Blogmas Day 6 / Stocking Fillers For Her (£15 or Less)

6 December 2015

I thought that it was about time I get my arse into gear and do a Christmas gift guide as there's only 19 days left until the big day! It's coming around way to soon and I don't like it as I feel so unprepared this year! I thought I'd start off with the small gifts you can ger your loved ones for under £15. When it comes to stocking fillers I don't spend a huge amound of money as you can find some amazing gifts for less than a tenner in some places. Anyway, before I ramble on too much here are some stocking fillers you can buy the women in your life for under £15. Enjoy.

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Prosecco and Strawberry Lipbalm / Link*
Every girl loves and needs a lipbalm. No matter who they are or where they go every girl will have a lip balm in their bag. Especially at this time of the year. Nobody wants chapped lips. Definiteldy not a good look so this will definitely have them sorted out for the next few months. I actually own this lip balm myself and it smells absolutely incredible. Definitely recommended. 

Chocolate Make Up Set / LINK*
Chocolate and make up. Two of the most beautiful words to a lot of girls out there. If you know someone who is a beauty lover with a bit of a sweet tooth then this is definitely an ideal present. Cheap and cheerful and is guaranteed to make them smile. 

Socks In A Bauble / LINK*
Who doesn't enjoy wearing a pair of cosy socks to lounge around in and keep their feet warm. I absolutely love the idea of buying socks in this format and sticking them on the tree close to another decoration and making it like a little hunt to see if they can spot an extra gift anywhere. These are so cheap and so pretty too!

Liz Earle Orange And Mint Cleanse and Polish / LINK*
Liz earle is in my opinion one of the best beauty brands out there in terms of skincare. Everything I have used from them have made my skin look and feel absolutely incredible. They also smell super lush. If you know someone who's really into their skincare and you want to introduce them to the brand or who is a lover of Liz Earle themselves then this will be the perfect little stocking filler.

Animal Kingdom Colouring Book / LINK*
This year has seen the rise of the adult colouring books. I've never owned so many in my entire life and I definitely think they are a christmas stocking contender for this year. If you know someone who gets quite stressed or likes their down time to relax then I think this will be absolutely perfect. These are cheap and cheerful and can provide entertainment for hours.

3D Polar Bear Mug / LINK*
Everyone loves mugs so why not add another one to your collection. I believe that you can't go wrong with purchasing a mug as everyone uses one and getting one with a cute design of their favourite animal will definitely score you some brownie points. You can find them anywhere and even fill them with sweets or hot chocolate sachets that they love.

'Plans So Crazy They Might Work' 2016 Diary / LINK*
Is it just me or does even typing 2016 scare anyone else? Anyway, I absolutely love this diary. I think it's definitely a perfect present for those who love to keep organised or have a lot of stuff to plan in 2016. I think this is definitely something that will stand out on their desk.

Strapless Bra / LINK*
Us girls love new underwear so I don't think you can go wrong with a new bra or even a nice little set complete with knickers. With the party season here there's no shortage of types of bras you can buy either. Definitely a perfect stocking filler!

PJ Top and Bottom Set / LINK*
I absolutely love receiving new PJs for Christmas. Me and my brother always get a new set for Christmas Eve and New Years Eve as they are just so perfect and practical. You can never have too many PJs. I think most of my Christmas list this year consists of new PJs. Definitely the granny in me coming out.

iPhone 6 Case / LINK*
I'm sure a lot of people this year will be getting a new iPhone for Christmas or upgrading their phones this time of year so if you know someone like this why not get them a new iPhone case. I absolutely love this patterned one from New Look as it's so pretty and practical too.

The Little Book Of Positivity / LINK*
We all know someone who can be a bit negative in life. Some people can't help it. There are so many reasons as to why this could be and we have to be so careful not to judge so why not get them this little book to help them when times get tough. It's such a perfect little book.

Burgundy Heart Dressing Gown / LINK*
I may or may not have bought this dressing gown right before this post. Oops. I just think this so beautiful and it looks so incredible soft as well. If you know someone who loves to get cosy then this will be super perfect for them. It's so pretty and girly too.

So there we have it, just a few gifts that you can pop in the women in your lives stocking this Christmas. I know I'm going to be purchasing a few of these things for my friends and family this year. Links are provided next to each of the products so just click them to head on over to the website. Let me know in the comments below which one of these you'd like to receive this Christmas.

What are you hoping to find in your stocking this Christmas? 
Hugs and Kisses

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