Blogmas Day 22 | 3 Gift Wrapping Ideas

22 December 2015

So this evening I finished work, went to the cinema and I'm now sitting down to wrap presents. Hey nothing says last minute than 3 days before Christmas right? Not to mention I've still got presents to buy but with no money and a ton of presents left to buy (Hello Duty Free) I have never felt more unprepared in my life. However I thought why not do a quick little post giving you three ideas for wrapping presents. It's that time where you can get as creative as you like so let's get started with the ideas.

Brown Paper 
This is a way I have been looking to wrap my presents this year. She has just bought plain brown paper to wrap up the presents and then bought different things to decorate it on the side. She has red and white string to tie over it and make it look a bit more christmassy. I personally love the red and white string touch as it reminds me of candy canes. I think it makes the presents look a bit more classy as well. I've also bought different bows and ribbons to add to the wrapping paper as well. Brown paper is such a quick and easy solution as it means any color will go with it. You can put little sprigs of holly on the wrapping paper, add little christmassy stamps onto the paper and just get really creative with it which I love. You can also add little tiny baubles to the wrapping, especially if you use string as it just adds a really nice festive touch and once you're done with the bauble the person unwrapping the present can also then use it to stick on their own Christmas tree as well. It's just a nice little way to give a present to someone as you're adding something extra to it. This is definitely a good idea for those of you who have a lot more time to wrap and get a bit more creative with your wrapping. 

Festive Wrapping Paper 
If you haven't got a lot of time and need to wrap up your presents quite quickly then this is the most obvious solution. This is one that I'll be using for my Christmas presents on Christmas Eve that I buy last minute. There are some absolutely gorgeous wrapping paper out there that you can buy for like 1 pound a roll and they very often come in packs of three meaning that you have plenty of options. One of my rolls of wrapping paper this year is white with silver little Christmas trees and red little designs on it. It looks extremely pretty and definitely makes them that bit more festive and there's wrapping paper out there to suit everyone no matter who the recipient is! 

Silver and Gold Wrapping Paper 
Much like the brown wrapping paper this is also an other option that you can use to get a bit more creative however I think the silver and gold makes things a bit more festive whereas the brown wrapping paper is something that you can use for all gift occasions. Gold and silver wrapping paper is always a good idea as you can wrap it and add different ribbons and bows on. I got given a present once where someone had spray painted the initial of my name and tired it across my gift with a sparkly ribbon and than added a sparkly bow to the corner of the present which I thought was a really thoughtful and nice touch. 

So here are some really simple ideas that you can use. Don't forget you can go all out with bows, ribbons, strings and gift tags and make it really special to the person you are giving it to. Like I've said above it's the one time of year we can get as creative as possible with wrapping presents. I hope these helped and be sure to leave comments letting me know how you wrap your presents as I love seeing how creative other people get as well. 

Do you have any unique ideas of how to wrap presents?
Hugs and Kisses

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