My Autumn/Winter Essentials

28 September 2015

As I'm sure you all know by now I'm a huge Autumn/Winter fan. I absolutely love this time of year because X Factor is back, candles can be lit a lot more, everything is salty caramel related and it means that it's a lot closer to Christmas! Yeah I love it. However because I've been so busy with work lately (I literally have not had more than one day off in god knows how long) my blog has kinda taken a back seat. However I thought I would sit down and talk to you about all my beauty, fashion and a few random favorites for this time of year. ENJOY!

Lips: When it comes to lipsticks I am actually incredibly fussy. I find it so hard to find a lipstick that actually suits my skin tone and when I do find one that I think suits my skin tone there's that little voice in the back of my head that says 'Are you sure you can pull that off?'. Just me? Anyway three of my favorite lip products to wear in the autumn months include Revlon's Berry Smoothie, Sleek's Cranberry and MACs New York Apple which I reviewed last week over on my blog and haven't stopped wearing. I just love all these lip products. To me they just seem a lot more balmy than actual lipsticks and I just love them for this time of year as the color pay off is just beautiful. 

Blushes:  I absolutely love that cold outdoor glow that we get on our cheeks so I tend to opt for more rose golds, pinks and reds in the autumn months. Gotta be careful though otherwise you could end up looking like a clown and that isn't good. However two of my favorite blushes to use at the moment have to be rose gold by Sleek and NYX Diva. I just absolutely love these two for Autumn. Both very different with one being slightly more pinky orange and one being a burgundy red shade but both do the job and give that just flushed appearance which I love. I also love the sleek by three palettes in the shade pink lemonade. I absolutely love all three of the blushes in this palette as they add a really nice flushed glow to your cheeks which I think is perfect for the autumn months. 

Nails: Because of my job I'm quite restricted in what colors I can wear on my nails. I can only wear reds and nude colors so when I apply nail polish (to what ever nails I have because anxiety causes me to bite them non-stop...horrid habit...any tips let me know below) I'm now opting for the more burgundy shades because as you know I am obsessed with burgundy. My favorite one to use at the moment is one from Nails Inc called Kensington High Street which is a gorgeous oh what a massive shock burgundy shade. It's just so pretty and looks gorgeous on the nails during Autumn/Winter. I love it. 

Oversized Jumpers: I absolutely love everything oversized pretty much the whole year round anyway but when it comes to winter I go that extra mile and just get pretty much any jumper that's oversized. Jumpers are just a perfect autumn/winter fashion choice as they will go with practically everything and are so easy to wear too. You just need to reach into your wardrobe, pull out a jumper and pair of jeans and voila you're good to go. I just love them! 

Rollnecks: Another one of my favourite things to wear are rollnecks. Whether it's a crop top or just a normal top or just a roll neck jumper I just love them. They are so cosy. My favorite rollneck at the moment is this green knitted jumper that I bought from topshop last season. It's just so warm and cosy!

Ankle Boots: I love ankle boots in winter! I think they are so comfy and I love the fact they come heeled or flat so no matter where you are heading there's always a pair that you can just throw on and it will look amazing with whatever you are wearing.

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate: Oh my gosh, this stuff is literally a god send. I absolutely love cinnamon hot chocolates. They are just so good and really get me excited for the Christmas Seasons. I love it! 

All Things Salted Caramel: I love everything salted caramel and recently tried the salted caramel lattes from Starbucks and absolutely adore them. They are just so incredible! But I don't just like salted caramel in drinks I absolutely love it in other foods as well such as chocolates and cookies which I know are pretty unhealthy but hey, a girl's gotta treat herself sometimes!

Lush Baths: There's nothing better than getting in from a long day at work when it's really cold outside and running a bubble bath full of lush cosmetics bath bombs. It's just so relaxing and really warms you up and makes you feel relaxed. At the moment it's still to warm for baths so I'm more of a shower girl however I can't wait for it to get more chilly so I can indulge into a nice lush bath, literally!

Candles: Candles are something that are lit in my house and room all year round however my favorite scents normally tend to be released around this time. I love all the wintery scents like cinnamon ,and apple spice related candles. I'm just so excited to go on a massive candle shopping spree soon so I can get my house and room all set up for the winter months!

Ice Skating: I don't know about you but I am really excited to go ice skating in the autumn/winter months. I've already been getting emails about Winter Wonderland which is a huge Christmas market with rides and a massive ice skating rink in Hyde Park in London. I'm so super excited as I love ice skating. It's just the perfect Winter night out. 

So there are just a few of my Autumn/Winter Essentials. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and you got to know a bit more about me and things I love about this time of year. I'm like an excitable puppy it's ridiculous! I just love Autumn/Winter. Be sure to let me know in the comments what season is your favorite and why! 

What are your Autumn/Winter Essentials?
Hugs and Kisses
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  1. OMG yes! I love everything about this post, it's making me feel so cosy! :)

    Let me know if you find a nail biting cure, I've tried everything and it's the worst habit in the world, but way too addictive haha!

    Tania |

    1. Haha!! I'm glad it made you feel that way! Oh gosh I've become worse since writing this post. My anxiety has just got the better of me and I can't stop. It's awful :( xx

  2. Loved this! And yes yes yes ice skating such a good pick! Turtle necks, ankle boots and cinnimon hot chocolate ahh you've made me so excited haha!

    Oh January | Lifestyle Blog

    1. HAHA! This comment made me laugh! I'm glad you're excited! Have an amazing autumn lovely :) xx

  3. My essentials are pjs, hot chocolate and netflix =]

    1. Can't go wrong with any of those things haha! :) xx

  4. I love Sleeks Rose Gold Blusher! It looks really pretty and subtle when applied. It's just a shame about the packaging I always end up losing a nail trying to get it open!

    Roxie x
    The Beautiful Bluebird

    1. It's literally my favorite blusher!! Oooo really?! I've never really had any problems when it comes to opening them up! :( xx


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