Blogmas Day 10 / The Best Christmas Jumpers

10 December 2015

Christmas Jumpers

Hey Everyone! So we all know that Christmas time is the time for cosy knitwear, and what better way to stay warm than with a festive jumper. These have become such a huge thing over the past couple of years so I thought that today I would share with you all my favorite christmas jumper finds. Most of these I have placed an order from and others I just really like the look of. If you didn't know Christmas Jumper day is on the 18th December so I think this is the perfect post for you if you need to wear one for work but have no idea where to head to.

Elfie Christmas Jumper | Link*
This christmas day I will be working from 6AM to 3PM and apparently we can dress up. I bought this Christmas jumper the other day and plan to wear these with some green leggings. I think it's such a lovely festive Christmas jumper that wll definitely be perfect for a party or just throwing on if you need to rush somewhere. I love it! 

December 25th Christmas Jumper | Link*
I am definitely not a morning person, however every Christmas day I end up waking up at the crack of dawn. This year will be no different as I have to work so I will be up super early anyway but I'm absolutely loving this jumper. If there was ever a jumper to sum me up then this would be it. I absolutely love it. 

Stone Sparkle Christmas Jumper | Link*
I love this Christmas Jumper because it doesn't scream Christmas. It's quite plain and simple and is one of those jumpers that you can wear all winter not just at Christmas. I think the color is one that will go with everything as well. It's just such a cute little jumper. 

'Ya Filthy Muggle' Christmas Jumper | Link*
I actually own this Christmas jumper and I haven't really stopped wearing it on my days off. I absolutely love it. I thnk that if you're a Harry Potter fan like me then this is definitely a jumper that will be absolutely perfect for you. I also love the green and red color scheme. Very, very festive! 

Polar Bear Christmas Jumper | Link*
I think if you're just after something really simple that will go with anything and that you can just throw on all year round without worrying about being too festive then this is definitely the one to go for. It's perfect if you're not an overly festive person but it's still cute enough for the Christmas season. Definitely one I'll be purchasing soon!

Baubles Christmas Jumper | Link*
You can't do a Christmas jumper post and not include a red jumper. I mean that is the color that's mainly associated with Christmas after all. I absolutely love this one as I think it's so festive and the baubles just add a nice little touch. I think this is the perfect Christmas Jumper to wear nearer the time. 

So there are just a few Christmas jumpers that I'm absolutely loving this festive season. My favorite places to buy Christmas jumpers from are definitely ASOS, New Look and Boohoo. They have some really nice Christmas jumpers this year. As you can see from the post I have provided links to all the places you can buy the Christmas jumpers I've featured in this post so just click the link to head on over to have a browse. 

What are your favorite Christmas jumpers this year? 
Hugs and Kisses

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