30 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

18 February 2016

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well! So if you have followed my blog for a long time then you will know I first started out as a beauty blog but then kinda sidetracked and became more of a lifestyle blog where I now blog about anything I fancy. However recently I've been thinking a lot about beauty and realised that I really want to start getting into beauty blogging more and throwing my two cents in about different beauty products and brands as there have been quite a lot of things I've been loving lately. This got me thinking about different things I could write about when it comes to beauty blogging and I've up with 50 ideas that I'll slowly be working my way through. I thought I'd share them with you as I love giving other bloggers some inspiration of what they can write about too. Enjoy.

  1. Your Make Up Routine 
  2. Favorite Make Up Tools 
  3. What's In Your Make Up Bag? 
  4. How Do You Clean Your Make Up Brushes?
  5. Make Up Storage 
  6. Favorite Make Up Brands 
  7. Beauty Travel Essentials 
  8. Skincare Routine 
  9. Re-create a favorite celebrity make up look 
  10. Beauty Products You Would Re-Purchase
  11. Beauty Products You Found Disappointing 
  12. Your Holy Grail Beauty Products 
  13. Recent Make Up Purchases 
  14. How Does Make Up Make You Feel Confident? 
  15. How Did You Get Into Make Up & Beauty? 
  16. Share Your Pamper Routine
  17. What are your biggest make up mistakes? 
  18. Share some must know beauty hacks 
  19. Best Make Up Dupes 
  20. Making Over A Friend 
  21. Your Favorite Make Up Look For The Current Season 
  22. Create Your Own Beauty Tag Post 
  23. Favorite Recent Beauty Launches 
  24. Share The Beauty Brands You Want To Try Out 
  25. Your Make Up Routine For Lazy Days 
  26. The First Beauty Products You Ever Bought 
  27. Make Up/Beauty Haul - Share What You've Bought 
  28. Beauty Trends You Hate 
  29. Top Beauty Products under £15/£10/£5
  30. Top 5 Favorite Foundations/Concealers/Mascaras/Powders/Highlighters 
So there we have it, a little list I've come up with to help me get back into beauty blogging as well as giving you guys a few ideas for when you have the dreaded bloggers block that we all have occasionally. As you can see my blog has had a bit of a revamp too as I'm feeling quite down about my blog but a little spruce has given me that little bit more motivation which is good. Anyway, let me know which of these ideas you liked best and I'll speak to you in my next post! 
What are your favorite beauty posts to read? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. These are some great ideas. Im planning on writing a post on my favourite beauty items under £15. Love your blog xx


  2. These are great ideas! I'm looking to start doing more beauty posts soon so this was really useful!

    Jemima x


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