Music | My 'Amazing August' Playlist

28 August 2015

Hey Everyone! So it's reached that time in the month where I talk to you about my favourite music of the month and this month I have been listening to quite a lot of new stuff and been loving it all. Like I've mentioned before I write this post just to let you guys know what music I enjoy listening to and introducing you to perhaps some new artists and songs that you might not have ever heard. I'm seeing more of this sort of post appearing on other blogs now too and that makes me so happy as after all sharing is caring! Okay enough cringyness, here's what I've been listening to and loving this month. 

1. Meek Mill ft Nicki Minaj - All Eyes On You 
2. Rachel Platten - Fight Song 
3. Omarion ft Chris Brown - Post To Be 
4. Charlie Puth & Meghan Trainer - Marvin Gaye
5. Suite 16 - Stupid Love Song 
6. Luke Friend - Hole In My Heart 
7. Sam Bruno - Search Party 
8. Walk The Moon - Shut Up and Dance 
9. Pia Mia ft Tyga & Chris Brown - Do It Again 
10. Only The Young  - I Do 
11. One Direction - Drag Me Down 
12. JoJo - Say Love
13. JoJo - When Love Hurts
14. JoJo - Save My Soul 
15. Ed Sheeran - Photograph
16. Boyce Avenue - Every Breath 
17. Jess Glynn - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself 
18. Little Mix - Black Magic 
19. Abi Alton - Flaws 
20. Abi Alton - Break Away 
21. Rita Ora - Poison 
22. Collabro - A Thousand Years 

Even though I've loved all these songs this month Pia Mia's 'Do It Again' is definitely a song that I haven't stopped listening to. It's such a feel good summer anthem! I love it and her voice is incredible but yeah anyway, definitely check out all the songs here. 

What have you been loving listening to this month? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. I was gonna be outraged if One Direction wasnt on this list! haha. I'm so glad JoJo is back!


    1. HAHAHA! Gotta have a bit of One Direction on every list surely haha!! Oh my gosh me too! :) xx

  2. I am definitely about to follow you on Spotify! x

    Abi | abistreetx

  3. I LOVE that our play lists are always so in sync. Makes me smile. You have the best kinda taste! 😉😂

    1. Correction! We have the best taste haha!! :) I love this!! :) xx


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