Greetings From Sunny Mauritius

29 January 2016

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well! So as you all probably know if you follow me on twitter or Instagram you will know I am in Mauritius. I've been here since the 24th January and I absolutely love it. Even though the flight was horrendously long and definitely not the best I've ever had it was so worth it. As you can expect the weather here is miles different to the weather back home. It's near mid to late thirties. It's just absolutely boiling but I wouldn't change it for the freezing cold weather and rain I know has been going on back home. I hope you're not all suffering too much if you're living in London/rest of the UK. I thought I would do this post just to share some of the pictures on here of what I've been up too so far. So far it's pretty much been hanging out with family, visiting beautiful beaches and having lots of food! Enjoy this little post of photos of what I've been up too so far. Warning. Quite A LOT!

At a place called Gris Gris at Sunset. So beautiful! 

Such a beautiful church. It's a very popular location for films too! It's so pretty! 

Probably the most  colourful bar I've ever been too! 

Mud Karting with my cousins which was so much fun but I was covered in mud. Thank god they make us look like pest control! It's not really an activity I would pick myself normally but I absolutely loved it!

So there's just a few photos! We also did dry toboggoning which will be up in another post tomorrow as there are more photos on that one. I am absolutely loving it here and just do not want to come home. Tonight we are going to a hotel to stay for a couple of nights where we will take part in some water sports throughout the day. I am so excited! I love water sports and it's definitely the best thing to do when the temperature is 35 degrees! Keep an eye out on my blog for more photos and make sure to head on over and follow me on snapchat (username: fleur_danielle) and instagram (username: xbellefleurx) where I'll be posting photos daily!

Have you ever been to Mauritius? Or done dry tobogganing  or mud karting? 
Hugs and Kisses

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