolutely love this mascara as not only does it last all day but it just gives the prettiest curl to your eyelashes and really makes them stand out. I also love how cute the packaging it as well. 

I did a full review of the L'Oreal Elvive Extraordinary Clay Collection last week however I had to include it in my favorites as well as it has honestly done wonders for my hair. My hair gets very greasy very quickly at the roots and I have always struggled to find a decent shampoo and conditioner that will help them however both these things have solved that problem. I love applying the masque on my hair before shampooing as I find it really gives my hair a boost and a lift and really gives it a lot of volume as well. It's the same with the dry shampoo. If I am in a bit of a rush or don't have time to wash my hair I will use this and it really absorbs all the oil and gives my hair lift and volume. I think I've finally found my holy grail hair products and that makes me super happy. 

Patisserie De Bain Hand & Body Lotion: I love products that have a sweet scent to them and I don't know why. I just love the way my skin smells afterwards and this hand and body lotion definitely has to be one of my favorites for that. I absolutely love this as it really does wonders for my hands and body. It really mositurisers them and I think in winter it's extremely important for me to have a decent body lotion and hand lotion as my skin gets so dry but since using this I've had no problems with dryness anywhere. I just love this stuff! 

Simple Kind To Skin Illuminating Face Cream: Again, this is a cream I've fallen in love with this month. It really has made my skin look so much more hydrated and radiant and really made my skin look ten times better than it actually is. I did a review the other day on my blog so scroll through all my old posts if you'd like to have a read. 

Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream: I have always struggled with really bad skin on my heels however since buying the express pedi and using this cream on my heels I have found it works wonders. I always apply this cream before I go to bed and when I wake up to my heel and put thing socks over it so it absorbs and my heels are practically brand new. I absolutely love it and I think I've finally said goodbye to cracked heels for good! Fingers crossed anyway! 

Frosted Cranberry Range From The Body Shop:
The Christmas range from The Body Shop is one of my all time favourite ranges. I was obsessed with the glazed Apple range and then last year I noticed that they released the frosted cranberry range and I think I'm a little bit more in love with this one. I got the scrub, body butter and lip balm all of which are absolutely incredible and smell just super delicious. They all work wonders for your skin and lips as well and I've thoroughly enjoyed using them during the winter months as I just consider the scent to be quite wintery which I absolutely love.

So there we have it. All my favourite beauty products currently. I'm sure there is more as well but I think we will be hear till next Easter if I go through all of them. I hope you've enjoyed this post and if you've used and love (or hate) any of the products mentioned then do let me know in the comments section below and make sure to leave links to your own monthly favorites post for February in the comments to so I can have a read!

What are your favorite products at the moment? 
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  1. Black Opium is my favourite perfume! I love it! X

  2. have the same parfume and I'm absolutely in love with it!!!
    nice post!



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