15 Absolute Favorites Of 2015

10 January 2016

Happy Sunday Everyone! So I know, this post should have been up slightly earlier as it's now well into 2016 and I should have been better organised but I loved so much in 2016 both beauty and non-beauty and I just didn't really know how to put a post together. I actually did take photos for a beauty and non-beauty favorites posts to go up but I just don't have the time to sit and fully talk about everything I liked so I thought why not talk about 15 of my absolute favorite things of 2015. I hope you enjoy this post!

1. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette 
I can't express enough just how much I love this palette. It's just the perfect every day eyeshadow palette for me. You can just create so many looks and I love the rosy gold tones within this palette as well and you all know how much I love rose gold. I just think it's the perfect palette out of all the Naked palettes for my skin tone. I love it so much and if you have yet to try it I'd make it a must buy palette!

2. Benefit Roller Lash Mascara 
One of my favorite mascaras of this year was the benefit roller lash mascara. It just provides the perfect curl to my eyelashes. I've never really been much of a mascara kind of girl. I've never really found one that suits me but I just love this one so much. It really separates the eye lashes, adds a pretty girl and just gives you that really fluttery look that we all want to have. I've recently run out of this so I will definitely be repurchasing this in the near future.

3. Nars Sheer Glow Foundation 
After putting it off for over a year I finally made the decision in 2015 to invest in the Nars Sheer Glow foundation and I wasn't left disappointed. I absolutely love it. I've always been the girl who prefers the more dewy look to my make up instead of the matte look and I find this leaves the perfect inbetweeny finish. It's not to cakey either which is a major bonus when it comes to foundations. I also love the fact that it makes my skin look more radiant and hydrated especially as I get quite dry skin. Again this is another product that's run out so I will be purchasing this at the end of this month.

4. Daisy Dream Perfume 
I trialed and tested quite a lot of perfumes in 2015 as along with skincare it's one of my favorite ever products to wear. I just love perfume and how it can make you feel really sexy and good about yourself. One of my favorites was the gorgeous Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs. I absolutely love the packaging and I love the fruity scent to this perfume as well. I think it's the perfect summer scent so if you're after a new fruity and floral fragrance for the spring and summer season I'd highly recommend this. This has run out as well but I'm starting to collect all my perfume bottles so this will be kept looking pretty on my dressing table.

5. MAC New York Apple Lipstick 
Yes I did it! I finally broke my MAC lipstick virginity and invested in my first ever lipstick for them. I had my eye on New York Apple for absolute ages and when I was at work I decided to pop to duty free and purchase it because lipsticks are cheaper in the airport (perks of working there). I absolutely love the colour. I think it's such a cute burgundy shade that's perfect for not just the winter seasons but for any time of the year at it's a shade that will go with anything. I just love it.

6. Scholl Velvet Smooth Pedi Roller 
This has definitely been a firm favorite of mine throughout 2015. I absolutely love it. I have incredibly dry feet on my skin which is a pain when it comes to my job as I have to wear tights and because of how thin the tights are and how dry and rough my feet are sometimes the tights have a massive hole in the heel. However since I purchased this my feet are now a lot smoother than they used to be and are just a lot more comfortable to walk on. I would highly recommend this if you have dry feet or you'd just like to occasionally pamper your feet at home as it's super relaxing.

7. Dana Fox 365 Blog Topic Ideas Book
This book should be renamed the bloggers bible. It's absolutely amazing. I've known about Dana Fox since I started blogging as she is where I got my first blog design from. Which by the way definitely feels like a lifetime ago. Wow. She has written this book which contains a blog idea for every single day of the year. I think that's amazing. If I'm ever struggling for blog ideas I always just pick up this book and flick through it and always come across something I could blog about. There's so many ideas and if you're a blogger or thinking about starting a blog I would highly recommend this book which you can get from Amazon or any other bookshop.

8. The 'I Can't Sleep' Coloring Book
Adult coloring books became a bit of a thing in 2015 didn't they?! I got myself a couple but I have to admit that my favorite of the two that I bought definitely has to be this I Can't Sleep one. It's go so many beautiful designs in there and there's plenty of room to colour. I also love the name because I always seem to fill this in at times when I actually cannot sleep. I just love it. I've recently bought a Harry Potter one too which is now my new obsessed. Sorry I Can't Sleep.

9. Miss Saigon 
If you follow me on social media or know me in real life then I'm sure you'll know just how much I love musical theatre. I absolutely love it and in the last few months of 2016 I managed to go to to the West End quite a few times. I just love the theatre so much and I'm hoping to continue that trend throughout 2016 and go and see more shows as well. However one show I went to see twice in 2015 was Miss Saigon. This is the most beautiful, heartbreaking show in the west end at the moment. It's just so stunning and the cast are just incredible. The show sadly leaves the West End to transfer to broadway next month so if you want to go and see I'd book tickets fast!

10. Love Rosie 
One of my favorite films of 2015 was Love Rosie, which is also a book by Cecelia Ahern (PS I Love You). I absolutely loved the book and when I googled to see if there was a film coming out I found out it was already out so I ordered the DVD straight away and fell in love with it. I still prefer the book and it's spanned over a longer period of time but if you're after a feel good rom-com that won't make you sick I'd highly recommend this. Lily Collins is just incredible in it.

11. Peak Productions 
I couldn't write this post without including the wonderful Peak Productions in this post. Peak Productions was founded by Michael Auger of Collabro (BGT 2014 Winners) and in early September he decided to put on a show called Edges which was absolutely amazing and then put on a one evening only Christmas Concert mid-December which was also amazing. So much work and effort has gone into making the two events they've put on so spectacular and I just can't wait to see the shows and events that get put on during 2016!

12. LVNDR 
Pretty sure most of my wages from last year went on the brand LVNDR which if you didn't know is a little accessories store by the lovely Em Sheldon from EmTalks. The jewelry pieces are just all so beautiful and dainty and super affordable. There's just something on there for everyone. I'd highly recommend checking the website out if you're after affordable but good quality pieces.

13. Pretty Little Liars 
This is the one show that always keeps me on the edge of my seat. I absolutely love Pretty Little Liars. I will admit I stopped watching it for a while because I was getting a little bit bored. However I then continued to watch it and became hooked again. It's just such an amazing show and one that always has a million twists and turns. The cast are absolutely amazing as well. The second half of season 6 starts in a few days and I can barely contain my excitement. I'm just so super excited. If you haven't watched it yet I'd highly recommend it. The show is all up to date on Netflix so you've no excuse for not watching it. You can thank me later!

14. Pandora 
I have absolutely loved filling up my Pandora bracelet in 2015. I have quite a few charms on there now and I just love wearing it on my wrist. I've never really had that statement piece of jewelry that I have worn every single day but now that I have this I've barely taken it off. I think the only time I take it off is when I go to have a shower and then I put it back on straight after I'm done. I just love it and all the charms I have on it are so special and beautiful to me. I'm excited to fill it up with more charms this year.

15. My One Line A Day Five Year Journal 
This is definitely something I slacked on a few times throughout the course of last year and at the beginning of this year as well but I've absolutely loved filling it in when I've had time and I've loved reading it back and some of the amazing days I had last year. It's just such a lovely keep sake and I'm excited to fill it in for this year. If you haven't got yourself one of these I'd highly recommend it as it's perfect for recording and documenting achievements, special days and things you've done.

I really enjoyed putting this post together. I thought that it would be a fun little way to combine all my favorites from the past year instead of doing a separate beauty favorites and then a separate random favorites post so I hope you have enjoyed it. If you've been loving the same things as me then be sure to let me know as that means we can basically be best friends! If you have done a favorites post like this then link it below as I would love to have a read! Have a fabulous rest of Sunday and I'll be back with a holiday themed post later on in the week! 

What were your favorites of 2015?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Awesome List <3 I definitely see some of my own favorites on here. I'm going to have to try to pick up that blogging bible when I get the chance.

  2. Love, Rose was brilliant and I thought it was just as good as the book!

    Jemima x

  3. So many of these are my absolute favourite too! I got Naked 3 palette for Christmas and love it too!


  4. Lovely post! I received the Scholl Pedi for Christmas and I love it!



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