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18 December 2015

Hey Everyone! I hope that you are all well and getting excited for Christmas! Can you believe it's less than 5 days until the big day arrives? I'm not actually celebrating Christmas on Christmas Day because everyone in my family including myself are all working so it's not really going to be much of a Christmas. Instead we have decided to do Christmas the day after boxing day when we are all off. We're inviting all our families over and I'll get a chance to celebrate Christmas with my twin cousins wich I'm super excited about. It's just sad that I can't spend the actual day celebrating it properly and doing the traditions we normally do. But anyway, enough rambling. Let me get back into the point of this post. 

I thought that I'd take a little break from my Christmas themed posts and just talk to you all about this year blogging wise and thank you all. As you can already tell from the title of this post it's officially been 3 years now since I started blogging. I remember the first post I ever did which is no longer live was a post about Pitch Perfect and how much I loved it. I also remember doing a lush haul that day as well as I had just been shopping in Kingston with my best friend, Shreeyn, and we decided to pop into lush. I think I bought a mini lush snow fairy, a lush bubblegum lipscrub and something else that I can't remember. Hey it was three years ago okay? I remember coming home and setting out a little pretty background WITH ARTIFICIAL LIGHTING and snapping away on my iPhone 4. I can't believe I used to use articificial lighting. What on earth was I thinking?

I was actually looking at some of my older posts the other day and thinking just how far I've come with my blog. When I started it three years ago I never expected to be here 3 years later writing this post for you all. I remember just sitting and reading Zoe and Louise's blog as I absolutely loved those two and still do! If it wasn't for them I definitely wouldn't have started my own blog. I'm so so proud of it. I'm starting to see so many good things come from it and even though I haven't been able to take many of the opportunities that have come my way I've been extremely grateful and thankful for everything that has come up. 

I'd like to take this time to say one last thank you to all of you who read my blog and take the time to send me tweets about it or leave a comment about it or even just include me in a blog post you yourself written. It really does mean a lot and I am getting a bit emotional writing this as I am super proud of my little blog and I'm glad other people seem to enjoy what I post. So once again thank you so much!! I don't know how many years of blogging I have ahead of me or where it will take me but I'm so super excited to come across more opportunities and meet more lovely bloggers too.

What has been your favorite post of mine? 
Hugs and Kisses

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