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21 February 2016

Hey Everyone! So today I thought that I would do the TMI Tag for you all. I was scrolling through my blog and other blogs as I really wanted a TAG post as I haven't done one in such a long time and realised that I actually haven't done a blog post. I actually did this in video format on my youtube channel but quite a lot has happened since I did that and I am pretty sure my answers would have changed so I thought why not do an updated tag for you all. I personally don't think these are 'TMI' but I think you'll enjoy this post anyway. Hope you enjoy it.

What Are You Wearing? 
Well right now I have just come back from working and have decided to blog straight away so currently still in my work uniform. I work for British Airways so I'm sure most of you know what that uniform looks like. If not here's a photo below! 

Ever Been In Love? 
I've not been in love in the sense of actually being loved in return but I have fallen hard for someone and sadly those feelings weren't reciprocated. But hey ho, that's life I guess. I'm only 24 so I've got years ahead of me to fall in love properly! 

Ever Had A Terrible Breakup 
I don't know if this will count but here we go. I've always been the girl who doesn't like getting treated like dirt. From a young age I have let people walk all over me and late last year I started to get close to someone and I really though him and I would eventually go somewhere, only to find out he was banging someone else all the time he was seeing me. Safe to say I wasn't impressed and he got two slaps across the face. Wish I gave him more to be honest. 

How Tall Are You? 
I am 5 ft 4.5. And yes as we all know those .5 inches are incredibly important. 

How Much Do You Weigh? 
I know this is the TMI tag but if there's one thing I refuse to tell anyone even my family it's how much I weigh. I could definitely do with losing a few though put it that way. 

Any Tattoos? 
Nope but I do want a tiny little something on my wrist. I know people consider tattoos to be horrible and I was one of those people a long time ago however I now know how special and important they can be so I definitely would not rule it out. However I am sensitive to pain so don't know how brave I will be. 

Any Piercings? 
Only my ears. I'm not brave enough to get any other part of my body done. I really do need to get some guts don't I? 

Rory and Jess from the Gilmore Girls. First show I ever watched and I just loved these too. I'm not really one to have an OTP though but I do love these too.   

Favorite Show? 
I have more than one. Once Upon A Time, Gilmore Girls, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Vampire Diaries, 90210 and Pretty Little Liars!! 

Favorite Bands? 
Bastille, The 1975, Westlife, Little Mix, Collabro, One Direction. My music taste is really varied but these are the ones I listen to the most as I just love their songs. 

Something You Miss? 
Right now, being in Mauritius with my family and being in the sun! I mean just look at these photo, can you blame me?! 

Favorite Song? 
I don't really have a favourite song any more as there are just too many I like. The first one that popped into my head though is Help by The Beatles as it's one of the first songs that I ever heard and I just love it so much. I'm a huge Beatles fan. 

How Old Are You? 
I'm 24 years old but I will be turning 25 on the 24th August and you really don't know how much I'm dreading that. Quarter of a century old. No thanks!! 

Zodiac Sign? 
I am a Virgo. It's probably my favorite name out of all the signs actually. Is that weird? 

Quality You Look For In A Partner? 
Kind, Nice smile, nice eyes, good personality and definitely someone who's good with my brother who has learning difficulties. 

Favorite Quote? 
I love this quote. 2015 was the year that made me realise I can get through anything no matter how bad it is and I just love this quote so much. 

Favorite Actor? 
I have so many. Channing Tatum, Zac Efron, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tom Cruise. However I also watch bollywood films because my family are Mauritian and we tend to watch a lot of Bollywood so my favorite actors in Bollywood are Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Hritik Roshan. 

Favorite Colour? 
I absolutely love Turquoise. It's one of my absolutely favorite colors as it's one of those colors that I just think suits me so well and is just a beautiful color in general. Before I went to Mauritius I got my nails done this color. Here's what they looked like below. 

Loud Music Or Soft? 
I get headaches really easily so I prefer soft music however if I'm going out or getting ready to go somewhere exciting I prefer loud. 

Where Do You Go When You're Sad? 
Either to my room and plug my headphones in or out for a walk and once again plug headphones in. 

How Long Does It Take You To Shower? 
Around 20 minutes but if I'm in a rush around 10. I'm definitely more of a shower person than a bath person anyway. 

How Long Does It Take You To Get Ready In The Morning? 
For work it takes me up to an hour because I need to look really prim and proper when I'm there. If I'm just heading out for a meal around 40 minutes and if I'm having a chill day where nothing much is planned 20 minutes. 

Ever Been In A Physical Fight? 
I have yes. When I was in school in around year 8 (12 years old) I had a mini fist fight with a girl who was meant to be one of my best friends. 

Turn On? 
Kindness, generosity, funny, nice eyes, good smile. 

Turn Off? 
Nastiness, arrogance, doesn't know how to treat people, bad breath and one who doesn't know how to respect other people. 

The Reason I Made A Blog? 
I've always loved writing and I really wanted something that would allow me to express myself as well as share my passions and interests without worrying what other people would think. It has given me a lot of confidence even though I am a shy little mouse sometimes and I've been able to meet and speak to lots of like minded people who have inspired me lots as well. 

Anything that flies or buzzes apart from planes birds and butterflies. I hate things that fly. If anything buses near me I have a mini fit. I just hate it. 

Last Thing That Made You Cry? 
I watched 'The Best Of Me' the other day and once again that film made me cry. What is it with Nicholas Sparks stories?! I just can't resist having a good weep at them. 

Last Time You Said You Loved Someone? 
This is probably going to sound really bad but I never ever say I love you. I'm really shy and reserved and I never really show my emotions or admit to my emotions so yeah I can't actually remember when I said it. If you have any tips on how I can change this do let me know! 

Meaning Behind Your Blogger Name? 
FleurDanielle is my blog name and there is no meaning really. Fleur is my first name, Danielle is my middle name and it just seemed more sense to have my name as my blog name. I really wish I was creative enough to come up with something cool but alas that will never happen. 

Last Book You Read? 
A Girl's Best Friend by Lindsey Kelk. If you haven't read any of Lindsey Kelk's books then you are missing out. 

The Book You Are Currently Reading? 
Currently reading 'The Choice' by Nicholas Sparks which is so good so far. The film is out later on this year. 

Last Show You Watched? 
I watched an episode of 90210 during my break at work the other day. I'm starting that show from the beginning again and I absolutely love it. 

Last Person You Talked To? 
Currently in the kitchen with my Dad so erm...My Dad. 

The Relationship Between You and The Person You Last Texted? 
Last person I texted was my friend Libby who's one of my best friends and has been for the past 14 years. 

Favorite Food? 
I love anything with chicken in or anything with chocolate in although I am trying to steer clear of meat and sweet things at the moment. I'm actually doing really well so I'm super proud. 

Place You Want To Visit? 
New York, Australia, Greece, Verona, Morocco and so many other places as well. I just want to go everywhere! 

Last Place You Were? 
Still in my kitchen but before here I was in my living room watching the Chelsea game with my Dad and no I'm not a chelsea fan but we both like football so watch anything. 

Do You Have A Crush? 
Of course I do, who doesn't these days! And yes it's actually a real person and not a celebrity. 

Last Time You Kissed Someone? 
I haven't kissed anyone or been kissed since my second year of university, so around 4/nearly 5 years ago now. Boy, ain't my life depressing. HA! 

Last Time You Were Insulted? 
Around 25 minutes ago when I had an argument with my Mum. 

Favorite Flavor Of Sweet? 
I love Mint Imperial however I really really love the sour haribos as well! Just so good! 

What Instruments Do You Play? 
None at the moment but I used to play the Violin and still can and I can also play the keyboard a little bit too! 

Favorite Piece Of Jewelry? 
I absolutely adore my pandora rings and bracelet and I also have special gold earrings that my Grandma made me for my 18th birthday. I absolutely adore them. However I absolutely love all the pieces of jewelry that are in the photo below. 

Last Sport You Played? 
Tennis around 4 weeks ago before I went to Mauritius. I absolutely love Tennis! 

Last Song You Sang? 
Secret Love Song by Little Mix. Why can't my voice be as good as Perrie's please? Those high notes are just incredible! 

Favorite Chat Up Line? 
I don't really have a favorite chat up line, they are all cringe and corny to me and is definitely not the way to impress me! 

Have You Ever Used It? 
Definitely not. I probably have used a chat up line when I'm drunk but I can't remember what it was but it was probably when I was at university. 

Last Time You Hung Out With Anyone? 
Last Sunday when I went to a Gig with my friend Dani and my brother in London which was absolutely amazing. 

Who Should Answer These Questions Next? 
Anybody who wants to! I love tag posts like this and getting to know other people so if you like these kinds of posts and want to answer it then please feel free to go ahead and do so! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and have got to know a little bit more about me that you didn't know before, especially if you're a new follower of my blog as well. If you are then welcome and I hope you like what you see and be sure to comment and leave the links to your blogs if you have them down below too so I can check them out. I may not always comment back now due to always being at work but I do read everything and will comment back. 

What is one interesting fact about you that nobody else knows? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I always enjoy this tag! Ideal questions to get to know someone, I'm 25 this year as well and not looking forward to that quarter century!!

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Thank you Jasmin! Oh god, 25 is just such a depressing age isn't it?! :( xx

  2. Too much information? I don't think so ;)
    It's all so interesting I want more :)


    1. Haha! This made me laugh! I'm glad you enjoyed it lovely :) xx


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