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20 December 2015

Hey Everyone! So today I thought that I would start of my 2015 favorites series of blog posts. With Christmas only a week away now I'm busy working and to be honest, I think I've typed up every blog post you can think of when it comes to Christmas. Okay I know that's a lie but you know what I mean. I do have a couple of last minute Christmassy posts going live in a couple of days time so make sure to keep an eye out for them.

Favorites posts always prove to be very popular. No matter what platform they are on. I love watching videos on youtube just as much as I love reading blog posts on what people love. No matter what they are non-beauty and beauty I just love it as I think it's the perfect way to come across new products and things you wouldn't normally come across. Anyway, those types of favorites will be coming towards the end of this month. Today I thought I'd talk to you about my favorite bloggers of 2015 from different cateogies across the blogging community. I hope you enjoy this post.

EmTalks: I'm sure you all know by now how much I love and admire Em. She's such a lovely girl and her blog has definitely been one of my favorites this year. I've stuck Em in the lifestyle category but really her blog is a mixture of everything from travel to fitness to fashion. It's just an amazing blog and I love that she's so open and honest about everything on there. She's just such a lovely blogger. 

VeryBerryCosmo: I love Kayleigh. She's such a lovely blogger and her blog is another one that is full of variety. I love that she speaks about things other's wouldn't normally think about opening up about on her blog and I've loved reading about all her success this year. She's definitely a blogger I hope I get to finally meet in 2016 and I can't wait to read more as you never know what to expect from her blog. The content is just so refreshing to read.

DizzyBrunette: I can't write this post without including the gorgeous Corrie's blog here. She's just so lovely and her blog has definitely been one of inspiration for me this year.

Zoella: Zoella relaunched her blog a few months ago with a brand new design and although there has been a few controversal opinions on her blog I've personally loved all her new content and posts. I love that they are so informative and I just love the variety on there. From recipies to beauty reviews to fashion there is something for everyone on her blog. It's one I'll never ever stop reading as it was afterall the blog that inspired me to start my own. 

WhatOliviaDid: I've loved reading Olivia's blog this year. She's recently had a make over on her blog and I've been absolutely hooked ever since...(not that I wasn't already) but I've just been reading her posts more. I absolutely love her style as well and her photography when it comes to her fashion posts are just incredible as well. I just love it.

The Sweetest Thing: One blog that I've come across this year and absolutely fell in love with is the lovely Emily's personal style blog. I absolutely love her photography and the locations in which she takes the photos for her posts. I also love her style as we have similar style in clothes and the kind of outfits she wears is definitely what I would wear as well. I absolutely love her blog.

Wonderful You: I love Meg and her fashion choices. I just love her style and love reading about the different outfits she has posted. Some of them are so cute and even though they are not necessarily what I'd wear I just love seeing other people's fashion choices. It just really interests me.

CoutureGirl: When it comes to beauty reviews on blogs, Kayleigh's were the first ones I read properly when I started my blog and I absolutely love them. They are so informative and she really knows how to sell the products. I absolutely love her reviews and I've got a wish list as long as my arm at the moment full of products that she has recommended. 

From Roses: Rebecca's blog is one I've been reading a lot this year. Again it's another blog that's full of a lot variety however when it comes to beauty I absolutely love the content she produces. I'm always left feeling like I have to buy a product and as well as doing the standard beauty reviews I absolutely love her posts like beauty trials or beauty products she'll repurchase as it's something a little different and lets us know that these products she reviews really work for her. I just love reading her blog. 

ViviannaDoesMakeUp: Love this girl and love her blog. When I first started blogging I didn't really read Vivianna's blog that much purely because the majority of products she reviewed were high end and stuff I couldn't really afford. Now that I have a proper job I find myself over at her blog a lot more than usual because I can afford to splurge on skincare and make up a little bit more. I've always loved her blog and writing style so this blog is just amazing for me now. 

Niomi Smart: Niomi has definitely been one of my favorite people to watch on youtube this year. I think she is the loveliest person ever and I absolutely love her blog and youtube. Niomi is one of the healthiest people I've ever come across and one of my favorite things to read and watch on her youtube and blog are her what I eat in a day videos or healthy recipies that she comes across and makes. I'll be the first to stick my hand up and say I'm definitely not the healthiest person in the world but I'm definitely a lot healthier than I used to be and I just love watching the recipies that she comes up with as well as the different work out routines that she's posted as well. Definitely an inspiration. 

Carly Rowena: Another blogger that I've paid more attention to this year is the lovely Carly Rowena. Her blog is just fabulous. Not only is it full of healthy recipies and workout routines but it's also full of handy tips and advice that can help you if you are feeling a bit low about your health and well being. She's such a lovely girl and is the least patronising fitness blogger I've ever come across. I just love her blog and her youtube is amazing as well. 

So there we have it. My favorite bloggers of 2015. These are the blogs I have consistently read and loved going back to. I've loved and read other blogs too of course but if I mentioned every single one we'd be here till 2017. I may do a part two of this post but I can't promise anything. If you've loved these bloggers as much as I have then be sure to leave a comment below. 

Who have been your favorite bloggers of 2015?
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Such a nice post. I also love Em Talks, Couture Girl, Carly Rowena, Zoella and Niomi! :-) X

  2. You should hyperlink the blogs, just a suggestion

    1. I normally do but I just couldn't be bothered when I wrote this haha!I was just to tired and wanted to get the posts up lol :)


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