Little Life/Blogging Update

19 June 2015

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well! So before I start I'd just like to apologize for my absence over the past few days. I've just been really busy, stressed out and quite emotionally drained and I just wanted to take a little bit of time away from my laptop to sort of recover and get my head and stuff wrapped around a few new major changes in my life at the moment. There's also a couple of things I'd like to talk to you about to. This is going to be one of those posts where nothing is planned and I just sit down and type so I'm not sure how long this is going to be! Keep reading to find out what changes I'm planning on making soon!

If you've been following me on twitter or you know me personally then you will know I'm starting a new job in a few days. I start 5 weeks intense training on Tuesday and I'm so scared and nervous and it's just absolutely terrifying me! I've never really had a proper job like this before and even though it's something I've always wanted to it is definitely something that still scares me a lot too! But I won't moan, I'm super lucky to be given this opportunity and I just cannot wait to start!

Another reason why I haven't been blogging much this month is because I have had a serious case of bloggers block and unlike before when I would find something to blog about and blog for the sole purpose of getting a post out on time I want to be happy with the content that I am putting out there for all of you. I absolutely love my blog and enjoy blogging but it is definitely something that I want to start putting more effort into and I'm not going to lie here, for the past few months I have treated it like a job, but a job that I absolutely love and if I don't feel happy with a post I do get quite upset. I know that might sound a little bit pathetic but it's literally just the way I've been feeling lately. I am thinking of re-vamping my blog a little bit and I want to get a new blog design and make it a little bit more professional but one that is also still me and brings out my personality a little bit if that makes sense. Be sure to stay tuned to my blog and twitter (xbellefleurx) where I'll be announcing these changes.

The past few days I have been working on quite a lot of post ideas and there will be a lot of new posts coming your way in the next couple of weeks. I've also recently been thinking about re-starting my youtube channel. If you didn't already know I do have a youtube channel. I started it last February and posted three videos (one of which was a daily mix entry and I really don't have a clue what I was thinking when I did that) so if you would like to check that out then just click HERE. I'm going to try and vlog a little bit this weekend as I'm heading into London for West End Live which when all the west end shows in London perform little snippets of their shows in Trafalgar Square. It's a really good event and the atmosphere is amazing so if you can't afford tickets to a west end show but really want to see the case performing a few big numbers then definitely get yourself down there. If you can't, I'm going to be vlogging snippets from my day so be sure to subscribe. I filmed a video this morning which should be going up sometime next week if I can ever manage to edit it properly so make sure to stay tuned! If you've checked out my channel before then please comment on any one of the three videos already uploaded and be sure to hit subscribe!

I know starting a youtube is something I've always wanted to do but it's just a confidence thing with me. I am so incredibly show however I think this is something that can definitely bring out more confidence for me. It's just something I've always wanted to try. Yes you might be reading this and thinking 'that's a bit pathetic' and you might know me personally and be thinking, that's stupid and 'oh dear Fleur what are you doing' but life is way to short to think and ponder over things. I just want to start doing more and saying yes to more opportunities and seeing what I can do and what I can't do and I just love the blogging community so much so why not explore the youtube side of things as well?

I'll end this post here as it is definitely a lot longer than I thought it was going to be so thank you if you have read till this point! I just wanted to sit and update you all and I hope that you'll continue to support me on the next few adventures in my life. Thank you to each and everyone of you who have supported my blog, featured me in posts and just taken the time out of you day to comment on blog posts and tweet me about my blog. I really do appreciate it and like I said be sure to follow me on twitter (xbellefleurx). 

Hugs and Kisses


  1. Congratulations on the job - hope it all goes well :) So jealous you're going to WEL! I've been planning to go for months and within the last week have ended up with other commitments this weekend, so your video snippets will be most welcome :) Have a great time! xxx

    1. Kinda embarrassing that it took me around 5 minutes to realise what WEL stood for oops! HAHA! Thank you so much though and I will definitely be videoing little snippets for you all to see! :) xx

  2. can't wait to watch your video! good luck with the vlogging, I know it takes a lot of confidence to do that ;) I'm sure as hell not at that point yet, but I'd really like to vlog too. Maybe one day ;) x

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. Unfortunately I wasn't able to vlog as we had a rubbish view and my phone wasn't working properly either! I'm sorry! I'm also really busy training for my new job at the moment and don't have time either! :( xx


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