14 Reasons To Be Excited For Autumn

2 September 2015

Hey Everyone! Hope you had a lovely bank holiday weekend! As it's officially September and the beginning of the autumn/winter season I thought it would be a perfect time to do a post like this and tell you reasons you should be excited! Yes summer is over which means no more barbecues or late night picnics in the park and of course there's the definite increase in rain (especially if you're from the UK) but it's my favourite time of the year. I love everything about this season so I thought why not do a post that can help all you non-autumn/winter lovers look for reasons to love and make the most of this season. Enjoy!

CANDLES. Now I know this is something that most people have all year round however I prefer to have candles lit in the winter. Everything just seems so much more cosy and warm and welcoming. I just absolutely love candles and I love the different scents that come out around this time of year as well especially cinnamon and apple cider scents. Just yes!

ROLL NECK JUMPERS/BOOTS/SCARVES. One of my most favorite things about the autumn and winter months has to be the fashion! I absolutely love roll neck jumpers as they are so easy to throw on and they always go with absolutely everything. I love the variety of different scarves and boots available in the shops as well! I've already been scouring the shops for autumn/winter wear and I haven't been disappointed so far! New Look in particular seems to be amazing.

BURGUNDY/PLUM. Two of my favourite colors to wear in the autumn/winter months are burgundy and plum. I absolutely love them. Plum lipsticks in particular are amazing and I love everything burgundy when it comes to clothing. It's just such the perfect color for this time of the year.

FROSTY MORNINGS. Okay so I guess this could be more of a winter than autumn one but I absolutely love waking up and looking out my window and seeing the grass covered in a thin layer of frost. I just think it looks so incredibly beautiful. I'm definitely more of a cold weather kinda gal.

X FACTOR RETURNS. The addictive show that we all love to hate or consider a guilty pleasure (like me) returns! It's literally become a Christmas countdown for me! Who else is excited to see the Coca Cola advert appear through ad breaks the closer it gets to Christmas? I know I am!

HOT DRINKS: Hot chocolate & pumpkin spice lattes anyone?! Or even the delicious salted caramel returning to your lives?! I absolutely love going into a costa or starbucks throughout the day and buying a hot drink and I love the variety of different drinks that they bring out! I'm mega excited for the 'costa v starbucks' christmas cup battles! Who do we think will do the best ones this year folks? Costa won by a mile last year!

HALLOWEEN. There's nothing better than grabbing your boyfriend/best friends, baking a few autumnal treats and watching a ton of horror films and scaring yourself silly! Truth be told as much as I don't like scary films I love being scared and the fear factor! It just makes things 10x more exciting I find!

BATHS. I'm definitely a shower girl in summer and a bath girl in winter so the fact that I can start to run a ton of baths and dip into the growing pile of lush products I have in my bathroom excites me so much!

FIREWORKS. Remember, remember the 5th of November! I absolutely love Bonfire Night/Guy Fawkes night whatever it is you want to call it. I love seeing the sky lit up with different colors and patterns. This year I'm going to make it my aim to go to as many firework shoes as humanely possible! Purely so I can have a hot chocolate and eat candy floss whilst watching them. Big kid right here okay?! I promise you I've just turned 24!

LONGER LAZY DAYS/MOVIE NIGHTS: Autumn/Winter means more bad weather and longer nights so what better way then to have your hot bath then grab a selection of your favorite films and have a movie marathon complete with popcorn or even just watch your favorite TV show all evening! I think this is the thing I'm most excited for especially as I'll be working most of the time!

ONESIES. Onesies are literally a godsend in autumn/winter! I love them! I mean who doesn't want to look like a grown up baby? They always look so cosy and comfortable and content with life so why can't we?! I'll take 10 this year please!

WINTER WONDERLAND: One of London's biggest events from Late November to the beginning of January. It's basically a huge Christmas Market complete with a mini theme park and a huge ice skating rink...erm yes please?! What a perfect way to have a day out with a boyfriend/girlfriend/best friends?!

WALKING THROUGH THE PARK. I love Autumn purely for all the beautiful colors that appear on the trees so walking through a part where you can just kick through the leaves (I told you...big kid right here) just excites me so much. Whether it's by yourself or with your family and friends it's just the perfect way to wind down in the afternoons I reckon.

FIRES: Whether this is lighting a fire in your living room or just going camping around a bonfire with your friends and family there really is nothing more relaxing and cosy! Especially if you have a good book at hand and a mug of your favorite hot drink! Yes please!

So there we have it. I told you Autumn was my favorite time of the year! If you weren't excited for Autumn and were dreading it I bet you are looking forward to it a lot more! It's my absolute favorite time of the year. I like the summer but I love the Autumn so much more. If you have done a post similar to this then please leave me a comment below as I'd love to read why you are excited about Autumn. 

What's your favorite thing about Autumn/Winter
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Those Coca Cola ads for Christmas are the most beautiful ads ever!
    xoxo, Maria

  2. Reading this has made me even more excited for autumn/winter than I already was!! I can't wait!!

    Rachel | http://www.beautyandthebird.co.uk

    1. HAHA! Aww this made me smile! I hope you're enjoying it so far! :) xx

  3. Autumn is definitely my favourite season :) fantastic post x


  4. I love Autumn, its my birthday month =]


  5. Candles in the a/w especially the cinnamon Yankee candle! Baggy jumpers are just a must! x
    Emma | Emmys Beauty Cave

    1. I totally agree with everything you said haha! :) xx

  6. i love fall for its type of makeup and clothing looks plus my bday Oct 13 ♥

    Nique || www.2nbeauty.blogspot.com

    1. Ooooo that's not long now! I'll keep that in mind! :) xx


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