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16 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist

Hey Everyone! So today I thought I'd tell you a few things that are on my wishlist this Christmas. These are just a few things I'd love to be able to unwrap but as I say in this post every year I'm not expecting things and will be extremely grateful for whatever I receive. I may even treat myself to most of these things after Christmas too as I just love every single item here. 

Victoria Secret PJs I own quite a lot of pyjamas however I don't own a really pretty girly one. I've seen these pyjamas a lot recently and whilst I was browsing the victoria secret website I spotted this and think they are super lovely and not a bad price either. I just love them so much. 

Liz Earle Pink Pepper and Mint Cleanse and Polish - I absolutely love Liz Earle. I've spoken about it on my blog quite a few times and I own quite a lot of products from the brand. However I've been eyeing up this pink pepper and mint version of their famous cleanse and polish for ages. It's one of the best skincare products I've ever used and always leaves my skin in tip top condition. Me and my mum both love this and I reckon we might be treating each other to this this funny would that be?! 

Michael Kors Watch - Yes I know Michael Kors watches were a thing like 2/3 years ago now but I personally still love the look of them. I think they are such classy statements of jewellery and I just love how they look. Other than my pandora bracelet I haven't got any other jewellery that I wear everyday so I think this would be a lovely addition to my collection and will be perfect for work as well when I keep an eye on the time. I think I may treat myself to this eventually. 

Travel Wallet - In January I am going on holiday to Mauritius for three weeks which I am super excited about. However I am definitely after a little travel wallet where I can put my passport, money and tickets in as well. I've been after one for quite a while now and never really found one I quite like however I love the look of these pastel ones from Not On The High Street. I just love that place so much as they do lovely little things like this on their website for quite reasonable prices. 

Daisy Dream Perfume - One of my favorite scents of this year has been the Daisy Dream Forever scent. However I never tried the perfume in the original line which was just the Daisy Dream scent. This has a fresher scent than the Daisy Dream Forever one and as I'm in desperate need of a new perfume at the moment I think this will be the perfect one to try. 

Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Brush Set Vol 2 - You'd think after blogging for nearly three years now I would have tried the rose gold brushes from Zoeva but sadly this hasn't been the case. However 2016 will be the year I will hopefully start using them. I absolutely love the look of the brushes and I haven't heard a single bad thing about them. They are also so super pretty and will look gorgeous on my dressing table too. 

So there we have it. Just a short list of things I'm lusting over this Christmas. If anything the one thing I really want is to be able to spend more time with my friends and family. I'm working the whole of Christmas and New Year so I'm really not feeling that festive at all if I'm honest but I'm definitely going to make the most of it and try and have a lovely Christmas anyway. Like I've said these are just a few things I have my eyes on at the moment and I'm not in anyway expecting them at all but I love reading these kinds of posts and I know other people enjoy reading them too. 

What are you lusting over this Christmas?
Hugs and Kisses

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