Seven Ways To Become A Morning Person

27 February 2016

Let's be honest now, if we had this view to wake up to everyday I'm pretty sure none of us would have a problem waking up in the morning. This was from my hotel visit in Mauritius and I woke up early everyday to make the most of this gorgeous weather. Since I've been back it has been cold, frosty and dark which has made it that little bit more difficult to wake up, however I've started to make little changes that actually make me get up in the morning and be productive. 

I'm definitely not a morning person. I'm more of a night owl. My brain wakes up about half way through the day and then continues to be productive until around 3AM which makes it impossible for me to go to sleep at a reasonable time. However I thought I'd share with you a few little things that have helped me wake up in the morning. I hope these help! Enjoy! 

Get Your Clothes Ready The Night Before 
If you know what you are doing the next day or you have work or a meeting or just going out for some exercise I always think it's a good idea to just lay out your outfit before hand. Then when you wake up in the morning you won't be staring into wardrobes that are full of clothes shouting you 'have no clothes' and throwing a mini tantrum. We all do it now, don't deny it. I like to hang them at the back of my door or lay them on the sofa in my room so I know exactly where they are going to be. 

Prepare Your Bag/Essentials Before You Go To Sleep 
If you idea of a perfect morning is one where you can just get ready, have breakfast and then carry on with your day then I suggest you prepare everything before you go to sleep. Whether it's your make up, or making sure your phone or laptop is fully charged up for the next day it's worth the hassle before bed instead of in the morning where you're probably going to be in a rush to get out the door or carry on with your day as normal. Less stress = a positive, happier you! 

Get Enough Sleep The Night Before 
I think this is the most important part of ensuring you wake up the next morning. With me, I rarely every get enough sleep the night before because I'm either working too late so get home far too late for a decent bed time or waking up to early the next morning to start my shift. It can be very exhausting however I think one thing that has helped me recently is switching all my technology off and just putting everything aside and reading a good book to ensure that I fall asleep early and quickly. It really does work and I've noticed myself getting up earlier and earlier. 

Moving Your Alarm Clock 
I know most of us these days use our phones for alarms (if you have an iPhone like me then how annoying is that alarm sound?!). However instead of keeping it beside our beds where it's so easy and tempting to just hit the snooze button a million times a day, try keeping it on your dressing table, or desk or somewhere that involves you actually having to stand up and get up to switch your alarm off. This will help wake you up and you won't turn over and go back to sleep. Once you're up that's it, you've already completed the hardest task of the day! 

Shine The Light 
No I don't mean the torch on your phone. I mean opening your curtains and letting the light in to your room and looking out on a brand new day. As I live in the UK currently in the mornings it can be anything from very sunny to very dark and dreary and rainy, however our bodies are extremely sensitive to light so will find it hard to go back to sleep after that as it registers a new day is beginning. 

Hydrate More 
No, I don't mean reaching for the fruit juice or the coffee. I mean drinking more water. It's been at least 7-8 hours since you had water and hydrated yourself properly. Having a glass of water in the morning is something I've recently loved doing as not only does it really refresh me but it is so good for you and allows all your internal organs to really get going for the day which is again, extremely important. I used to always reach for the fruit juice however I realised that water is so much better and I have really noticed a difference to my mornings since I've begun drinking more. 

Having A Decent Breakfast
We all know this is one of the most important meals of the day however I'm one of those people who never ever eats breakfast as I personally can feel quite sick when I wake up in the mornings and the thought of food or the smell of food makes me quite sick. I don't know if anyone else is like that, if you are please let me know below. However I  have begun to eat breakfast over the past couple of weeks as I realised not eating it has made me feel very tired, sluggish and moody which is not very pleasant. I have yogurt, granola and fruit, or make some healthy pancakes or sometimes I just have some muesli. My favorite brand at the moment is Rude Health and their cereals and granola mixes are just incredible and really do leave me feeling better and more wide awake as well as having lots more energy. 

This is one of those posts that I thought about at stupid o clock in the ironic however I really enjoyed writing it and it has definitely made me want to be more of a morning person and if I ever get into a routine of not waking up as early as I should I'll look back on this post and feel inspired again. If you have any tips and tricks on how to be a morning person then be sure to leave them in the comments below. 

How do you become a morning person? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Great tips! Really need to implement them in my life so not a morning person haha :)

    Lotte |

  2. Really good tips! I need to start drinking water as soon as i get up x
    Abi | abistreetx

  3. I loved this top! I already get my clothes and bag ready for the next day, especially when I'm going to uni as it takes me time to wake up in the morning. You are right about drinking more water, this is something we should do as soon as we wake up to hydrate our body after hours and hours without any water. I'll try to drink more! :)

    Julia x
    | |

  4. I am still trying to become a morning person. Some days I am really good and some days I just want to sleep all morning! Haha!

  5. Loved this post, definitely some tips I'll be taking note of. It's so weird, because I used to be a morning person, but since working full time, my body clock has become so messed up! I love to also make my breakfast/lunch in advance - I really enjoy overnight/baked oats at the minute :)
    Lucy @ Lucy—Loves xx


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