Mini Home-Ware Wishlist

28 May 2015

Mini Home-Ware Haul

Hey Everyone! Hope you are all well! Today I thought that I would do a home-ware wishlist as I haven't done a wishlist in quite a long time and there's always things I have my eye on so I thought why not compile a list of all the home-ware bits and pieces I want. Even though I still live with my parents I am constantly on the look out on different decorations and home-ware bits and pieces for areas in the house that look a bit plain. I also love adding things to my own bedroom as well to make it just that little bit personable to me. I've been doing a little bit of online shopping lately and spotted this gorgeous home-ware bits and pieces that I hope to get my hands on when the next pay day rolls around.

1. Bunny Bookends: How cute are these bunny bookends? I've got a whole section of books on my desk in my room and they look really untidy and cluttered so I'll definitely be purchasing these in the future in order to make them look a bit more tidy. They are so so cute!

2. Ring-A-Ling Telephone Notepad: As someone who tends to be quite forgetful and pretty much useless at passing on phone messages I think this would be absolutely perfect on my desk so that when I receive a phone call I just write everything down and then pass the message on. They are so cute too and if you have an office job they can definitely brighten up your desk.

3. Copper Heart LED Chain: I absolutely love these purely because they are copper coloured. I think they will look so cute draped around my bed or even around my noticeboard on my desk. I just think they are so pretty. Normally when I see these things they are usually in white or pink and tend to look quite tacky but I actually think these look quite classy.

4. 'Fleurs' Small Wooden Box: I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't drawn to this box because of my name on the side of it. I just think this would be the perfect blogging prop. When I buy new products it takes me a while to actually use them because I normally photograph them first for my blog but this can be used as a nice little storage compartment until the time comes to photograph them. I absolutely love this and will definitely be purchasing it in the new future.

5. 'What Would Audrey Do?' Book: I absolutely love this little book. I am a massive fan of Audrey Hepburn. I just think she was such an amazing person, a brilliant actress and super gorgeous too. I love the look of this book and thing it'll look incredibly pretty just sat on my desk.

6. White 'Live, Love, Sparkle' Plaque: I absolutely love plaques like this. I think they look so cute and dainty and are a great source of inspiration too. I have a bunch of plaques like this just hung on my wardrobe handles and drawer handles and I just love looking at them especially when I am in a bad mood as I find it can be a great way to give you a positive mindset.

Those are just a few home-ware bits and pieces that I'd like to add around my house and room. There are a lot more things on my wishlist particularly rose gold things but these are the main things I want at the moment. I just love sprucing the place up with new little ornaments and things. 

What are your favourite home-ware bits and pieces? 
Hugs and Kisses


  1. Those bunny bookends are the cutest!
    -- // x

  2. I love those bunny bookends, they're so cute!

    Jenny | That Northern Gal

    1. They really are! I definitely think I'm going to have to purchase them soon! :) xx

  3. The bunny bookends are adorable. I could do with some of those on my shelves.

  4. so cute, all of these would be such a nice touch in the home!

    danielle | avec danielle

  5. Love the book ends! such lovely pieces :)

  6. I love the bunny bookends, they are so cute =]

  7. Oh my goodness those bunny bookends are so cute I love them! You can't beat pretty homeware bits and pieces :)
    Love Holly x

    1. I agree!! I love a good home-ware shop! :) xx


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