Blogmas Day 7 / 31 December Blog Post Ideas

7 December 2015

Hey Everyone! So I've been feeling incredible festive over the past couple of days. Yesterday me and my brother spent the entire day putting up the Christmas decorations, listening to Christmas Songs and eating mince pies which was so lovely! How christmassy does my fireplace look?! I love this garland. It's just super duper pretty! Anyway, before I ramble on and on let's get back into the point of this post.

Today I thought I'd give you a list of ideas of what you can write about on your blog throughout December. A lot of us on the internet are doing blogmas and vlogmas which is either posting a blog post everyday throughout December or uploading a video to youtube everyday throughout December and it can be quite hard to decide what to talk about so I thought I would help out a little bit as I know these posts come in very useful for those of you struggling with blog content. I hope this helps!

1. Goals For Ending This Year On A High 

2. Christmas Wish List 

3. Christmas Gift Guides 

4. A Winter Day Out In The Life Of You 

5. Festive Recipes 

6. A Christmas Party Outfit Idea 

7. How To Throw The Perfect Christmas Party 

8. Tips To Survive Christmas 

9. Best Places To Visit This December/Christmas

10. Christmas/December Playlist

11. Creative Ways To Wrap Your Presents This Christmas 

12. A Recap Of The Past Year 

13. Highlights Of 2015. 

14. Your Christmas Traditions 

15. Festive Make Up Tutorial 

16. Favorite Christmassy Accessories 

17. Winter Essentials 

18. A Winter Pamper Routine 

19. Your  Christmas Shopping Hints and Tips 

20. Winter Outfit Of The Day/Night 

21. Best Of The Christmas Jumpers

22. Top 5 Winter Make Up Essentials 

23. Favourite Red Lipsticks 

24. How I Pack My Bag For A Christmas Night Out 

25. Wish Everyone A Merry Christmas On Your Blog 

26. What I Got For Christmas? 

27. Favorite Christmas Films 

28. What I Wore On Christmas 

29. Your Guide To Surviving New Year

30. New Year's Eve Outfit 

31. New Years Resolutions 

So there we have it. 31 blog post ideas to help get you though the rest of this month. You don't have to post about any of these things, you can post about what you like, however if you're looking to make your blog a bit more festive then these are definitely some ideas you can add to your blog. Some of these will be appearing on my blog throughout this month so you definitely have a lot to look forward to. Let me know in the comments below what you'll be talking about on your blog this festive season. 

What are your favourite posts to read around this time of year? 
Hugs and Kisses

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  1. This is such an amazing list, definitely going to have to bookmark it for future posts! Loving numbers 4 and 18 especially :) xx


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